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Complaint Review: New Jersey Manufacturer's Insurance Company - West Trenton New Jersey

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- Glen Gardner, New Jersey,

New Jersey Manufacturer's Insurance Company
301 Sullivan Way West Trenton, 08628 New Jersey, U.S.A.
800-367-6564 x5226
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After an accident reported NJM December 4th 2003, it has come to my attention that NJM had lost my paperwork for several weeks then mysteriously located it causing a long delay. The existing claim representative handling this matter was removed from this case without cause or notification to me.

I later found out she resigned from the NJM and probably couldn't care less about that status of my claim. Numerous phone calls to their offices went unanswered regarding this matter and I find it completely incomprehensible to hear that their offices after a 2 month delay have now hurriedly rendered a convenient 50% distribution of blame on myself for the aforementioned claim despite having a police report 100% in my favor and the fact that the other motorist's driver side front bumper struck my rear passenger side at my rear wheel while I was in the leftmost lane! This accident occurred behind me.

Also, I had indicated to the incompetent claim adjuster that the other motorist was in possession of a cellular phone. I suggested it would be prudent to investigate the time of termination of the call just prior to her phone call to the Springfield Police Department on December 4th 2003 approximating 9:00am to see if she was on the phone during the time of her striking my vehicle. To date, no person from NJM has come to my residence to speak with me regarding this accident despite my repeated requests nor has any NJM adjuster personally inspected my vehicle to verify the exact areas where the damage was sustained.

It is my conclusion that NJM's decision was discriminatory and clearly biased based on the fact that the other motorist who struck my vehicle was one of their own insured. NJM has clearly been negligent in representing my best interests with regards to this accident despite a police report clearly in my favor.

Furthermore, New Jersey state law dictates that automotive insurers are permitted 45 calendar days to settle a claim from the time of notification. Since the accident occurred December 4th 2003 and it is now February 23rd 2004, 79 days have thus far elapsed and this matter remains unresolved. I believe this to be in direct violation of New Jersey state law. If there has been some extenuating circumstance such as an investigation, I have not been formally informed of such nor have I received any findings of such a circumstance. I have filed a written complaint with the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance on this matter since NJM's past assessment of this accident stands.

I find it completely unacceptable to acquiesce to anything short of 0% fault with this accident and full compensation for all damages including the cost of obtaining a rental vehicle for when the repairs are eventually effected to my vehicle. I vehemently refuse to accept responsibility for any accident that was in no way caused by me but rather by someone else's carelessness and would rather prefer to have a jury of my peers hear this case in detail where a fair and impartial decision can be rendered.

Although it is my option to file an appeal with NJM's internal appeals panel, I do not feel that they would necessarily be capable of rendering an impartial decision. I have decided to bypass that process. Should your offices insist upon assigning any fault whatsoever upon myself for this accident, NJM will need to argue their case in a court of law to achieve that goal through a jury verdict.

I'm dismayed that NJM has acted this negligently in their responsibility in fairly representing me in this matter. I'm quite certain that NJM would have vigorously pursued this differently had the other motorist had some other insurance carrier.

And to think NJM was supposedly supposed to be representing ME! THIS is type of "representation" that my annual policy $$$ is paying for! A police report 100% in my favor and damages completely consistent with that police report and NJM "decides" to divvy the fault amongst as many NJM policyholders as possible. They have a vested interest in this to that multiple policyholders' rates can later be raised!

They have blatantly acted in violation of New Jersey State Law by not settling the claim within the 45 day window and again violated NJ State Law by not notifying me in writing of an imminent delay also!

Update: April 20th 2004 - Matter Still Unresolved!


Glen Gardner, New Jersey

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New Jersey,
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#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, April 11, 2007

Dear Steve: I once was an employee of this company as a representative. Representatives make no decisions. In my division (not claims), underwriters made all decisions about how to follow-up, what to request, and wha decisions are made. I suspect claims has decision-makers that keep records which could be of assistance to you. You need to know that all conversations are recorded at all times and are kept indefinitely. You need to know that the computer records are detailed so actions recommended, etc. are also on the computer. You might want to check with the NJ Department of Insurance and Banking to see what records you can access with a written request.

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