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Complaint Review: Scarritt ~Lincoln Mercury - St. Petersburg St.Petersburg, Florida

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Scarritt ~Lincoln Mercury
34th street south St. Petersburg, 33733 St.Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A.
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In July of 1996, I bought a 1990 Lincoln Continental from Scarritt Motors in St. Petersburg, Florida. The car was used, but it carried a full service warranty for two months or two thousand miles, which ever came first.

While I was driving the car home, I noticed that the transmission was slipping badly. I called the dealership and told the salesman what was happening. He said it would be repaired and to bring the car in the following Monday morning. I took the car in as he had requested. About 4:00 p.m., I got a call saying the car was ready.

As soon as I drove the car, I could tell the problem had not been fixed. I reported this to the salesman. He acted very surprised. I waited at the dealership for over an hour before they asked me to bring the car in the next morning, which I did.

The problem remained. This went on for about three or four more

days. They kept telling me they could find nothing wrong with the transmission. They said maybe the transmission was slipping when it went into gear and I should just move the gear shift back and forth until it engaged.

I told them flatly that I did not want to have to do that.

I told them I wanted it fixed -- nothing more -- nothing less. I

told them I was going out of town. They said the car was under

warranty no matter where it was.

I drove to New York. The problem continued to get worse. I called Scarritt Motors. They told me to take the car to a Lincoln dealer in New York, which I did. The New York dealer said the transmission need to be rebuilt.

I made numerous long distant calls to Scarritt Motors, at my

expense, from New York. Talking with several people including both Scarritt Sr., and Jr. They told me that they would not authorize any repairs while the car was out of state -- the exact opposite of what I was told before I went to NewYork.

I also made a fruitless call to Ford Motor Credit Co.... They were not interested in assisting me.

I had to drive back to Florida at 40 miles per hour or less. A

normal 2 day trip took me 5 days.

I had been assured that the problem would be repaired when I

returned to Florida. Rather than fixing the car, however, they told me told me it would cost $1,800 to repair the transmission. I was very upset and, again, contacted Ford Motor Credit Co. They setup a meeting between myself and Scarritt Sr., Jr., the sales manager, the salesman and the service manager at 5:00 p.m. on a Saturday evening. Because of the time I was unable to consult with my attorney during the meeting.

As usual with Scarritt Motors, the meeting proved to be fruitless. I had a witness with me. They would not even allow that person to talk.

Scarritt Sr. ran the whole show as all of his henchmen stood mute. Bottom line is that they offered to pay $200 of the $1,800 cost to repair the transmission. The whole amount should have been covered by the warranty.

When I refused the offer, Scarritt, Sr. said they would buy the car back but that it was a "onetime offer" and I had to leave the car with them at that time - Saturday evening. I asked him if I could get back with him on Monday so that I could consult my attorney.

His rude answer was "the offer is off."

The transmission problem was fixed at my expense by a reputable

business. from Scarritt Sr. down to the salesperson were very

discourteous from the day I purchased the car -- they went from

white hats to black hats as soon as the sold the car. They failed to live up to written and verbal agreements. They are the worst company with whom I have had the misfortune of dealing.

Basically, they are the most rude, non-caring car dealership I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. Where 's the Customer Service they promised

The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection!???

I definitely could not and will not recommend them to anyone.

Rocco Bagnato

South Pasadena, Fla


On June 19, 1999, I purchased a 1994 Lincoln Mark VIII from

Scarritt Motors in St. Petersburg, Florida. I was happy with the

price and treated respectfully. When I filled out the paperwork

with the salesman, we agreed that I could check the box on the

"warranty" paper for "full" service for 2 months or 2,000 miles.

I did this in front of a witness. The other option was for a

"Limited Warranty" which I did not want. The next step after the initial paperwork with the salesman was to finalize the paperwork, etc. with their Business Manager. Like some dealers do, he pushed one piece of paper after another under my nose. Quite honestly, I did not check each page. The printed page on the warranty, I determined later, stated that I was getting a Limited Warranty rather than the FULL WARRANTY that I had agreed to with the salesperson. Within the warranty period, there was three problems with the car:

1. The cruise control did not work; and,

2. The flasher lights did not work (we had these fixed on

our own since the car was out of state when the problem

was found); and,

3. After approximately 1,000 miles, the air conditioner did

not function (again the car was out of town when this


The problems were reported to Scarritt representatives, however,

well within what should have been the "Full Warranty" period. They told me not to worry and that they would take care of them when the car returned to St. Petersburg. I talked with three people about this.

When the car returned, it was taken to Scarritt for needed repairs.

Rather than repairing the car, they said it would cost $1,500 to

repair the two remaining problems. They said the warranty did not apply. They also told me that the air conditioner problem was the most expensive in that it required a new condenser (not true).

After many discussions, Scarritt said they would buy the car back

for exactly what I paid for it including, tax, title, etc. This

definitely raised a RED FLAG in my mind. They never mentioned that they had actually sold the car to me for less than wholesale.

Basically they wanted the car back, in my opinion, so they could

sell it for considerably more.

The air conditioner problem was fixed, at my expense, for $60. All it required was freeon. There was nothing wrong with the condenser as they told me. The cruise control remains unfixed.

I will admit that their personnel are courteous. But the sad fact is that they did not live up to their agreement with me when I purchased the car.

Knowing I had a good deal, price wise, on the car, there was no way I was going to sell it back to them.

I contemplated a lawsuit but due to the fact that I have a serious heart problem, I decided against that course of action.

Suffice to say that I cannot and will not recommend Scarrit Motors to anyone.

Ronald G. Emery

S. Pasadena, FL

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