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Complaint Review: Midway Auto Team - Phoenix Arizona

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- Glendale, AZ,

Midway Auto Team
2201 W Bell RD. Phoenix, 85023 Arizona, U.S.A.
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Ripoffreport Report ImageIn November of '99 Midway Auto Team ran an ad for a 2000 Sierra Regular Cab pickup with a 5.3 litre V-8 engine (stock no. 508249) at a price of $15,495 on 11-10-99. I called that evening and the salesperson told me that the ad was a mistake and that it was a V-6. However, she checked with a sales manager to see if it was still available and informed me that it was and that her sales manager said it had the SLE package (upgraded interior and trim package). I told her I would be in the next day to look at it and discuss the matter further.

I went in the next day and found out that the stock number was available, but had the V-6 engine with automatic transmission, and did not have the SLE package. I asked the salesperson to to tell the sales manager that I would be willing to purchase the vehicle that I had see in the ad (i.e. the one with the 5.3 litre V-8). The sales manager refused to honor the ad, saying that it was a mistake. He wouldn't even talk to me directly. The salesperson said they had received many calls and had many people come into the showroom as a result of that ad. If this were all that happenend, I probably would have just gone away as an unhappy consumer, as I feel that anyone is entitled to make a mistake.

However, now comes the interesting part. That same unit was advertised TWICE more for a total of THREE ads in an eight day period!!! It (same stock number)was advertised again on Friday 11-12-99 in a different ad, at the same price, with the 5.3 litre V-8 engine. It was advertised again on Wednesday 11-17-99 in yet a third different ad. This third ad showed the truck (same stock number) as a 4X4 with the 5.3 litre V-8 engine at the same price point. With each ad, I called and offered to buy the truck and each time I was told that it was a "mistake".

The concern I have is that if the ads were "mistakes", then why wasn't the "mistake" corrected the first time? The "mistake" was identified by the dealership on 11-10-99 and could have easily been corrected by caling the newspaper that day so the second ad of 11-12 would have never come out. By no means should there have ever been a THIRD "mistake" on 11-17-99!

I talked to the General Manager in an attempt to get him to honor the ad. Since it had run three times in an eight day period, I felt that he was obligated to sell the truck as equipped in the ad. He simply blamed it on the newspaper. He did tell me that he personally reviews all advertising, so I asked him why there were three mistakes over the eight day period. He again blamed it on the newspaper and told me to call them. I explained that he had run the ads and if he felt it was the newspaper's fault then he should sell me the truck and get them to pay the difference. Since he verified that they had gotten numerous calls and visits on the ads, I also emphasized that the dealership must have benefitted by having extra sales due to this "mistake". I also told him that it appeared to be a case of false and deceptive advertising and/or bait-and-switch tactics.

I did call the newspaper and Midway's advertising salesman told me that he thought they (Midway) should honor the ad. I asked him if the newspaper would give Midway some sort of advertising credit to make up for what they say they would lose in selling me the truck at the advertised price. He didn't specifically say they would, but he implied they would and said he would be meeting with the General Manager the next day. Nothing came of this.

In summary, considering the fact that this ad was run three different times over an eight day period, I think it's right to expect Midway to sell me a 2000 Sierra 4X4 with an automatic transmission, the 5.3 litre V-8, and the SLE package for the advertised price of $15,495. I know this would be below their cost, but If they're going to advertise something (three times) then they must be prepared to sell what they advertised. Otherwise, both Midway and the newspaper make their money on this ad and the consumer loses, as usual. In fact, the additional traffic and sales would easily make up for any loss associated with selling one vehicle as advertised.


Nick C

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Reply to New Ownership Rebuttal, comments sounded flat out threatening, STILL using MISLEADING ads

#2Consumer Comment

Sat, January 03, 2004

You say that ownership changed in 2000. Well that is a good thing, I guess, because "Roger's" comments sounded flat out threatening. I suppose ANYONE would be better than he was. However, my complaint was well after 2000, and so was the last complaint. As you can see, the new ownership is STILL using MISLEADING ads to draw people in. They are well aware before the ads run that they will NOT be able to honor them. They promise extraordinary (and false) deals to lure the public in with, then tell them that the offer doesn't pertain to them for some reason, or that the item was sold already (then advertise for that same serial # again), etc. These are very poor tactics. Upsetting and just plain unethical!


Even with new management, Midway still sucks.

