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Complaint Review: Pizza Hut - Apache Junction Arizona

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Pizza Hut
Apache Trail Apache Junction, Arizona, U.S.A.
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Here are 5 more Pizza Hut Victim Reports out of another 44 submitted by employees victimized by Thompson & Brock Management from Tallahassee Florida who operate Pizza Hut stores through out Arizona and other states.

These following Reports are in response to Newspaper Advertisements placed by badbusinessbureau.com, looking for Pizza Hut Employees Victimized by the Apache Junction Arizona Pizza Hut and other Pizza Huts in various cities in Arizona. All owned and operated by Thompson & Brock Management Tallahassee Florida


Again, the Victims names were removed for their protection as in most other rip-off reports.


This is a hand written Report signed by the minor child and the minor childs mother.

..in the Mothers own words.

Victim: XXX X XXX, Pizza Hut Victim, 12/6/00

My daughter XXX X XXX, at 16 years old worked at Pizza Hut in Apache Junction. Her managers were Betty Carter and Rick Carter.

While she worked there she was continuously sexually harassed by Rick Carter. He cornered her in the walk in one day and grabbed her breasts, and told her one day he would love her. He also offered her drugs if she would suck his d**k.

He made her wear a small size shirt for work when she needed a large. He told her that her b***s looked too good to cover them with such a large shirt.

Jamie worked with a friend of hers at this Pizza Hut, who was also being sexually harassed by Rick Carter.

When she finally told me what was going on, we went to the police department immediately. The Police said it was her word against Rick's and that there was nothing they could do. They told her to go back to work and keep notes. So she did.

About three days after we went to the police department Rick and Betty took my daughter aside and had her sign papers stating that Rick was only playing, and it wouldn't happen again and it didn't.

It was obvious that the police contacted Betty, and that's why she had her sign the document claiming that Rick Carter was just playing.



About a week later Rick Carter started harassing XXXX about the quality of her work. He docked her time card many times, he also changed the days she was supposed to be off, and then would call and say, "why the hell aren't you here, get your a*s to work." When she went to work he made her cry by yelling at her saying that she didn't know how to answer phones and put her on the table to cut pizzas. Then he made her box pizzas, that's when she

noticed mice droppings and cockroaches in the boxes. They told her to kick the boxes before she picked them up and to shut up about it or she would be fired. She listened.

Three days later while she was working she went out to run breadsticks out to the driver because he forgot them and Rick yelled, "that's not your job, get back to the phones." She tried to explain what happened and he told her to go home, she was fired. She came home crying so I waited until morning so

I could talk to Betty about what had happened. She said Jamie could go back to work if she wanted. I said NO, that I was sick and tired of my daughter coming home crying every time she worked, and that Rick fired her and that I wanted her check within 72 hours.

When we went to pick up the check, Betty said my daughter couldn't have it until she signed a paper stating that she was insubordinate, and had a dirty mouth. She signed it without my knowledge.

Also while she worked there she noticed that a driver named John was being harassed being called a f****t, and that if he didn't get the pizza's delivered faster he would get his a*s kicked.

Jamie told me not to order food from them anymore, that my family and I would get sick because the food was old and was still being used. She explained how she found roaches in the salad bar stuff etc.

My daughter said that the police would come in and eat for free, when she asked why Rick said, "because they're my buddies, and they let me get away with anything I want, so we need to keep them happy.

The reason I'm writing this instead of Jamie is because she is afraid of the "Carter clan." She said they are in a gang and they wouldn't be afraid to kill anyone!!

I'm sorry, but I'm not going let anyone treat my daughter, or anyone else in my family this way. My daughter went through quite a bit of emotional trauma after this ordeal, and she started to go through changes. Her school work went down, and she started to dress and act differently. I didn't have the

money or the means to take her to counseling. Still to this day she's not the same although her grades are better and she's working for another company.

I am so sorry my daughter had to work with these people as she entered the work force in her young age. As a mother I know that these were not the lessons that needed to be instilled upon her through working. I feel that the Carter's have done considerable damage to Jamie's outlook in life. She still doesn't act the same. Maybe in time, after working under normal conditions hopefully she'll change for the better, and start to trust people

again, who knows?


