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Complaint Review: Orkin Pest Control - Atlanta Georgia

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- Roselle, Illinois,

Orkin Pest Control
2170 Piedmont Rd. Atlanta, 30324 Georgia, U.S.A.
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To all Those who are complaining about Orkin Pest Control, you need to understand something. They are a Pest Control Service, not an elimination service.

This is how they make their money, by continually returning to your home/business and reapplying their chemicals. Their chemicals don't rid your premises of the pests, they keep them at bay, thus Orkin has to return month after month. They charge a hefty amount for this as well.

If you want to rid your premises of pests, call a Pest Eliminiation Service. These tend not to be chain/franchised businesses, but individual companys. The difference is they eliminiate the pests, so they don't return and most of the time, the companys offer guarantees and a lower fee, if they have to return for a second application.

This is my experience with such an elimination company. I needed them to return a second time, for a lower fee and the ants never came back.

Remember this the next time you have a pest problem. Put these Pest Control people out of business. All they do is take your money and never fix the problem.


Roselle, Illinois

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#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, May 18, 2006

So the original complaint I read says that orkin's chemicals do not "get rid of the bugs, it just keeps them at bay". You make it sound like the ants and other bugs now have a line they cant cross and go to the home, but are still there. Here's what happened to you. You expected too much from the beginning. wether the person who sold to you or your own ideas, you do not have an accurate understanding of pest control. Orkin's service is designed to kill adult bugs in and around the home, and also to locate and destroy nesting, so future visits are at a minimum. As for the chemicals, you can thank the EPA for the effectiveness, as they are heavily regulated, and your so called "pest elimination" companies are under these same regulations with the products they use. It is an interesting thing that you feel like you don't have bugs simply because you dont see them crawling everywhere. how long do you think they nest in and around the home without you seeing before you have an infestation? My only purpose is to defend an honest, service oreiented company from ignorant people who are looking only at the small picture. A company doesnt stay in business over 100 years by scamming people-- at some point the service speaks what words cannot, and that is the reason for our success. I apologize that you had a bad experience, no good company is immune from them. Whoever told you that there is a difference between elimination and control was playing upon your dissapointment with what you thought pest control was, and apparently it worked. As long as you live on earth there will be bugs, and you will never completely eliminate them around your house. My job is to DO MY BEST to keep you from having to deal with them, and keeping your house AS BUG FREE AS POSSIBLE. Hope this makes sense, but please don't continue to slander something you have had very limited exposure to. Also do this, call your elimination company and ask what chemicals they use, and then call your local orkin and ask the same. Then take those chemical names and go online and look up what you can. You will find strict EPA guidlines for their use and that should help you understand why we have to keep coming back.


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#3Consumer Comment

Mon, December 19, 2005

There you go again claiming this was just an isolated problem associated with Orkin in one location. I laughed so hard after reading your worthless attempt to save face, I wet my pants!!! And I commend the lady who in her posting detailed one of the many scams Orkin thrives on. In an earlier posting, you said you work in the office and not in the field. Well of course you are somewhat blind to what is acually taking place in the field. Do yourself a favor, go out into the field to see just how the crooks in your organization operate. And until you do, refrain from using to site to post your obvious uneducated responses. Knowledge Is Our Best Weapon


You're playing at semantics!

#4UPDATE Employee

Fri, December 02, 2005

Pest Elimination / Pest Control...I believe that they are two words for the same kind of service. Except Orkin is more HONEST. We know that there are additional factors besides what chemical or device is used. In some locations, you could service them twice a WEEK and they would still have problems because they did not heed the advice of their service tech! You need to eliminate cracks and crevasses where pests enter, or they will always return, no matter who comes or what they use! Also, you need to keep all areas CLEAN of debris and food particles (and left out food). Pests will naturally be attracted to this. Also, some pests are brought unwittingly into your environment in shipped boxes and pallets. No matter who treated you before...they're there now. It is probable that you have encountered an inexperienced, or careless service tech. These are isolated instances and you should not tar the entire company for the actions/inactions of a few. Orkin has continual ongoing training for its service techs. Had you submitted your complaint to the branch manager, I believe that you would have had much better results...as well as improving the performance of an Orkin employee that will benefit more than your acerbic comments here do.

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