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Complaint Review: Rent-A-Movie - Mesa Arizona

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- Mesa, AZ,

1155 East Broadway Road Mesa, 85204 Arizona, U.S.A.
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This report concerns: Rent-A-Movie, 1155 East Broadway, Mesa, Arizona 85204.

On August 10, 2000, I began a membership with the above-named company. On that date, I also rented four movies. To avoid late fees, I paid for two days rental on the four movies. I specifically asked the woman checking the movies out when I had to bring them back. She told me that the time they were to be returned was on the cassette case. All four movie boxes had 9:00 pm for the return time.

I returned the movies on August 12 at approximately 7:00pm.

This evening, August 15, I returned to the store to rent a couple of movies. At the counter, the woman told me that I had a $2.50 late fee. I explained that I had paid for four movies for two days and returned them all on time. She said that one of the movies was a new release and that it was to have been returned by 5:00pm on the return date. I had her check the boxes for that movie and, sure enough, one of the boxes said 9:00 pm on it. (Note that she first tried to hide that box behind the other one that said 5:00pm on it, holding them up and saying, "See, 5:00 o'clock." When I asked her what the one behind said, she stuttered and admitted that it said 9:00 pm on it.)

When I pointed out that my late return was because of their mistake, the woman told me that I had signed an "agreement" that stated that movie was to be returned by 5:00 pm. I went on to explain that not only had I not received a copy of that invoice, but that the woman who had checked the movies out to me had stated that the return time was on the box. She said that by signing the agreement, I knew that the movie had to be returned by 5:00 pm that day.

I tried to get this woman to see reason, but she would not. I was more than a bit angry at this point, so I stalked from the store, muttering about calling the Better Business Bureau, how this was a bunch of bulls**t, etc. I went to my car where I stewed on my anger for a moment. After a minute, I went back inside and asked the woman for her name and the name of the business owner. She told me that her name was Jeri, and that her sister, Bonnie, was the owner. "But," she said, "Bonnie is on vacation for two weeks." I told her that I would wait and speak to Bonnie about this incident when she returned. She responded that Bonnie would "just turn it back over to me." I could not believe the deceitfulness and gall of this woman, Jeri.

In all fairness, Rent-A-Movie has good selection of movies, fair prices and seems basically honest. I do not know what Jeri's problem is, or if Bonnie will take my complaint any more seriously. I believe that I have been the victim of unfair business practices and, as I mentioned, I CANNOT believe that Jeri tried to play a little "shell game" with the cassette boxes instead of admitting that they had made a simple mistake.

Whatever happened to "The customer is always right." I have seen the company I work for return a customer's money (over $100) AND fix the problem free-of-charge. Perhaps Jeri's ego is so fragile that she just could not admit she was wrong. I do not say that to be mean; but, that is the only explanation that I can come up with. (My father suggested that it might be a regular scam that they pull. I somehow doubt it.)

I don't know if I can update this report, but if I'm able I will let you know what happens when I get in touch with the owner.

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