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Complaint Review: Primerica formerly A.L. Williams - Nationwide

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Primerica formerly A.L. Williams
international Nationwide, U.S.A.
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A thorough response to "Termites" has been prepared as early as 1988 for a former RVP in the A.L. Williams organization in a published book called "A.L. Williams: Cult or Crudade?" The questions asked there are relevent to today's PFAs and are the questions that should be asked when one is being coerced to replace their cash value policy or is being recruited to join Primerica, a company that is known for its agents' unscrupulous and deceptive practices.

"1. Do you want to buy insurance from a company which guarantees that the insurance you buy this year could cost you $106,000 more by age 65...?"

2. "Do you want to do business with a company [whose agents] openly admit to lying and distortion to sell its programs?"

3. "Do you want to do business with a company [whose agents] state it is more important for them to get the business and biggest earnings than how they got them?"

4. "Do you want to join a company which offers a dream, a job opportunity and an "own your own business" pitch which is really a [MLM] sales gimmick?"

5. "Would you want to join a company which offers financial independence and yet will not guarantee any earnings, compensation plans or employee benefits?"

6. "Do you want to go to work for a company which encourages you to build your own business, but it requires you to sign 73 pages of contracts which give the company the right to take your business, to terminate you without cause, and to confiscate your past business earnings?"

7. "Would you like to invest your family's business future contracting with a company which forces you to sign a contract which allows only the company to change the terms of the contract at any time without justification?"

8. "Do you want to trust your professional future to a company whose contract states your "...appointees (business) and rights to commissions and override commissions (earnings) do not constitute property of the RVP (you) for any purpose nor shall such rights be subject to inheritance..." and that upon your death Williams takes it (your business) -- if they don't take it before?

9. "Do you want to work for a company which won't let you sue them in a court of law if they violate their agreement with you or wrong you -- but requires you to go to Georgia, under Georgia law, when the company reserves the right to sue or arbitrate?"

These are a few of the questions being asked in 1988, shortly before Weill bought the company from Williams. Little has changed since 1988. If you have read your contract carefully, you will see that most, if not all of the above statements apply to today's Primerica. I strongly advise anyone considering Primerica as a career or as a vehicle to wealth to find another vehicle.

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#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, June 20, 2002

Hello !! I am writing to unknown RVP from Ohio.... I hope you do have a name ? If NOT !!! we can make one for you (?!!?!!?) RVP wrote: "...but if Primerica wasn't for you, that should be personal..." So, what should be ??? After so many years working hard like a dog for Primerica and after all they fire you !!..... you should say that was some kind of donation, so now they can benefit from your work done ??? Are you sure that Primerica is for you ??? What would you do if they let you go as well ??? Later you say ONE negative word... and somebody from Primerica will tell you the same as you writing above. ALSO RVP wrote: "...You're not mentioning the millions of people Primerica does help and the thousands of families whose futures have been affected in a positive way." If you would like to help... why you don't show them the CHEAPEST insurances ???? "...a positive way." WHO?? RVP's and above ?? To make a long story, shot... Based from your writing you are still a DREAMER... My QUESTION for you: Do you like OSAMA BIN LADEN ? please don't Judge him !!! remember he also helped millions of his people and many families think of him very positive way............... wrote: ROBERT from Canada


You sound like you were out of compliance.

#3REBUTTAL Owner of company

Thu, June 13, 2002

All of the questions you stated can point to a few "out-of-compliance" individuals, but if Primerica wasn't for you, that should be personal. You're not mentioning the millions of people Primerica does help and the thousands of families whose futures have been affected in a positive way.

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