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Complaint Review: Wayne E.Philbrook - Swanville Maine

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- Northport, ME,

Wayne E.Philbrook
Rte.#131 Swanville, 04915 Maine, U.S.A.
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Child Killer and drunken,psychotic bum,Wayne Philbrook,bought his way out of a conviction by retaining a great attorney.This scumbag has instigated misery for those unfortunate enough to know him,for decades.He,now,being in his late forties,has been drunk since the age of fifteen.

A few years back,he was driving home plastered to the gills,late one night after having been in an altercation at a local bar;as usual,inciting violence like the Sadist he has always been!! On the way he struck several children,killing one of them. He ran!!

Naturally,as he was soused!! The cops finally tracked him down and brought him in to be charged.

They had all the evidence they needed for a conviction.But,our darling boy put on quite an act and was actually able to convince a jury of (peers??) that he didn't realize he'd hit anyone..........yeah,right!

I've known the piece-of-sh_t since forever and how bad an alcoholic and sadistic troublemaker he's always been. I'd like to see the family of his victim have the chance to take him out for a nice long ride from which he'd never return. That would be justice!!

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Minor Hill,
I am sorry for thier loss

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Wed, October 06, 2010

I know how the victim's family feels. I knew some one who was killed because of a drunk driver. The victim's name was Theresa Sirney she was on her way home driving on a main road in Palm Bay, FL .  She had her 2 year old daughter with her and a friend of the family with her a drunk drving a pickup truck with no headlights turn from a side street into the southbound lane going north. When she seen the other vehicle coming at her with no headlight she had no time to hit her brakes. She died at the scene and he did on the operating table.

The drunk was underaged and how he got the booze who knows. I know her father was going to beat the sh-- out of him and I do not blame him for wanting to do that. I have known Theresa since she was little  I used to babysit her and her siblings along time ago.

Theresa was 19 when she passed and it happened back in 1997 to this day I still miss her.

I also know if the drunk driveer survived he would of been charged with dui manslaughter . I also know sometimes they get a slap on the4 wrist and that what makes me mad . I also know when they get thier DL suspended or revoked they will still drive any way.

Didn't you forget something in your rebuttal? Like mentioning you've been a chronic alcoholic all your useless life?


Thu, December 21, 2000


Subject: Rebuttal to RipOffReport
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 17:33:29 -0700

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #3717.
It was sent by Nemesis to Scumbags at [email protected].

*Rebuttal ..The Judge dismissed dismissed the case (#3717)

Wayne E.Philbrook (Drunk Drivers)
10/29/00 (Last Modified: 12/2/00)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Nemesis to Scumbags
Their phone number: xxxxxxxxxx

Hey Philbrook,can you hear some cynical clapping in the background, for your sterling performance? Hey,scheisskopf,do you think we're all fools out here in the real world?

Didn't you forget something in your rebuttal?
Like mentioning you've been a chronic alcoholic all your useless life? And,that you were in a beef at a local "dive" moments before you killed someone?

Weren't you ejected from that roadhouse? And, weren't you very angry about that?And you drove home at a high rate of speed because you were very angry and blind-drunk?

You forget, Philbrook, there are those of us out here who have known you for years. I've been present when you've instigated fights in barrooms just so you could get your sadistic kicks by watching others get hurt.I would have loved to see your teeth knocked down your throat you SOB.

You can s**t the people who don't know you but don't give the rest of us this crap(with violins playing)about "spiitual harm" to this writer and the "boy".

If you hadn't been tanked up with "spirits" of alcohol on the night in question,the boy would still be alive!!

But, Oh!, pardon me, I keep forgetting the boys leapt out of the shadows into the path of your truck for kicks, and got one injured and the other killed!!And,your being shitfaced and speeding had nothing to do with it!Right?

The cops couldn't find you for several hours and,because you
were still drinking when they caught up with you,they couldn't prove whether you'd been over the legal limit when you killed him

...but we all know how drunk you were Philbrook . ....don't
we? You may be in "de-Nile",there "Mr.Truth" but,the rest of us are on dry land.

Yeah, I'm anonymous,and I prefer my name not be attached to you when someone takes you out in the future for tefloning past this manslaughter you committed.And,if they do, I hope I'm chosen for their jury. Cause I'll vote not guilty in that trial, hero!

The Judge dismissed the jury, and dismissed the case, after hearing all the "evidence"


Sat, December 02, 2000


Wayne E.Philbrook (Drunk Drivers)
10/29/00 (Last Modified: 10/30/00)

They filed the following REBUTTAL to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Wayne E. Philbrook
Their phone number: 207-338-1974
Their relationship to individual: The accused!


I don't usually waste time arguing with ignorant and vacuous people, but as I was sent this web page anonymously by snail mail, I feel a rebuttal is in order.

First this persons statment that, "they had all the evidence they needed for a conviction,but our darling boy put on quite an act, and was able to convince a jury that he didn't realize he'd hit anyone",Is complete trash!

The Judge dismissed the jury,and dismissed the case,after hearing all the "evidence" that the prosecution had to deliver! Without my defense attorney having to introduce a single piece of evidence up holding my innocence.

What this person with such a great sense of "justice" fails to
mention,is the conditions that led to the tragic end to a young mans life and the injury of another. He fails to mention the game of chicken, called "trust your friend" that hese "children" were playing on a dark,foggy rainy night, all the way from Belfast to Swanville, a distance of 7 plus miles,after being removed from a school dance,for unruly behavior!

He fails to mention the 11 calls to the police from other motorists that nearly ran them over,some going completly off the road.He fails to mention that one of the boys"concerned"parents passing them 4 times,without stopping and giving a ride to the very boys he was looking for.He fails to mention,the local police stopping to give them hell for being in the road!The list of failures goes on and on.

Apparently this person is more comfortable with anonymous name
calling,then the actual court record,available to anyone,that can be read and copied.

The shame of this person to not give a complete story, does spritual harm to himself and to the memory of this boy.

It's the prerogative of anyone to believe anything they want, and unfortunately, many choose TRASH over TRUTH.

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