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Okay I was stupid enough to be duped into this ... now lets move on.

Excuse my terse prose now.

Friday, July 21,2000, Around Noon:

Transmission on my 84 accord acts up again ... so i say to myself ... lets go buy a new car.I go to Neal Pope ... Im assigned to Dwayne. He steers me towards the used car section because according to him, I dont have a house and it doesnt look like I have a credit history. He steers me towards a Mazda 626. Tells me he wants to check my credit first and then we can talk about the cost of the car later. Checks my credit ... informs me there are kinks in it (judgement for my student loans ... which is another story) so he will try financing with Autonet.[[[ I have only bought used cars with cash ... so I dont know anything about all of this ... I have read stuff on the internet but I never really read the stuff that matters .. but i digress]]] Comes back after maybe 40 mins ... Autonet will finance me ... I will pay 461/mo for a '96 Used Mazda 626 for 36 mos ... I say forget it.*** I SHOULD HAVE PROMPTLY LEFT AT THIS POINT **** ok so i dont leave ... now the brainwashing begins.

Im talked into a '98 Sable with 40K for the same terms ... I believe Im buying this and after

3 yrs I own the car. Then I try to make sure ... and then I'm told ... well its a lease to purchase ..... well it's a lease .... there is a residual of 4K ..... you can only do 15K miles a year ....

and so on. Why dont i leave at this point? only God knows ... I will never understand why I

just didnt leave ... or maybe at that point I just wanted to drive away in anything but my old car.

This is the breakdown: (98 Mercury Sable, 40k Miles) that Michelle writes types out for me.

Gross Capitalized Cost 13 025

Capitalized Cost Reduction 2 000

Adjusted Capital Cost 13 414

Residual Value 3 775

Depreciation And Any Amortized Amounts 9 639

Rent Charge 5 904.72

Total of Base Monthly Payments 15 543.72

Lease Payments 36

Base Monthly Payment 431.77

Monthly Sales/Use Tax 30.72

Total Monthly Payment 461.99

Okay so I dont understand any of this ... i had tried to get explanations ... but they make it

seem like im being unreasonable,stupid,not appreciative of the fact that i may not have even got any one to finance me.

I pay 3K , 2K in down payment, 1K for security deposit

I sign on to the deal .... and i drive off ...

Weekend of Jul 22, 2000.

Had to stop suddenly on I-85 ... you know how construction and accidents create that situation. Car wont stop ... just slides along. Slides along for a good while before stopping. So i dont think much of it ... until it happens again and i come close to hitting the car in front of me.

Now I have to apply all my weight to the brakes to stop it at even 20 miles/hr.

Tues Jul 25, 2000/Wed Jul 26, 200

I take the car back to dealership for repairs. I tell them Its too early to start repairing such an expensive car so i want my money back. They tell me thats not an option. Skip, who heads the used car section drives the car with a mechanic ... they tell me thats how the brakes work ... i just need to get used to it ... just give it time to do its work .... he says. another worker at the used car shop (without permission) drives it with me and CONFIRMS what im saying. his take on that " well the brakes havent broken in yet ... drive it for 50 to 60 more miles and let the brakes break in" okay so im supposed to risk death for 60 miles .... dont think so. he asks another mechanic to confirm this ... his take : "well it will break in in an hour ... just drive it for an hour and it will be fine" . General manager J Bowling/Bowden? (not sure of the spelling) drives it and tells me its fine ... that he will let his wife and son drive it ...oh well. So i cant make any headway .. and i know that im going to die if i try to drive that car ... so i leave the car with them and tell them i want out of the lease ... that i would never drive that car if they gave it to me for free.

Thursday Jul 26 2000

Check with DMV ... they dont have a record of the vehicle... checks with Autonet ... no record

for me ... Sends notice of cancellation to Neal Pope Jeep and demand that I get my 3K back.

Saturday July 27 2000

Neal Pope has my notice of cancellation ... but goes ahead and sells financing to Autonet anyways ... Autonet calls me .... I tell them I cancelled for getting a non conforming item .... Autonet says they will call me back ....


I dont have a car ... Neal Pope has my 3K and they have the car ... but thats not enough ... they sell the financing and they want me to pay the monthly payments too.

How do these people sleep at nite? How do they keep their conscience clean of that fact that they are practising is nothing less than high tech thievery?

What i want to know is ... what is the function of law enforcement in this country .. seems like every corporate entity no matter how "respectable" is so intent on fleecing you with a brazenness that can only be explained by a knowledge that they will only get a slap on the wrist .... its quite sickening actually.

I'll keep you posted of developments ....

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