The victims Mother


Subj: Pizza Hut 12-6-00 Mandy Allen hand written statement in her own words

Date: 12/4/00


Hello my name is XXX. I am an ex- employee who worked at Pizza Hut in Apache Junction. I was one out of the many that was harassed about everything, was called names, and was under paid. I have seen a lot of things that Pizza Hut could get in a lot of trouble for.

One way that I was harassed was when I was hired by Melissa Carter, she told me to buy black pants. So I went and bought a pair of black pants. They did not say anything about the pants until someone was coming out to look at the store. That's when Betty told me that the black pants I had bought were OK for the day, but I would have to buy a new pair of polyester pants because we will get one point off if I don't. I had to clean that day for the inspection, but I only received $2.13 an hour waitress pay for cleaning that unbelievably filthy restaurant. Betty promised that if I cleaned from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM for two days that I would be paid $6.50 an hour, but that never happened.

Unfortunately I could not afford to buy another pair of pants at the time. I came in the next morning at 8:00 to clean some more. Betty did not say anything to me about the pants until the guy for the inspection came. That's when Betty said I told you not to wear those black pants. Betty also made us use these trays that day, even though we never used the trays before. After he left Betty called the office and told them how many points we lost. Betty finished telling them the total accumulation of points by saying loudly and rudely in front of everyone, " We also lost a point because of Mandy". I still worked after that until 4:00 PM that day.

I went back to work the next day and when I went back into the kitchen, I noticed that there was a roach on the dough. I pointed it out, and to my amazement they still used it!

Then I went out to see my customers and check on how they were doing and they had moved tables. The lady told me that she had seen a roach, and she wanted a box so they could leave. When I handed the lady the box she opened it and there was rat or mouse droppings in it. The customer was very upset, so I called Jason the manager over so he could talk to her. Jason ended up giving her other the food for free.

Jason went to the back in the kitchen, so I followed him because I wanted to tell him about the other roach I had seen that day and tell him that we needed to call someone and do something about the roaches. I also told him that this guy Joe was out in the dining area serving beer to customers even though he is only 17 years old. Jason said "that's OK."

Well, I believe that this was OK with Jason, since he hired this girl who was underage (at 15), and started going out with her even though that's illegal. He probably noticed the look of disgust on my face and he told me to go home. I left and had two days off.

I returned to work on a Sunday morning, and my family came in with me to eat. It was not time for me to clock in yet so I sat down with my family. Suddenly Jason startled me as he yelled my name across the dining room, "XXX!" I walked over to where he was sitting and he yelled, "you can't work here with black pants!" So I walked back over to my family crying. My Mom asked me what is wrong and I told her. So my family started to leave, and as we were all walking out, Jason said loudly, " Get your fat a*s out of here!"

I came home and called Betty, and told her what Jason had said. I also told her that he had been allowing Joe to serve beer even though he was underage. Betty told me that I was lying, and hung up on me.

They made me wait two weeks for my check, and when it came, like my other checks, the hours were wrong and I was shorted pay. I told them every time this happened, and mentioned it often, but they never did anything about it. They said they would fix it every time I got a check, but they never did anything about it. They still owe me for 17 hours that I never got paid for.

Thank You, I hope that you can do something about this mismanagement,


555 555 Avenue, # 555

Apache Junction, AZ. 85219

Phone # (480) 555 - 0000


From: XXXX XXXX 11-30-00

In response to the Advertisements looking for victims of Pizza Hut Hand written in her own words


Complaints about Pizza Hut In Apache Junction:

Manager Tracy was a one day trained manager. She was constantly yelling and complaining about her mistakes. She would take her frustrations out on us.

I XXXX XXXX, was hired on Tracy's first day of management. I was not told how much my pay would be. Tracy kept on telling me as weeks went on. So she let me go. Then a few days later she paid me cash, with no acknowledgment of hours or numbers of days worked. She's holding a check of mine. When I try to collect my check she tells me she sent it back to the corporate office. This was weeks ago.

This is the 30th of November, and my check still hasn't come in. I worked for about three weeks. My last check for two weeks was not received. I was working 20, to 30 hours a week at $6.35 an hour.

Thank you.




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Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2000 16:30:01 -0700

I came back to work to work at Pizza Hut just a few months ago as a part-time waitress because I had a full-time position as a developmental trainer elsewhere. I worked as a waitress to help provide my family with the extra income needed for food, school, and gas. I know a few others like myself that are doing the same thing and work for Pizza Hut part-time to pick up that little extra income.

