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Complaint Review: Storesonline - Galaxy Mall - Imergent - Orem Utah

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- Oceanside, California,

Storesonline - Galaxy Mall - Imergent
754 E. TechnologyAve., Bldg. F Orem, 84097-6204 Utah, U.S.A.
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In May, 2002, I attended a seminar/workshop that Storesonline promoted. There were several misleading and untruthful statements that were made by the Storesonline representatives during this seminar/workshop. The representatives boasted about how you didn't even need a computer or need any computer knowledge to have a successful business on line with them. They said they would help everyone every step of the way. This was not true.

Another point--How can anyone read and understand any of the policies or guarantees before making a purchase if they are not given this information before they purchase? We were not given any kind of packet of information regarding Storesonline policies, guarantee or contract until after we had purchased their product. They wanted the money up front.

During the seminar/workshop, the representatives never mentioned anything about a "no refund" policy. How can anyone know what kind of "scam" they are getting themselves into until it is too late. They purposely withheld important information so as to make sales to Storesonline's benefit. They preyed upon uniformed, average people to make their money.

We were also not informed about (PMI) Professional Marketing International. When Storesonline representatives discussed the purchasing of storefronts, we were told that it was a complete package deal. They forget to tell you that there will be additional money needed for marketing. An outright lie.

It was found that the State of Washington belief that Imergent, Inc, Storesonline, John J. Poelman, Brandon Lewis, Donald Danks, Charles Andrews, their agents and employees have violated the Business Opportunity FRAUD Act if Washington. It seems as though they have committed FRAUD in other states also, namely California.

I am a single person that does not make a lot of money, I had hoped that Storesonline would have helped me to earn more to make my life a little easier. Instead, they have "ripped me off" for approximately $12,000 and have made my life quite miserable as I will be paying for this with not even one penny in earnings from their "scam". I did everything the way that I was supposed to and got nothing in return other than a lot of headaches. I was even told verbally by Jim Tilton and Boyd Dennison from Storesonline that they guaranteed that I would make my money back within six months or they would refund my money. That has never happened. When I asked for a refund, I was told I could not do that. What happened to their guarantee?

I have written emails to Storesonline and Donald Danks, and the Director of Customer Relations at Imergent, Inc., requesting that all of my investment of $12,000 be refunded, due to the FRAUD that was committed by Storesonline. But to no avail, I have heard nothing from them.

It would be great if you could help me out with this. These companies and individuals should not be allowed to "rip off" any more people.


Oceanside, California

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North Brunswick,
New Jersey,
Mr. Danks Here is my Name ..You have not responded

#2Consumer Comment

Tue, May 11, 2004

Mr. Danks, Like Barbara, my wife and I sent a very detailed letter to you on 4/28, 4/29 and 5/3. The first was the complaints, the next two were actions taken since the original letter. You have not responded to any of them. I also contacted the Customer Service chat forum on three occasions and requested a phone call. There have been none. I also, at the request of the Customer Service team, sent a letter to the Complaint Dept. No response. There are really only two options. 1) You are ignorant of what is happening in your organization; 2) You have choosen to continue the lies and fraud in this forum. You even told your invewtors that you would respond to complaints. I guess they did not ask you for a timeframe on that did they? I, Dennis A. from North Brunswick New Jersey, request that you either contact me or please stop bruised ego act.


Storesonline making UNAUTHORIZED charges to my credit card.

#3Consumer Comment

Tue, December 09, 2003

I am updating my original complaint. Upon opening my mail last evening, I discovered that Storesonline has been making unauthorized charges to one of my credit card accounts. First thing this morning, I called the credit card account and put a stop to that. But, now, I have to call all the credit card accounts that I have previously done business with in regards to Storesonline. I am in fear of them trying to go to another account of mine and do more damage. As if it is not enough that they have "RIPPED ME OFF" for $12,000 already. They are still trying to do it again. Again, let me say that I have written to them several times and no one ever answers me. I wonder why they are afraid to answer my letters. Could it be that they are quilty of all that I have said about them. An attorney needs to pick up all these complaints and start a class action suit. I am sure that there would be plenty of people to participate in that class action suit. Storesonline, Imergent, Galaxy Mall, PMI Coaching and any more of their affiliates need to be stopped now. They have "RIPPED OFF" enough people already.


New York,
I would like my $3300.00 that was STOLEN from me by YOUR company

#4Consumer Comment

Thu, December 04, 2003

Will You respond to e-mails??? First off I would like to say that I to purchased the garbage you people are peddling MR.DANK,and for you to be confused by all the complaints your getting here on the board is absurd. First off let me say that I to was scammed with the whole routine Barbara went through.The only difference was that I put a STOP to your lynch men ripping me for another $8000.00 As for your comment ,you want names and phone numbers of "upset" customers I will give you my name and email address. You respond and I will give you my phone number. I would like my $3300.00 that was STOLEN from me by YOUR company. I would much rather have my money back than continue going to your "seminars" and handing out what is written here about your company.I think you know what I mean,when you made your last visit to Long Island.


Every statement that I made IS the TRUTH.

#5Author of original report

Tue, November 25, 2003

Mr. Danks, do you read your emails? Obviously not, or you would have read the two letters I have written to you. So, I honestly have to disagree with you, in regards to you not being contacted by me. The first email was dated 9/18/03 and the second email was dated 10/25/03. I also disagree with you as to your comment about "reading many false and inflamatory statements". Every statement that I made IS the TRUTH. Regarding your "lack of ability" to follow up, may I suggest first that you read your emails and then email your response to me. That would solve some of your "confusion". I will be waiting for your professional and timely response in resolving my issue of a complete refund of my money.

Don Danks

Corona Del Mar,
Responding to StoresOnline report from 10/01/03 from Brabara of Oceanside, California

#6REBUTTAL Owner of company

Wed, November 05, 2003

A Barbara from Oceanside, California reported on 10/010/03 to your site that she had been ripped off my my company. I am the Chairman and CEO of Imergent, Inc. and have read many false and inflamatory statements on your site. Barbara claims to have contcted me but I have never been contacted by Barbara, nor any of the names of customers that I've seen published on your site. I would love to have you send me the name and phone number of each person who complains about being ripped off by StoresOnline or the company, Imergent, Inc. because we have a very liberal customer service policy and have solved virtually every complaint that has come to our attention. I am confused by the vitriolic nature of the accusations, the lack of ability for me to follow up and i look forward to your cooperation in putting these consumers in touch with me personally so I may resolve their issues in a professional and timely manner. Chairman & CEO Imergent, Inc.

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