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- santa rosa, ca,

2701 N HAYDEN DR PORTLAND, 97217 Oregon, U.S.A.
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I have purchased a satillite from ROCKET COMMUNICATIONS.I will explian the whole situation in detail and then tell you what the problem is.I origanally bought one satillite and four recievers. The recievers are the black boxes that sit on the tv.Rocket comm is the company that i purchased the actual eqiptment from and hold a contract with.Dishnetwork is the company whom I get my programing from (the channels and so forth).

Ok here we go. I purchased this satillite on 7/23/99 for about one month everything work perfectly not one problem what so ever,I was acually pleased with my purchase.I had all my premium channel and my local channels wich was what I made sure before I singed anything.Now somtime in september of 99' Dishnetwork changed there satillite for the local channels and put them on a different satillite causing me to need a second satillite to point to the new one to get my local channels.This was fine so long as I did not have to pay for the second.Rocket comm informed me that they would infact give me the second for free but that I would have to pay for the instalation fee of $100.00.Mind you that I already have a total of $1,759.62 already invested in this.

So I told them to just bring the satillite by my house and drop it off,that i would istall myself. Because I did not think that I should have to pay anymore.They did indeed drop it along with a diagram that the head installer for my area drew up.I was not home at the time it was delivered so when I got home I was suprised to see two satillites istead of one.Along with four "switch 21's"plus the diagram.

The diagram was fairly simple to read.(Also I should minchin that I live with my grandparents in their house.My grandfather was a michanic for about 40+ yrs so between the two of us we are pretty well mechanically inclined."I dont know about my spelling though lol.)Anyways we found out after calling the original istaller why the the third satillite was dropped off.He said it was because I have so many tv's (atotal of four).He said that one satillite would only serve two tv's.I asked him about the four swithces and why I needed so many.His explianation was that agian because I have so many tv's and to just follow the diagram he drew up. baisically the diagram told me to instal the two satillites (witch is now a total of three)and to hook the four switches trough the exsisting switch.(Wich is a fourway multiy switch).

So me and my grandfather installed the two dishes and hooked all of the switches EXACTLY as the diagram said.And nothing.What i mean buy nothing is we didn't even get the premium channels anymore.So after three hours of trying to get this to work I decided to give the installer a call to figure out what was going on.Finally we have arrived at my problem point.When I tried to reach him Igot his message machine.

I left him a message telling him the symtoms of my problem.He did not get back to me for about a week.During wich time we just put every thing back the way it was so all that we had was the premium channels.When he did finally get back to me,after I repetedly left messages on his recorder,he said he would send somone over in the morning.This was a Fridaynight so I was home on the saterday that someone was supposed to come by.I waited and waited nobody showed.I called him just to get his answering machine agian.

I then called Dishnetwork hoping to find some help.I explained what the situation was and why I was calling.They told me that I did not need a third satillite or all of the switches he gave me.And here is the winner "they said that the switch 21's (the four he dropped off)and my exsisting switch (the multi switch) were "INFACT NOT EVEN COMPATIBLE".

They could not figure out what he was thinking.They also informed me that all i needed was "A TOTAL OF TWO SATILLITES AND ONE SWITCH64"thats it.Those three things and I am up and running.So Dishnetwork said they would like to speak with this installer and that they would like to set up a three way confrence call.They stayed on the line with me while they dialed his number.Ofcourse he was not home but we left a message that we would be calling back at 7:00pm the following night to speak with him.

I did not here from him the folling day withch I was hopping I would so we could settele this between the two of us.Dishnetwork called me right on time 6:58pm.We then dialed his number once agian and not to my suprise no answer his message machine was not even on "hhmmm".

Well that was the last time I was to ever here from him.Dishnetwork could not help me any further and instructed me to call his employer Rocket communications.Well my war path was interupted by unexpested death in the family so I did not call his employer for some time it just wasn't in my intrest considering the sercumstances.So somtime in january of 2000' I continued to try and get this mess cleaned up.Litaraly a mess I wish you could see the top of my grandparents house its a joke.I should also tell you that the dishes are only 18" round so its not like they are that big or anything but still that is not the point.

So I did what I was told and called Rocket communications directly.I explianed to them my situation once more only for them to tell me that they could not do a god d**n thing.I was absolutlry outraged.They had the nerve to tell me that the insaller for my area had been fired and is no longer with Rocket and that they do not serve my area anymore.I told them that they did not need to come out to my house that all I was asking for was this so called "swith 64" they told me that the switch was $360.00 and that they where not going to pay for and that I could purchase it on my own.

Absolutley not.I bought this satillite in the understanding it would work one way and it is still to this day not working properly.I even spoke with a manager on two seprate ocacassions and got the same reply.I ask to speak to the president of the company or to leave a message.I ask if he would call me back if I left him a message you know what they said "probably not".

I do not know what to do or who to go to I would really.

Now I would pay you to make these pepole make this right.Wich is only to pay for the swich I need (switch 64).As far as I am conserned they can have the other dish and the five other sitches back.I dont need them nor do I want them I just want what I origanally payed for.I am bagging you to assist me in dealing with these pepole.Or at least tell me where I can go.

thank you very much

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San Francisco,
Wrong Company...you want Rocket communications Services in Florida

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Wed, March 04, 2009

Hi I work for Rocket Communications in SF and we have been getting alot of Angry calls....we are NOT the company billing you ....the company you really want is Rocket Communications Services in Florida or www.rocketvoicemail.com...thier number is 888-300-0549....

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