I was offered a position as an assistant manager for the Apache Junction Pizza Hut when I expressed the interest in moving there closer to my family. I then quit my full-time day job and began training in Globe Arizona at the Pizza Hut that I was working at as an assistant manager at the pay of a cook and a waitress pay as a waitress when I waited on tables. I received a good one and a half weeks of training because I had never worked regularly as a cook before or as a regular assistant manager. I did train on the paper work about ten years prior and was shown a little cooking during those years when I filled in for when cooks did not show up to work.

With Pizza Hut I was then promised that I would always have a job and would receive a great pay rate. Betty Carter had me promise to her on the phone at the Globe location that I would not tell others of the real amount. They had me start working from 8:00a.m. to after closing time to clean up and do paper work and to prepare me for Apache Junction Pizza Hut at the command of Betty Carter. I worked these days together and I accumulated over time pay quickly at the pay rate of a cook and a waitress. I had done the payroll worksheet at that time with the new manager of Globe and so her and I both knew that I was to receive the over time pay and the amount. She said she would find out if Betty would let the paycheck be sent to the Apache Junction Pizza Hut and ask about my over time. I was then told that I would get it and it would be sent there. That payroll worksheet was part of my training. I remembered how much I was to receive.

The next day I began packing up and went to Apache Junction to find a place to live. After spending my money on gas and fees I finally found a place by Friday, paid the rent and deposit, rented a U-haul, paid the deposits on utilities and water, and got a flywheel for my more dependable truck which we were driving at the time. Saturday morning the truck was being fixed, I was loading the U-haul. Loading the U-haul and the truck being fixed were done about the same time late that night and we took it on down to Apache Junction that night. Sunday morning we took a trip back to Globe to clean out the place we were at and get my other undependable vehicle. Drove back to Apache Junction and unloaded the U-haul truck. Then took a trip to the mall and bought a pager since my phone was not yet transferred. I then called Apache Junction Pizza Hut and gave them the pager number and returned the U-haul. I went to bed after a well deserved hot bath. I was then paged but I did not recognize the number and had no phone service yet to check so I stayed in bed to get some good rest for my first day at the Apache Junction Pizza Hut.

I then showed up to work bright and early at 8:00 a.m. at the Apache Junction Pizza Hut. I then met Amber, the other assistant manager. I was very impressed with her. She had been opening and preparing the dough for the day every day at that Pizza Hut of Apache Junction. She was doing a great job. I told Betty Carter later about how good she is and that with her experience she should be the manager instead. Betty Carter said no that Amber does not get the full picture and is training people wrong. I then explained that she was from another pizza place and did not received the Betty Carter Pizza Hut training so how would she know our way. She was new to the Pizza Hut team too. I was shown the Pizza Hut way by Betty right away at the Gold Canyon store. I was also trained wrong by the old Pizza Hut management from before. I then received instructions for the day from Amber and met Betty at that Pizza Hut. She gave me a hug and a warm welcome. She gave me a white shirt. She introduced me to the new manager Tracey. Tracey did not seem at all happy to see me and I could tell by her actions and attitude. I began work right away for Betty at the Apache Junction and Gold Canyon Pizza Hut. She had me work at the Gold Canyon one because her son ended up in the hospital and she needed to be with her family.

It was at this time that I began to experience the Betty Carter Syndrome. I would work from 8:00 a.m. to after closing to clean and do paper work and 10:00 a.m. to after closing to clean up and do paper work. Even though the schedules that Betty wrote in pencil said I was there less. I was told either to come in earlier than scheduled or even told to stay later. I am a breast feeding, non-smoking, non-drinking, try not to cuss Mom. I know that even Betty herself takes time for herself to sleep, eat, and be with her family. At this time I realized that she was not allowing me to do none of the above. She would even say I am going to go get something to eat. I had not even got a break, I had been there all day, and was starving. I was busting my but and was ready to eat something too and take my 15 minute by law break at least. She said this to me a few times during time that I was busting my butt and each time left me there with no break and wanting my personal pan pizza. Every day I made sure I gave the other employees their by law break. On days she was not there I got mine! I waited for her to return and figured that when she was done with her family problems then she would straighten out the schedule and break problem for me.

