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Complaint Review: Target - Cheektowaga New York

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- cheektowaga, New York,

Walden Ave. Cheektowaga, 14227 New York, U.S.A.
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I purchased a flag on clearance for $3.49. It was regularly priced at $14.99. I had it for 93 days before I noticed I had bought the wrong type (I needed the one with grommetts). I tried to return it with the receipt and was told I couldn't b/c it was >90 days.

Now mind you, they still have the flags in stock and they're back up to $14.99. I asked her what if I returned it without the receipt? She said I'd get the price it scans for, but..."I know you have the receipt" DUH!!! are you retarded? I ripped the receipt up and said I din't have it. She said I couldn't do that, so I left and went 4 miles to the next Target and returned my flaf without the receipt for $14.99!! This policy is supposed to save them money? They just gave me $11.50. Thank you Target for being a bunch of brainless idiots.

You really need to hop on the clue bus and figure out that your "policy" isn't working. Thanks for the cash!!


cheektowaga, New York

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Sat, June 05, 2004

I'm not sure if you're merely trying to smudge on how close the length of time you had the item but I would actually doubt the truthfulness of your "93 days" because Target actually gives you 4 days on top of the 90 to procrastinate on your return. Its a courtesy. Also, its not that a guest servie specialist can not "pretend" as if you did not have a receipt, you are always welcome to make a no reciept refund, but the controversy sounds as if it came from your rudeness. It would be one thing if you would have requested a no reciept refund or asked to speak with a supervisor (who would have let you do the no reciept) but instead you opt to rip up the reciept in front of the team member... I can hardly imagine you did it a nice or jokingly way. By allowing you to make money off the company it would have been a courtesy act with the team member shrugging it off as a loophole, but for you to be rude would make most throw up their hands. By the way the receipt system is not made so that Target can save money, its made so that those who pay 14.99 can get back 14.99 (within 94 days of purchase) and those paying 3.94 can get their 3.94... and not vice versa. Nevertheless you should feel extra proud for making 11 dollars off Target... People who take joy out of making money on retail returns are why the return policies are so difficult now. Believe it or not reciepts weren't always neccessary back in the day. At one time you could get the days selling price if you didn't have the reciept... now on the other hand, without a reciept you only get a credit for the lowest sale price (w/in the past 90 days) for that department. WHY IS THIS??? So many people ask that question and perhaps I will give them the link to your commentary, in order to best explain it. The answer: Because there are people out there (much like you) who take joy in making money off returns- they would buy high dollar items on sale one week, and return it the next week for profit, others would just plain out steal small high dollar items (like digital infant ear thermometers)and return them for even more profit. I'm not saying you didn't have some twisted right to the $11.00, you originally weren't cheating anyone, I just want you to know for every one person like you there are dozens more who feel cheated because they loose money on their no reciept refunds bacuase of those calling Target suckers and waving around their eleven bucks. And on an end note, had you cared to tell the guest service specialist at the second store "I only paid 3.94 for that" they can ring it down with at most effort a 30-second phone call. But don't worry, that is merely a safe-gaurd in the case that someone ethical tries to make a return like yours. Enjoy the "cash" Crystal (although in actuality you didn't recieve cash for it but rather an exchange... again people like you, You've already heard it).

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