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Complaint Review: Pizza Hut & Thompson & Brock Management - Apache Junction & Panama City Select State/Province

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Pizza Hut & Thompson & Brock Management
PO Box 15249 Apache Junction & Panama City, Select State/Province, United States of America
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Pizza Hut employees victimized, owners Thompson & Brock Management Panama City, Florida are making no effort to stop years of abuse and to pay back wages, wrongful termination's, threats and sexual harassment complaints and much more ...

Below is yet another (one of many) victims story out of over 100 responses from employees and customers who have contacted badbusinessbureau.com. This all came about after advertisements were placed regarding one of many Pizza Huts Thompson Brock Management owns and operates.

This investigation all started when several complaints had come to the attention of badbusinessbureau.com about eleven months ago.


I am writing this letter in regard to the article I read in the newspaper. I have been one of the employees who have been victimized by Pizza Hut in Apache Junction.

I was an employee on and off since 1995. I was hired as a waitress making $2.13 an hour. I began working nights. I'd be scheduled to work from 2 to close or 5 to close, mostly 5 to close. It didn't stay that way for long. Soon Betty placed me on days, 10 AM to 5 PM. I usually worked until 8 PM or sometimes on through to closing. When I was put on days I usually worked as waitress, phone girl, cook, dishwasher, etc. But I was only paid the $2.13 an hour waitress pay. Betty promised me many times that I would see a raise, but I never received one.

I worked so many hours that I would usually go way over my 40 hours a week, but when that would happen Betty Carter would see my time card and erase my time and put in her own. She would say "my labor costs are too high, and there's no need for it." She'd say "we shouldn't take over a half hour to close", and "that's all she'd pay for". (a 2 hour job for 1 person to do properly)

I'd sometimes be required to stay after closing to prepare for inspections. We'd break down the booths, replace the rat traps with new ones, replace the bucket under the salad bar & buffet tables that smelled of mildew, scrub the bathrooms from where there were water stains from leaks that were never fixed, clean the dough mixer and dough roller because rats often died in them, but they would only be cleaned when an inspections came around.

We'd go into the walk room where our meats, salad dressings, vegetables, and milk were kept. We'd dispose of things that already been expired but were still used because of food costs. I personally had to wipe off tops of salad dressings that had filth on them from improper use. I also was told often by Betty not to discard lettuce that was slightly brown, but instead add two fresh heads and some romaine so it wouldn't be noticeable. Salad that was not used on the salad bar was usually put into a small bucket with ice and stored until the following day.

Finally I'd say, I was forced to quit after 10 months because of a family matter. I came into work at 2:00 PM. I was scheduled to close. I had only been at work maybe 45 minutes when my brother came in. asked where my baby-sitter was. I said at my house watching my kids. He said that she wasn't, that she had left, and left my children alone. I didn't know what to do so I walked over to where Betty was sitting and asked her if I could have some time off because my sitter just left my children alone, and she had been there when I left. She said "no," that I was to work something out. I tried and no one was available. So I then again asked for some time off. My schedule for the week was as follows:

Sunday:2 to close Monday and Wednesday:Off Tuesday:On call Thursday:5 to close

Betty once again replied with no. I asked, then what shall I do with my kids? Betty said they could wait outside in my friends car. I said I wasn't having my kids wait outside in a car in the middle of July and until close. She said she would let me off at 8:00 PM and that I had to decide if I liked my job. I said "not that much," and I walked out. This was a ploy by Betty, her chance to get rid of me because of all the promises she made to me she would not keep.

I went in the following day to get my check and was told I couldn't get it until I signed a paper saying that I was fired for failure to appear for my shift, and being argumentative with management.

I returned to Pizza Hut about a year later. I had seen Betty at Bingo, she asked myself and another former employee if we'd return to Pizza Hut. We both replied "if we get paid what we're deserved this time." Betty promised us both that she would. She said I would be trained for assistant manager and get paid $5.35 an hour instead of $2.13 waitress pay. If things worked out I'd probably be making salary. So, having faith in human nature and not being the type of person to hold a grudge, I thought this was OK.

My shifts were usually from 10 AM to 5 PM, that's what it would say on the schedule. Id work six days a week or there would be times I would work two weeks straight without any days off. But I would never work my shift, I was always put in extra hours, without overtime pay, and at waitress wages. I'd ask Betty about my raise and she'd say oh it'll be on your next paycheck. She'd say, " I have you work because you know how I like things done, I can count on you. When we'd have inspections she'd put me in as their server so we'd pass in that area.

I'd also ask the manager in charge then by the name of Martin Earl about my pay and overtime. He'd say "that's Betty's area, I can't do anything without her say so." So I gave up and went to go find another job.

But nonetheless I returned after a year or less. I needed more income because at the time I had myself, my three children, plus my sisters three children to take care of. Also because I had been told by others that they had new management.

When I applied I stated on my application that I did not want nights, I needed days from 10AM through 4 PM because I had another job. I also explained this to Rick Carter at the time of my interview. I also explained to Rick about my fall outs with Betty. His reply at that time was that he had total control of the store now because Betty had to stay in Holbrook.

Rick promised that with my experience he'd put me on salary as assistant manager, unlike the promise Betty had made in the past. I once again fell into the same routine of having control of the day shift, which meant doing whatever needed to be done, phone, cook, dishwasher, cashier, and waitress. I still only got paid $2.35 an hour. I began working until 6:00 PM, which put my other job in jeopardy.

I confronted Rick about my pay and my hours, he'd say there were a few things he had to work out still. So I waited yet again, and, never, no change.

By this time Betty returned and I mentioned that my working hours needed to be from 10 AM to 4 PM, I also mentioned my pay. Betty's reply was "well you'll just have to decide who pays better." They continued working me until they said I could leave, my other boss was getting fed up, and also wanted me to decide.

