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Complaint Review: Tom Saittas Integrity Chrysler Plymouth - Las Vegas Neveda

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- Las Vegas, Nv,

Tom Saittas Integrity Chrysler Plymouth
2100 South Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, 89102 Neveda, U.S.A.
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April 25,2000 I went to one of a few dealerships that had a PT Cruiser to look at.I decided right then that was the car I wanted,It was all me. The first salesman to spot me and my husband was John A. Glatropoulos passing himself off as a Retail Fleet Manager, according to his business card. We told him we were interested in getting a PT Cruiser, He asked all the usual questions,what made us decide to deal was the promise of a $1500.price work out to give a better price for the trade-in value of my car (1996 Ford Taurus 35,000 miles great shape), from that point on JOHN started talking in circles.

When placing the order for the PT #1 most important thing that was stated was IT HAD TO BE AN AUTOMATIC I CAN NOT DRIVE A STICK.O.K. he writes down the code for the package we want, he only has 1 brochure, so we cant have one.I order other stuff mixing and deleting what I dont want. John gives an estimated $9,000 for my trade-in subject to change due to arrival time of the PT in 10-12 weeks and blue book value, I give my $500. deposite all of a sudden Im not see any $1500. savings anywhere as JOHN stated. We go over the order cheking for mistakes, we find one being that it was hand written on the order as an extra, it gets fixed, the hole time the code 27F was the package we assume is the automatic package, again we state this MUST BE AN AUTOMATIC, oh yes I'll make sure, I initial everything looks good.During the 31/2 month wait, JOHN would call asking if I want other PT's that have fallen thru the cracks, I say NO I want MY PT it has a special hieght adjustment and other stuff, John goes over what my order is briefly, never a mention of auto or 5-speed.Finally the PT arrives, I'm so excited!!! ,We go down to the dealership, turn over my Taurus ,do the paper work, And fight with JOHN about the amount he's going to give me for my trade-in $7100. is all I'm going to get, at this point John is getting rude, not the first time we dealt with it.Were waiting for the PT to be brought front when we dicover that the code 27f is a 5-speed. JOHN, Is this a 5-speed?, Well yes Thats what you ordered!. By this time I'm devistated, I run to look inside the car, ITS A 5-SPEED ,now I'm crying, I'm so mad.JOHN, I ordered an AUTOMATIC? ,Well you signed for the 27F package.

We argued about the mistake in the code, I was blamed for not catching his mistake, Now JOHN is pressuring us,are we taking the car or not?. We ask them what are they going to do about this?.All they will do is order me another one that will take 8 mons. to come.I took the PT home, thinking I could learn to drive it.For 2 days I tried, I could not.We called the general Manager Don Trudell, WHAT CAN WE DO?,He says bring the PT back we still have your trade-in all he could do is reorder the PT the write way. We take the PT back only to be told my trade-in had been SOLD.We are ready to blow a fuse, we already called around tring to find a different dealer ship to order another PT only to be told the price was up and the wait longer, we were SCREWED.They said I could pick out any car they had in the lot that equaled the $7100. that they gave me for my Taurus, They had nothing that came close to what they got.I ended up having to put another $2369.00 to get into another car to drive, until my new PT comes in.

They gave me a different salesman to deal with. This salesman rewrot the order writing AUTOMATIC on the form using the copy that wass given us from the 1st one.I asked to have the 1st copy back when they were done, sure thats fine. The dealership has put me off for the last month claiming they have the copy somewhere, and now it has suddenly been lost, they dont have it.We signed the new paper work on the new order, that stats the car I'm driving now is not to depreciated no more than $200. a month until the PT arrives in 4-6 mons. is what they claim now.

Never an apology for the mistake, only double talk.Since no one would help me I put signs in every window of the Suzuki x-90 that I drive now,everywhere I park the signs sit in the windows, I GOT SCREWED ON MY PT CRUISER BY TOM SAITTAS INTEGRITY CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH. I have'nt heard a word from them since.I thank-you for this time, PT1PUNKIN

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Still getting screwed


Thu, February 22, 2001

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Consumer, Since I last filed my complaint, I have waited patiently for the arrival of my PT Cruiser,Still putting signs in the window of the car I'm stuck driving, warning people of this dealership.Its been 6mons. since the 2nd order was placed.I've gone to the dealership attempting to resolve this problem, by settling for a car that wasnt claimed, since it seems I still have another 4 or 5 mons. to wait.The dealership makes up excuses why they cant deal with me that day and sells the PT to someone else they can jake the price up on.I'm normally a very patient person, but I've had enough,I'm currently a member of the PT Cruiser club in Las Vegas,everyone is so nice and helpful, BUT T WANT MY CAR. I'm searching for some legal counsel at this time. Thank-you again for this chance to speak out. PT1Punkin

This dealer has a reputation


Thu, November 09, 2000

... A reputation of being the biggest crooks!

We own a business not to far from Tom Saittas Integrity Chrysler Plymouth. Everyone knows the dealership is a fraud. Actually, they don't care who they screw.

Integrity is anything but what they are all about.

You would think they would at least treat the business around them with more honesty. Over the years we have heard so many horror stories.

Don't even bother to take them to court. That's another joke.

I personally did not get ripped off. I was doing a search for car dealers to find a specific car and your Rip-off Report web site came up. I could not resist telling you how lucky you were.
Good forum, keep up the good work.

Las Vegas

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