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Complaint Review: Terry Shaver Pontiac - Highland Indiana

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- Tempe, Arizona,

Terry Shaver Pontiac
2121-45th Ave Highland, 46322 Indiana, U.S.A.
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I to was ripped off at Terry Shaver Pontiac. I took a car that had been purchased at their company back to them. When I called I told them I had a Chevy Berretta that had been purchased from their used car lot.

I told them when I slowed to a stop the car made a noise. I thought it was a transmission problem because it sounded like I was not putting the clutch in when I was stopping a stick shift but this car was an automatic.

I was told to bring the car in. I did so they claimed the noise was from the brakes. I knew better. I paid them the $100.00 I

owed due to a warranty agreement and had other things fixed. The noise grew worse.

I returned to the dealership handed my keys to Ben, a garage person and said take it for a ride make sure you stop at the red

lights. He returned saying you have a transmission problem. We do not work on Chevy transmission you must take this car to a Chevy dealer.

Why did this same man not tell me this when I spoke with him the first time. Now, I, an unemployed female, must come up with a second $100.00 that I do not have. So I am driving around in a car that is getting worse.

I can not afford to get it fixed again. Terry Shaver said OH

WELL. I am spreading the word do not buy a car from them and expect to get it fixed properly even if it is under warranty.

Nancy C Tournay

Munster, IN

[email protected]


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#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, October 06, 2004

I used to work at Terry Shaver Pontiac. I left because I finished college and received a job offer pertaining to my degree. I understand that many people are upset about the way their problem was handled. Just remember, it is not the owner's fault. He personally looked into any complaints and took the necessary action. I am not saying that he was always right, but he did do his job to the best of his ability (that is, if he ever received the complaint in the first place). I do know, however, that Mr. Shaver was looking to get out of the car business so he could retire and spend time with his family. He SOLD Mazda to corporate, then he SOLD Pontiac to Circle finally he SOLD Mercedes to Napleton. Nothing was taken from him, he made the decision to proceed as he did. I am sorry that some people may have had a bad experience at this dealership, but with any business there will always be unhappy customers. However, I know personally that we had a lot of very happy customers. I have talked to former customers that are very sad that Terry Shaver Inc. will no longer be in operation. All dealerships encounter this type of split, if I may use that term. No dealership can please everyone all of the time but they can all (Terry Shaver Pontiac included) please some of the people all of the time. Next time you are jump to conclusions please make sure that you have done everything in your power to correct the situation with that company. Also remember that when you get your car serviced you have to right to see and keep (if no core charge) the parts that were removed. I mean no disrespect to the persons complaining about my former employer, I just wanted to straighten some things out. Thank you and have a nice day.


Amazing how you will stand up for them knowing what they do

#3Consumer Comment

Wed, October 06, 2004

Seem's come's another smart remark from the"Falling Down"of Terry Shaver Pontiac.Amazing how you will stand up for them knowing what they do.Is it for that huge sum of $8.00 an hour or LESS?Do you really think you can repair the Terry Shaver name??Tad bit too late isn't it dear one?Since all has been pulled from the lot now,and ol'Terry paid in advance for all the remaining"Benz"he now has,and can't sell them,maybe you should try running out to the new"Benz"dealer in Shererville with an application in hand,but then again you better skip that idea,as they do NOT need an attitude like your's out there for sure.They run a wonderful"straight up"dealership.Matter of fact,have they started to take them"Benz"off of Ol'Terry's hands yet?At least"Circle"took all the Pontiacs.As you say"THANK YOU VERY MUCH!"


South Bend,
P.S.: A 'trivial' submission

#4Consumer Suggestion

Wed, August 11, 2004

"Cashier": There's no "E" in noisy. Uh-oh! A 'trivial' submission, sorry.


Ft. Worth,
cashier is full of crap!!

#5Consumer Comment

Wed, August 11, 2004

to whom it may concern: Just because it says that you replaced parts on the paperwork doesn't mean you actually did. I just got done taking a dealership to court over something just like this. They charged me over 1800 to replace a clutch among other things they said they did. It was all on the paperwork but when i took the truck to another mechanic he said and showed me that not a d**n thing had been done to my truck. Oh but i'm sorry I guess i'm wrong, it was on the paperwork after all right? Maybe this cashier just put these items on the paperwork, guess we'll never know now will we!


we replaced "right and left bushings in front control arms as they were worn and noisey".

#6UPDATE Employee

Sat, August 07, 2004

I just read this comment. I then proceded to look up Miss Tournay's vehicle history here at Terry Shaver. In the section under brake work it states that we replaced "right and left bushings in front control arms as they were worn and noisey". So we did more than a brake job. Thank you.

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