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Complaint Review: USA Van Lines - Pembroke Park Florida

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USA Van Lines
2500 Park Road Pembroke Park, 33009 Florida, U.S.A.
800 431-6886
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USA Van Lines

2500 S. Park Road

Pembroke Park, Fl 33009

Ref: Initial Complaint Letter (Enclosed)

I would like to start off this letter by saying how disappointed I am with the standard of service USA Van Lines is now offering and that I no longer feel confident that USA Van Lines can provide the expected level of professionalism demanded of today's businesses.

I have enclosed pictures of damage that occurred to the partial shipment that I received (I have also enclosed a two-page listing of the items that are missing from my shipment.) The pictures basically speak for themselves, but please allow me to explain some of the specifics. I have only included a few of the pictures in this letter, the actual prints have been forwarded to your insurance company, Adriatic Insurance, Metairie, LA per Lily Cohen's instructions.

Note that my fragile dishes were packed in paper towels and placed in a box that did not stand up to the mistreatment it received. The silverware was 'placed' in the box (without any type of wrapping) along with unwrapped toasters, pots & pans and glass food containers. None of the Teflon coated pots & pans, the food processor or other kitchen items were wrapped or padded in any manner. My stereo system was packed (unprotected) in a box along with several decorative (unwrapped) candles. Apparently the heat melted the candles into the stereo system. Three hours with an alcohol wipe was required prior to the system functioning.

There is a footprint on the back of my cherry wood dining table. The thick glass shelves in my cherry wood china cabinet are chipped on both sides. The front glass panel in the cherry wood curio cabinet was shattered. All glass parts of the china cabinet and the curio cabinet were shipped inside of the respective furniture pieces without padding or protection-which also explains the numerous scratches and dents in the cherry wood itself. Not only was a leg ripped off my sectional sofa, the corner supports themselves are bent beyond repair.

According to USA Van Lines, all assembly and disassembly of the furniture was included in the contract, please see enclosed contract letter from USA Van lines dated 17 July 00. Again, please reference the pictures that show the state of my furniture when the driver of the truck left. Nothing was reassembled nor would the drivers remove the pitiful amount of packing materials that remained (picture also enclosed). A person would be hard pressed to believe twenty boxes, not to mention the 10 additional boxes and packaging materials I paid $980 for, are accounted for by what was delivered to my house. However, I would also like to note that the cherry wood dining table chairs were packed in a box, which may account for the additional boxes. But then that would mean I paid double on their transportation.

On 27 July in response to my initial complaint, Mike of USA Van Lines agreed to reimburse me $480 of the $980 I paid in 'additional charges.' The additional $980 (along with the contractual amount) was paid on 26 July 00 due to ultimatums issued by Mike that my furniture would never be delivered if I did not pay immediately. Additionally, Mike stated that the driver would have the $480 check with him when he delivered my belongings.

On 13 Aug, the driver showed me an invoice envelope where Mike had indicated $480 check was due to me. The driver stated that he did not have a check and could he please use my phone to contact Mike. I agreed and overheard the driver, Victor, re-interate to Mike that the check would be mailed tomorrow (Monday, Aug. 14th). When the driver hung up, he told me that, according to Mike, the check would be mailed the next day.

When my husband to be, contacted USA Van Lines on 21 Aug, Lily stated that the check had been mailed three days ago and that she had a note stating that it had 'been taken care of'. After further questioning, Lily counterdicted herself and said it was mailed a week ago. Today, Aug 23, Mike stated that he does not deal with the checks, but it had been mailed. After further questioning as to why the check was not mailed as originally established on the 14th of Aug, Mike then stated that the check would not be mailed until the complaints I had filed were canceled.

This incident, along with the previous problems discussed in my initial letter of complaint, makes it very obvious to me that integrity is not a part of this company's daily business policy. Furthermore, I have received no cooperation or response from the company in response to my complaints, only numerous lies.

It was of great surprise and amazement to discover that such disorder and unprofessionalism still exists in our world today. As a customer, I feel that a great injustice has been dwelt to other likewise businesses that maintain the accepted standards of service required in today's business world to succeed.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at my home number of (719) 598-2947 or at my work number (719) 277-4427. My address is: 5160 Bridle Place, Colorado Springs, CO 80918.

Christina L. Hope

Missing Articles

1. Cat Pole

2. Futon

3. Television

4. Sm TV Stand

5. Puzzle Coffee Table

6. Southwestern Pictures

7. Livingroom Mirror

8. 5-Gallon Change Jug (one-half full)

9. Dishes

10. Pots &Pans

11. Wooden Cat House Box

12. Hedge Trimmer

13. Shower Curtain

14. Living Room Curtains

15. Crystal Swan

16. Computer Key Board

17. Green Horse Blanket

18. Canopy Poles

19. Child's Curtains

20. Kitchen Curtains

21. Photo Albums

22. Tools

23. Desk Contents

24. Board Games

25. Pictures (1 shoe box full of snap-shots)

26. Cherry Wood Dining room table leaf

27. Hard Hats

28. Christmas Dcor

29. One End Table

30. Bathroom Dcor X 2

31. Garden Hose X 2

32. Computer Speakers

33. Computer Scanner

34. Parabolic Heater

35. Lrg. Oriental Vase

36. White Halogen Lamp

37. Framed Puzzle Picture

38. Bedroom Dcor (wicker Butterflies & Fans)

39. Brass Mirror

40. Vanity & Chair

41. Throw Rugs X 2

42. Garbage Cans X 2

43. Sandwich Maker

44. Video Rewinder

45. Vacuum Cleaner X 2

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Thu, December 28, 2000

Still no response.

Were still waiting


Wed, October 18, 2000

Still no response.

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