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Sal - Hinsdale, Illinois, United States of America

Answers by Gateway
Internet, United States of America
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My computer stopped working and I called Gateway for support. I was referred to a "service" called Answers By. I was told that my problem is software related and can be fixed on the phone, but I need to pay $99 to get support. I gave them my credit card and after spending 3 hours on the phone (and not getting any further along), I was told that I need to spend $30 on a recovery disk (in addition to the $99) to get this fixed. I was going to purchase the recovery disk prior to spending the $99, but was told they can fix my problem over the phone.

Here are some "gems" that I was told during my 3 hour call.

Early on...

Me: I really need to get my PC working tonight, will you be able to help?
Agent: This is software, it will get fixed tonight.
After 1.5 hours of "diagnosing the problem"...
Agent: Sounds like this is hardware related, you need to go to another computer and get a disk made to test the hard drive
Me: But I don't have another computer, and it is 12am where I am at?
Agent: I can't help you anymore.
Me: If I got to a mechanic to get my car fixed, they don't tell me to go to my neighbor's house and get a wrench, do they?

Agent: One minute.
(20 minutes later)

Agent: Try this, reboot, press F2 repeatedly and wait...
After 2.5 hours.
Agent: Would you like to speak to my supervisor?
Me: Yes
Agent: Wait a moment
Agent: My supervisor is busy, would you still like to speak with him?
Me: Yes
Supervisor: Blah Blah Blah...but you accepted the terms and conditions?
Me: I was told that the I may lose data and that details of the T&Cs can be found online
Supervisor: That is correct.
Me: MY COMPUTER DOESN"T WORK! How am I supposed to read the T&Cs?
Supervisor: Would you like to file for a refund?
Me: Yes
Supervisor: I will submit the request, you will hear from us in 3 days. I am powerless to do anything.
Me: What if I don't?
Supervisor: You can call back and ask for a supervisor.
Me: But you just told me you are a supervisor, and you just told me you couldn't do anything. So I would be talking to someone who is powerless to do something about this.
Supervisor: You are assuming that we won't be calling you in 3 days.
Me: Correct.

15 Days Later

Customer Dispute Guy: I am calling you to tell you your refund claim has been denied.
Me: You guys were supposed to call me 3 days after the incident
Customer Dispute Guy: We were having problems, and we usually all 3-8 days after the dispute.
Me: Well, this is 15 days later, Were you guys having hardware or software problems?
Customer Dispute Guy: I don't understand
Me: This is exactly why I asked for my money back!.
Customer Dispute Guy: Your request has been denied!
Me: I have already started a claim through my credit card company.. You will have to talk to them, thanks".

There was so much ridiculousness going on during the original 3 hour call that I don't have the energy or nerves to write it down.. I haven't heard back from my credit card company yet, but hoping they will refund my money". I have become somewhat numb to bad customer service, but this is way over the line;. Has anyone else dealt with this incompetence? I would have been perfectly happy (and wouldn't mind paying) if they just sent me some disks and give me instructions to get the PC working again'. At this point, it isn't even the money, it is the principal of paying $99 for nothing...NOTHING! All I received was a bunch of lies and higher blood pressure!

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Mon, February 20, 2012

Is your computer under any sort of warranty?

if not, then it either up to you to fix it or pay someone to fix it. As for the disks, you shuold have recieved a recovery disk when you purchased the computer. If you did not, you should have made recovery disks when you purchased the computer otherwise you will have to buy new ones. From what you are describing it very well may be your hard drive, but without a recovery disk to test your hard drive there's no way of telling if its hardware or software related.

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