Betty returned and our hours stayed the same and the schedule stayed the same. Not listing all of the hours we actually had spent at work. Amber finally was to receive a well-deserved day off. That following Monday. I was to come in for her. My mother's only brother had died at that time at the Veterans hospital and his funeral services were to be held at 10:00 a.m. that Monday. I told Betty about it and she asked me if my sister could handle it. I knew that Amber really needed a day off and I was afraid that if I asked to leave and attend the funeral that I might lose my job.

I began that Monday on the wrong side of the bed. I showed up at the Apache Junction Pizza Hut bright and early that morning only to discover that the keys Betty gave me did not even unlock the door. I had to go wake Tracey and wait for her to bring me the keys. I waited by the front door. I noticed an officer parked then diagonally behind the Pizza Hut, in the bank parking lot, not facing traffic but facing me and just sitting there the whole time that I waited at the door. From 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. that morning I was for the first time in my life feeling well protected and safe. I did wonder though that where was that officer when in the middle of the night I would leave alone from the Pizza Huts to go home. I had heard the rumor from Tracey about the Betty Carter Task Force. She said that she had police buddies that would come in to Pizza Hut. I have never seen none of them eat for free or talk to Betty Carter. I figured maybe she was right and this could be one. The officer left when Tracey came with the keys and Tracey also had a cook come in too. I then met the window washers and began my day.

I then prepared for the day. My family came in after the funeral and ate. They did not receive anything for free and no discount. Also Two officers came in and had lunch and paid for their meals and did not talk to Betty Carter. They must have not been part of Betty Carters Task Force. I said Hi to my family and introduced Betty to them. She gave me three new white shirts and told them all of how much she appreciated me. Tracey then joined in with us for the day. I tried to show Tracey the Pizza Hut way on few things because she knew nothing about the pizza business and clamed to have not been taught anything but thin dough.

After showing Tracey the few tricks of the trade, we got our butt kicked for the night. It was then that I experience Traceys unpleasant way of handling the stress. She was being rude, verbally abusive, and cussing at anyone and everything. This behavior went on through the night to all of us even the way she talked to the customers and in front of them. I had talked to Betty about this and how there was bad customer service going on for that night. Betty excused Tracey for it though. She said that she had just got on to Tracey and Betty said that she has even treated others like this herself before there and saw nothing wrong with that behavior or treatment. I do see it! I was trying to help Tracey learn which it was my job to. How can you train someone that is just whaling away and cussing at you the whole time?

At the end of the night I sat down with Tracey to go over paper work. Right away she started to say how bad a waitress Misty was and how stupid Misty was. Misty was only on her second night as a waitress and had never worked as a waitress before. I could not help her that night because I was too busy myself making pizzas, cutting, and doing the register. All while Tracey was running around cussing away. Also the other waitress, which was Traceys friend, did not show up again. She had never showed up to work on the days that I was there when she was scheduled. But rumor from Tracey says that she is there best waitress. So Misty had to wait the tables all by herself not really knowing what all to do. At this moment I really wanted to tell Tracey that she herself knew nothing about cooking, dough making, waitressing, or customer service. Tracey was even going around telling the customers of how bad Misty was and how all the bad service they were getting was all Mistys fault. Well, now that was it in my book. How could she have done that? That was not being a team leader or member.

At this moment I realized that there is a personally conflict here. I breast feed, do not smoke, drink, or do drugs, and try not to cuss and I am working with someone of the opposite nature that is very judgmental and a very hatred person. I only witnessed the window washers eating for free and that was done by Tracey. She said that Betty told her to do it. They had what ever they wanted to eat, some beer, and some sodas for free by apparently the command of Betty. One of them asked me out maybe if I were single I could have went out with him and got some free food too. I told him that I was married and would not go out by the way. That was one heck of a Monday.

I did not see any drug activity going on but Betty Carter and her husband were the only members of the Carter family that I was working with. After that Betty went off to Alabama for a week of training. I cannot wait to tell you the rest but Today is Thanksgiving and it is late. I want to go eat, spend some time with the family, and enjoy my day off for the week. I experienced my hours being cut too and more things. I will log on again and tell all on my next day off. I was first not paid for my over time when my check came and I had even helped to calculate my hours. I will tell all later. Happy Thanksgiving and good night! Thank you for helping us!




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