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Complaint Review: Ryder Truck Rental - Greenville South Carolina

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Ryder Truck Rental
Wade Hampton Blvd Greenville, South Carolina, U.S.A.
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On July 19th, my husband rented a Ryder truck from the Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC location for' a moveto Bogart, GA~ (about a 2-hour trip at the most). Over the phone, he was required to give a credit card(debit/check card) for reservation purposes. He was then told when he got there that something had happened' to the computer and it would not accept the information.

We were guarantted that the problem would becorrected and our acount not charged. In the meantine, my husband paid them cash for the reservation andthe cost of the rental. The gentleman

then told him that the charges were duplicated but the funds would be credited back to our account by the end of the business day. WRONG!!(That's anoher partof this horrendous nightmare!!!) He and our 6 year-old daughter were coming ahead of me since I didn't get off of my final day at work until after 5:00.

They started down the interstate and the truck started to try to run hot, so they exited at the next exit ramp. They got about 45 miles from our destination and the driveshaft was thrown from under the vehicle across the interstate.

My husband then called Ryder. He told them that the drive shaft had come off and there was no sense in sending a mechanic. The truck would have to be towed. Ryder sent one of their mechanics anyway - about 3 hours later. The mechanic told my husband that this could have been prevented and happened due to lack of maintenance. Anyway, it could not be repaired on the side of the road so it had to be towed. They towed this truck to our destination. It was an independent towing company and the gentleman that finally came to their rescue about 4 or 5 hours after the fact was a godsend! The only problem was that he had to tow the truck from the friont and everything shifted to

the back(where all of my green plants and trees were).

Needless to say, everything got smashed and damaged from all of the weight shifting on it. I ended up taking three trips back to the breakdown area - one to pick up my daughter, the send to take my husband some money because were told that we were responsible for getting it towed, and the third time to pick up my husband because after many hours of waiting, he thought ryder had forgotten about him.

This whole trip took him and my daughter nine hours to take and it was only 110 miles originally. We parked the truck at our

destination and notified Ryder that we had made it via wrecker and that we needed someone to get the truck. They told us that someone would be out the next day to get the truck. We started asking when our two deposits were going to be handled and how we were supposed to get it back from our destination location since the truck had to be towed.

Nturally, we were certain that it was going to a ryder garage and not the center that we had originally planning non turning it back in at. The told us that we would have to call the destination location and get that worked out. We did and

was told that we would have to get our money refunded thru the renting office(greenville).

We went thru this for a few days, and I kept asking when someone was going to get this truck out of my parents' yard. No one

knew when it was going to be picked up. I then got a nasty phone call from the assistant to the executive stating that they were fixing to file a stolen property report on the truck since we had refused to trun it back in and it was a week past rental agreement dates. I was livid!! They knew from the very beginning every thing that had happened with this location.

I was verbally abused and accused the next few times that Italked to everyone locally, regionally, statewide, and then on to the cstomer care center in Arizona. I demanded to speak with someone with authority since I was treated so rudely by everyone that I had conversation with regarding this incident. I only wanted the truck moved and my money that they took back, I wasn't even asking fro a refund from all of this and agreed to

them keeping the rental money in full just to get my money deposited back on my account.

They ended up charging me - mistakes and all- $460 in less

than two minutes and took almost 6 weeks to get back. No apology, nothing@!I asked for the CEO,VP or someone that had some kind of authority within the company. Each time I was given to an assistant to the exectuive which meant nothing to me! They treated me like I was dirt in the street.

Finally, the gentleman that started this whole transaction at the Wade Hampton, greenville,sc location called and offered me $80 rain check tobe used on my next move. NO THANK YOU!!!I told him that I would never use Ryder again and I would make sure all would know about the terrible experience that I had with Ryder truck, and I'm sure that they would not use Ryder either. Since then, I cringe everytime I see a Ryder truck, and believe it or not, I have seen a lot stranded on the roadway while the poor, innocent vicims were taken once again by Ryder Truck. Is it going to take someone getting killed for the law to crack down on companies like this?

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New Hampshire,
Ryder may be two different companies but you get the same rude people..

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Wed, February 20, 2002

Ryder may be two companies now. However, it seems to me the same rude people are everywhere. Trying to coerce innocent people. What a shame! Ryder the company that does not own the yellow trucks, but, the white trucks are the same. The will bully you and intimidate. Money is the only thing that matters to them. They could care less about people!

This division of Ryder System was sold a few years ago


Fri, June 01, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #3899.
It was sent by jim standard at [email protected].

Ryder Truck Rental, Greenville, SC - A danger on the highways!. (#3899)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: jim standard
Their phone number: @Rebuttal_Phone@
Their relationship to the company: Devotee

Don't be confused with the company logo! This division of Ryder System was sold a few years ago to a private co.who in turn sold it to Budget Truck Rental(a division of SEARS).The use of the Ryder logo was part of the sale contract for a few years and will be phased out.

Ryder Transportation is a very safe and reliable company that no longer owns the familiar YELLOW ONE_WAY truck, but we are the #1 TRUCK RENTAL AND LEASING CO. IN THE WORLD concentrated on commercial lease and local rental.

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