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Complaint Review: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp - Los Angeles California

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- Tempe, Arizona,

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp
10201 W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, 90064-2651 California, U.S.A.
Tell us has your experience with this business or person been good? What's this?
The case I am about to state is concerns consumer abuse of children the world over--and by a big corporation.

I received the attached email concerning a problem that has occurred between the Fox Film Corporation and, basically, the children of the world who are on the Internet. For months, Fox has been promising bikes, Sony play stations and other items to the top scorers in a game they were running on one of their websites. Then, about 7 hours before the END of the game, Fox posted a set of rules that excluded anyone who was not a resident of the US or its holdings. The site in questions is Titan AE --please feel free to use my log-in (Starborn) and password (walden) to access the site.

Yes, I am a registered user of the site and even though I am an adult, I am not speaking for myself. I am trying to find justice for all the children the world over who have been playing their hearts out for these prizes, only to find out at the end, they are not eligible. Had Fox been upfront with their

rules, none of this would have happened.

Something must be done and done quickly.

In a message dated 6/17/2000 8:13:27 PM Central Daylight Time, [email protected] writes:

**Delivering the Egg To The Real Life Drej Mothership At Fox -- read this NOW !!!**

Attention All KOTUKU crew-members, International Residents especially!

As you all know, this contest began back in January of this year, and our own vessel was born in mid-March. On that day and at many other times during the period of this contest I have read and saved a copy of any rules which were posted. At no time during this contest was there ever a statement saying that only American residents would be eligible to play and receive prizes until TODAY, many hours into the final confrontation. It seems that FOX suddenly decided that they would look

a lot better from a legal standpoint if they posted eligibility rules.

I can only assume that this was in response to my outraged letter about the form they forced us to fill out for the final confrontation.

In my opinion, this is emotional child abuse on an international scale, and as such, I find it to be morally reprehensible. No where in the world is it ever considered appropriate to lure kids in, use them for profit, and then tear their souls to shreds by suddenly erasing them as non-beings.

Child abuse canNOT be tolerated in any form on this planet. What has been done here by this company is no different from what Hitler did to the Jews -- declare huge numbers of people as ineligible for life and then "cleanse" his population by getting rid of them.

I recall the description of the Drej -- "cold and ruthless killers with no regard for life...Objective: ...total domination and control of the universe..."

If the spirit of a person is in fact, his life, then what Fox has done here is to ruthlessly kill innocent kids without regard for their lives, in an effort to totally dominate the entertainment market.

The Chairman and CEO of Fox Film Entertainment is a man by the name of Bill Mechanic. His address is:

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp

10201 W. Pico Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90064-2651

Phone -- (310) 369-1000

I hereby formally accuse him of being a real-life Drej and have asked the members of the Intra-Fleet Alliance for their assistance in bringing this man to a public trial.


Man your battlestations!!!

The Plan---

1. There are 7 hours left in the "Final Confrontation" at

http://www.titanae.com. Most of you have already played. I have no idea how well we might doing, but I now have reason to believe that FOX will remove all points earned by people who did not give them an American address. There is no way for you to change the address that you gave.

I call upon all Non-American residents to create a new login if you can, get it on the ship, and use an American address (see below) in yet another attempt to kill Drej. The general idea here is that if they are going to cut you guys out, we are going to make it more difficult for them to find you. Between the massive cheating that was going on by other ships who got second chances, all the various international addresses we supplied, and everything else, FOX will have to do a major time-consuming sorting before the final "tallies" are made. I want to

make this as much of a nightmare for them as they have made for us.

NAME: Use your real name, but put "jr" after it so that a computer search won't match it with your other login.

Address: We are being helped by a very generous man, who owns another American company which has international holdings. His interest in this is a persona feeling of outrage that FOX would so unconscionably prey upon the sensitivities of children. He is also very near and dear to me, as you might suspect.

He has offered you the use of his company's address for your

registrations. We'll figure out how to get any prizes that you might win to you later. Here is the address:

address: 123 Route 23 South

city: Hamburg

state: New Jersey

ZIP code: 07470

Phone: 973-209-9090

e-mail: Use your own e-mail address and SAVE any e-mail that you might receive from FOX with regard to prizes that you might have won.

Understand that there is no guarantee that any of this will work, just as there are no guarantees that any battle will be won in a real war.

We are flooding the Titan game system with layer upon layer of

confusing input while hoping to secure one prize for each contestant in our ship should we be the winning ship. Since the T-shirts will have the name of the contestant on it, that is your guarantee that the prize will have no value to anyone else but you.

The rest of the plan---

2. Fox is an empire with vast holdings all over the globe. In addition to films, there are television stations, licenses for toys, and many other profit-making ventures. I therefore call for an international boycott of every product that bears the Fox label until such time as Mr. Bill Mechanic makes reparations to the children of the world, and I don't care which ship they might belong to.

I am announcing this now to all of you -- in time it will be more

highly publicized.

3. The e-mail address of the President of the United States of America is as follows:

[email protected]

Let us start an e-mail campaign to him. Title your e-mail:

International Outrage That Twentieth Century Fox is abusing the

children of the world!!!

Tell him who are, where you live, and your complaint. Include your real address -- including country.

If you still live at home with parents, get your parents to write

ANOTHER letter saying the same thing.

One letter won't be noticed. A FLOOD of letters with the same title will.

Be polite and refer to him as "Mr. President". But be emotional as well. Rip his heart up with compassion for you and the children of the world.

Ask him to contact Mr. Bill Mechanic at 20th Century Fox and intervene for justice.

4. The KOTUKU has just begun to live, by the way. This contest is just an event. It has developed from being an event to a Cause", but it is still only going to be a passing episode in the life of the ship.

We delayed our launch, by the way. We are still in the pre-earth

destruction timeline. Our launch will occur during the second week of July at which time we should have all the jobs and ranks and so forth sorted out and ready to go.

OK, you have very few hours remaining to do the first part of this mission. Make your stand.

And in case I haven't thank you all recently for all your hard work and effort, please accept my deepest gratitude.

Captain Psychee

I would like to thank you for your time and any help you can offer in this matter.

Linda Smethers

[email protected]

Mailing Address: 62 Ohio Court; Gilbertsville KY 42044


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