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Complaint Review: The Long Island Rail Road - Long Island New York

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The Long Island Rail Road
Long Island, New York, U.S.A.
(718) 822-LIRR
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I've been a regular commuter on the Long Island Rail Road for five years-. I pay $100 a month for a monthly ticket. Before I moved closer to the city, I was paying $154.

I can't tell you how many times I have been inconvienced by the incompetence of the entire staff of the LIRR, from the president on down. Trains are consistantly late, they're overcrowded, they're two cars short, and the air conditioning in another one of those cars doesn't work. Two years ago, for a WEEK STRAIGHT, in the MIDDLE OF FEBRUARY, my train was cancelled at the last minute due to "equiptment problems." A WHOLE WEEK FOR EQUIPMENT PROBLEMS????? Are you kidding me?????? Forget about bad weather--my favorite reason for a twenty-minute delay was "wet leaves on the tracks." There are ALWAYS signal problems that cause HUGE delays in and out of Penn Station. But we HAVE to take it because, for many on Long Island and Queens, it's the only source of transportation into NYC.

The final straw was this week. Without making any announcements, the LIRR decided to completely change their schedule due to "trackwork" that most likely doesn't need to be done. I usually took the 9:46 train into NYC. But they decided to cancel it. I was extremely late into work yesterday because I had to wait for the next train. Now I have to get up a half hour earlier and take the early train. And then, the train I usually take home, the 6:39 has been pushed back to 6:42, so I'm inconvienced AGAIN. In totally, that's 180 MINUTES OF MY TIME A MONTH THAT I LOSE TO THE LIRR.

The problem is that nobody fixes these problems, because the LIRR isn't held accountable. I demand for this poor excuse for a transportation system to be held accountable for their actions. The buck HAS to stop somewhere.

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You should have rode it in the 70s.

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Sat, December 15, 2007

Back then there wasnt a car where the windows didnt have cracks from rocks, and when it rained,water wild leak . so if you leaned against the window,youd soon be wet! "great fun in the winter" sometimes 2 inches of water on the floor,no heat,no ac,and nasty cars. Today they have greatly improved with new cars and the servive is alot better. Be thankful there is this service from the Island to the City,and you dont have to fight the LIE every day. And how do you know the "Track Work" didnt need to be done? I bet if they didnt and something happened,youd be on here asking how to file a lawsuit!


N Babylon,
New York,
drive to the city then for work

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Sat, December 15, 2007

hey if you can run the lirr better then apply for the job as president and fix what you think is the problem... as far as the fee you pay to ride the rail try driving to manhattan every day; you wont last to long in all that traffic, and lets talk about the price of gas, and there is parking to pay for, and oh lets not forget your time on the road going to work and comming home to see the family. at least you can take a cat nap on the train to refresh your self for the wife and kids. i am not saying the rail is running in the best way and the equipment is always running the best but it gets you there; and what about your company you work for i am shure there are pleanty of miss haps within your firm you work for its all the same; every firm has its problems nothing runs 100% right. so dont throw stones in glass houses.

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