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Complaint Review: Viceroy Homes Limited - Port Hope ON

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- Rome, NY,

Viceroy Homes Limited
414 Croft St. E. Port Hope, L1A 4H1 ON, U.S.A.
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The triple pane windows in my mother's Viceroy Home fogged up shortly after purchase. Since we didn't notify them within three years (due to my father's death) they will not fix them. The windows won't even move up. The windows don't latch properly either.

There are knot holes in the structure that go through to the house. Although the house has been stained regularly, the wood is deteriorating more than it should for only being 15 years old. We tried, unsuccessfully, to get a representative to come to look at the structure.

I would like to know if there are many others experiencing problems with Viceroy Homes. Possibly we could pursue a class action suit.

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United States of America
Another Viceroy Owner

#2Consumer Comment

Tue, February 15, 2011

I built my own Viceroy home 21 years ago, it was the best thing I ever did. The quality of the materials was far and beyond what was available locally. I would highly recommend them.

These claims of "alcoholics and drug addicts" speaks for itself. Seems to be a disgruntled ex-employee venting some frustration. Unfortunealy cyberspace is an easy place to hide after making ridiculous and slandering comments.

My Viceroy home has been great, it does require some upkeep because of all the natural wood. If that is a problem for some then go the vinyl route. I have had only 3 windows fog in the course of 21 years, which is quite normal for a insulated wood window in a harsh environment.

If your windows fogged up shortly after purchase then you didn't follow the installation and maintenance instructions. Sorry for your bad experience.


Clearwater BC,
British Columbia,
Viceroy Homes have been good to me

#3Consumer Comment

Mon, May 31, 2010

I found this website while googling Viceroy homes, in hopes of finding plans to build another one.

I was so impressed with my first Viceroy home, I built my second one about 6 years ago.

We are moving to a larger acreage, and going to build a new home there, and I am likely going to use Viceroy again.

I have found their houses to be of good quality, and the company pleasant to deal with.

It was shocking to see this site and the complaints actually.



British Columbia,
Time to get out

#4UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, February 23, 2006

Although I don't agree with all that was written in the first ex-employee rebuttal, I whole heartedly agree with They also cannot keep there workforce together cause of the low pay rate and there accident rate is out of this world. That is why after 6 years working for them I had to leave. For as long as I was employed at their Richmond site there was always a mentality that subscribed to Safety First, right after lunch, right after production. This started with the General Manager, Production Manager and most of the other management and supervisors. So last September they finally manage to kill an employee, http://www.richmond-news.com/issues05/083105/news/083105nn2.html Which lead to a safety review and shut down? Not likely!! Next morning the general manager was back pushing for production rate and quotas, all this was due to the dock strike and a huge backlog of deliveries to Japan. When this attitude was questioned by the Distribution Manager a heated argument broke out where the Distribution Manager started to list near fatal accidents that he had had to respond to in the four years he had been there. They included hand amputations, rolled forklifts, concussions and a guy loosing an eye. He left shortly after that because he couldn't change their thinking and I know for a fact he had the stomach for it from his time in the British Army. Anyway when my boss left and it looked like I would be answering to one of the Danger twins it was time for me to find work else where before someone dropped a bundle of trusses on me .

....they hire junkies and alcoholics


Mon, January 22, 2001

VICEROY HOMES OFFERS VERY POOR QUALITY!! (#3891) They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-off Report: Their relationship to the company: EX-employee You are so right about your windows, I worked at VICEROY homes, I used to work at there plant in Richmond BC., you have every right to file a law suit. Poor quality product and workmanship is one of there specialties, let's not forget they hire junkies and alcoholics off of east Hastings to produce there products. I no this for a fact because I've had to trained them. They also cannot keep there workforce together cause of the low pay rate and there accident rate is out of this world. Viceroy only cares about one thing and that is making money at the expense of the worker. I also believe that the Canadian gov't endorses this type of work standards. All countries should be warned and informed about what there buying... Green peace should be informed about how much wasted wood is being cut up and thrown away. Where talking grade A lumber.

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