Betty would also schedule meetings and it was mandatory that you be there or else you were fired. We never received payment for these meetings. Betty also had a habit of writing the schedule in pencil, and changing them without notice. You'd look at your schedule, write it down, and then when you return after your day off and get fired for not showing. Even though you had no notice that your schedule had been changed. Betty would be questioned and she'd reply, "it's your responsibility to check your schedule." Which would mean calling, but if you would call, Betty would say, "that information can't be given over the phone."

I'd ask Rick again about my pay and the last time that I asked I got "we could go in to the walk in and talk about your rise, I mean raise." I got mad and walked away. I guess to Rick that meant he could make his remarks to me. He'd ask when are we were going into the "walk in," or maybe after work, we could have our own little party. There were even a couple of times when Rick showed up at my home, wanting to know when I was going to give up on boys and have a piece of a real man. He always showed in the early hours and always looked high, eyes wide open, and restless. I'd always tell him to go home to his wife, Vanessa.

He once showed up when my boyfriend was at my home. Rick left as soon as he was told to by me, but not without his comment of when your ready for a real man, let me know. My boyfriend asked me why he was there, I told him about Rick's comments. So when Rick returned another time my boyfriend told him to leave, and not to return. Rick left, but while he was leaving he turned and said, "You don't know who your messing with buddy."

I continued to work, but through all this I have seen, heard, and been a witness to so much. It would take more than these few pages to let you know.

Like there was an incident that happened before Rick took manager position. There was a video tape of a former employee, who did some rather obscene things with the dough, salad utensils, and money. This person placed the cameras on himself so he could be seen. He was the morning dough maker, I won't give his name but I'll give his initials C.R. Well C.R. was strung out on drugs. When he came in for work, he pointed the cameras to face him. He made the dough as usual, then broke it down in the amounts needed and began having sex with it. he placed the dough into their proper pans and went on with his usual routine. He took the salad bar utensils and placed them up his rectum along with money from the drawer. I know of this because I walked in when management was reviewing the tape. I don't know what ever happened to the video, but the employee never came back.

Now back to Rick's sexual advances. You must understand that sexual harassment has also happened with the ex-manager Martin Earl too. I put this in so you would know that this has been an ongoing thing, and Betty nor Doug has done anything to control it. On at least two occasions I called Doug and left a message for him to please get back to me. I explained to the person taking the message how I was being touched and harassed by the manager. Then one day I answered the phone, it was Doug looking for Betty. I went outside to get Betty, she was smoking a cigarette talking with her friends, she told me to tell Doug she was at the bank. I then went back to the phone and told Doug she went to the bank. I then asked Doug why he has not returned my calls, that I am scared and very disgusted when I'm being touched and that disgusting sexual comments were being made to me, why haven't you called me back? Doug said he was checking into it and he would get back to me. He never did.

There have been five victims that I have witnessed being harassed that were young. There's Marie, (Phone girl), Tiffany, (Phone girl), Misty, (Cook), and Starr, (phone girl). Starr was one who quit when Martin was employed because he made sexual advances towards her, there also was a young lady named Dottie.

Now Marie was a victim of both Rick and Martin, Misty, victim to Rick. Martin and Rick had the same motto, "if I won't f*** her then I don't need her!" Many times ex-employees would say Rick and Martin should have been brothers, they acted just like one another.

Marie would get remarks from Martin like "hey how'd you like to go in the walk in and see what happens in the dark"? He'd rub up against her in between the walk where they store dirty dishes. Rick would ask her when she was going to leave Robert and get a "real man inside her." He'd rub up against her too.

Now as for Misty, Rick would rub up against her at the make table and asked if she liked what she felt. He'd tell her he'd set her up with drugs and then they'd f*** all night long! They both soon quit, but not after having many nights where they would go home crying.

There have been times when I've seen males being harassed by Rick, One I need to mention his name is John. This poor guy was terrorized every day that he worked. Rick always called him f****t in front of anyone. Workers even terrorized John. All would make comments along with Rick. When he'd be too long for a delivery they'd ask if he'd gotten lucky. They'd make fun of his voice, they'd mimic is talk, walk, anything to amuse themselves. It used to make me so angry I used to tell them that John was more of a man than they'd ever dream of. And of course they'd make a joke about how many men does it take.

There was a time where I didn't have food for my kids to eat so I asked the manager in charge, (Jimmy), if I could feed my kids the left over Pizza from the buffet. He said yes because we were going to throw it away anyway. So I did, I wrote up a ticket and was going to pay for it when I left that day.

Well, the following morning I came into work my schedule, 10 AM through 4 PM. Betty was there when I showed. She told me to do my opening routine, then when I was done to come see her. So I did, I set up the salad and buffet bars, tea, sauce, set the tables up, mopped and swept the floors, and did the salad prep. When I was done it was 10 minutes before opening, I walked over to where Betty sat and saw the ticket I had forgotten to pay the day before. I explained to Betty what happened, she still told me that I was fired. I offered to pay it again, she then called Jimmy, (the one who had given me permission). She asked Jimmy if what I said was true, Jimmy told her he had given me permission, but with us getting ready for dinner we both forgot. Betty said "thank you," and told me I was still fired. She made me sign a statement that said that I had stole food, and told me that I could leave.

I didn't want to sign the piece of paper, but I was told that I couldn't get my check unless I signed it. So once again I left and haven't returned. If you wonder why I returned so many times it's because I love my customers. Whom by the way followed me to the place I work now. XXXXXX restaurant. I've been there for four years straight.

There was so much more than this, like I said I could write a book.

Thank You, Sincerely, XXX X XXXX

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