#3Consumer Comment

Fri, January 02, 2004

After reading this report, and reading the rebuttals, I feel the need to let people reading this know that even if Midway is under new management, they still suck. My husband and I went there a couple months ago on a Saturday to buy a new truck. We chose them due to their advertised $8k minimum trade in allowance. We spent a total of 3 hours walking around their entire lot, front and back, trying to find the truck we wanted. The salesman we had was nice, but he sucked at his job. He could not find anything we asked for and kept leaving us out in the lot (in 100 degree heat) while he went to "check on something" when we asked for details. We finally picked a new truck and then spent another 2 hours doing the "negotiating." Unfortunately, I am smarter than the average bear and I like to buy a vehicle based on the SALE PRICE, and not on the monthly payment - and dealerships don't like that. We finally made a "deal" and were told by both the salesman and the credit manager that it was a done deal and they had financing arranged already. Even the Human Resources lady came over and congratulated us on our purchase, gave us her card, and told us to call her with any problems or comments. Ten minutes later, while we were waiting to go into finance, another manager then came over to break the news that they couldn't get financing approved and we would need to wait until Monday and could not take the truck. Although I was pissed that they had lied and said they already had financing approved, I said fine then give us the keys to our car back and we will go. It took another half hour to get our keys back. So after wasting approximately 6 hours there (my entire Saturday), we were told they would call us on Monday regarding the financing. Needless to say, nobody ever called. I waited until Wednesday, called the HR lady, got her voicemail and left a message asking about our purchase. She never called me back. So on Friday I called her again and spoke to her this time. I explained everything that had happened to her and advised her that nobody ever called us back about the financing on the truck we were supposed to purchase and now we don't care to buy it anymore. Being that she was the lady in charge of HR, and even gave us her card and asked us to contact her with any problems, I assumed she would have some sort of an apology for this and maybe would offer to get to the root of the problem and fix it. It was quite the opposite. Not only did she not offer an apology, but she acted as though she did not understand what I had told her and proceeded to ask me which truck I was buying and when I would be coming in to sign papers. I had to explain the problem all over again and told her to make sure nobody is running my credit because I do not care to buy from them since they do not care to follow-up and/or listen to me. Her response was "ok." Again, Midway sucks.

Jim Barton

new ownership

#4UPDATE Employee

Thu, December 11, 2003

I'm sorry to read about someone not being treated properly while purchasing a car from the place where I work. I feel compelled to make readers aware that this occurred in 1999, and that Midway has been under NEW OWNERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT since December 17, 2000. Neither Mr. Worley or Mr. Crawford have been here since that date. Thanks,

Sick of the


#5Consumer Comment

Sun, July 21, 2002

Just a few weeks ago, I went to Midway Cheverolet to view a vehicle in the ad. The salesman said he did not know where the vehicle was, or if they still had it. We were escorted to a private lot and went through all of this model vehicle to find the serial # in the ad. No luck.

We then went back to the office and he got a supervisor or lead salesman to come talk to us. He told us that vehicle was already sold. So, we left.

The next ad broke a few days later, and the SAME vehicle with the SAME pricing and the SAME serial number were in the ad. This week I am going to buy a new vehicle, but NOT from THEM!

I am glad you ended up with a good deal, but I have heard ONLY BAD things about this dealership from several people, and deffinately WOULD NOT reccomend them to anyone.


Midway made an AD error and this person capitalized! *EDitor's Comment below

#6REBUTTAL Owner of company

Tue, July 09, 2002

What the customer says is exactly what happened , the things that he did not tell you is that ..... WE indeed made a mistake on the price of the truck in question and the customer insisted to buy it at that price , when I allowed him to buy it at the $6000 loss.

Nick made the saleman believe that Roger was the Boss and he sad that I could have any truck that I wanted for a $6000 loss, the customer knew exactly what he was doing and picked the most desirable truck on the lot (the kind that they would only send you 1 or 2 a month from the factory), he hurried and did the paperwork before I got there.

As I walked up, Nick had a slight grin on his face knowing what he had accomplished and knowing that it was already contracted. I really wanted to knock that grin into some of his teeth while his son watched what happeneds to dishonest people that accuse someone else of being dishonest.

The situation is done and gone and I really enjoyed the lesson but Nick knows that he used the system to get what was rightfully his , then abused the system by further capitalizing for his own greed . Maybe I'll get lucky and see him somewhere to remind him of his greed.

Thanks, Roger

Read Midway attempted Rip-off


Wed, December 13, 2000

Midway Auto tried to ripp me off *UPDATE ... helped by badbusinessbureau.com

..Go to the web address below


Owner Roger Worley gives in after acting nasty and violent


Tue, September 26, 2000

UPDATE 7-21-00
:::Owner Roger Worley gives in after acting nasty and violent.

Subj: Midway GMC Auto, Bell Rd. Phoenix AZ.
Date: 7/21/00 10:40:28 AM US Mountain Standard Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected] ('[email protected]')

I am writing to thank you so much for your efforts in helping me to get my truck from Midway GMC. I closed the deal and picked up the truck on 7-18-00.

I thought you might be interested in hearing the rest of the story - a very disturbing story.

I did finally get what I had coming to me and I even got a lot more! Thank you! Please remember, Since November I was never able to get in touch with the owner until you contacted them and got them to comply.

As per your arrangements, I made an appointment to meet the owner, Mr. Worley, and arrived around 9:30 AM. Mr. Crawford was also in his office. Mr. Worley proceeded to tell me that he had lost three hour's sleep last night Worrying about this. He said that your tactics were, "Bordering on extortion." He said he was going to have his lawyer harass you to cost you time and money. He then said he would honor the ad for me because they had made a mistake. He asked me if I thought it was the newspaper's mistake or his. I told him is was his problem because the ad should have been corrected after the first insertion, rather than be allowed to run for three times in eight days.

He asked me what the newspaper had said and I told him. He said they do $100,000 worth of advertising with them each month and he would try to get some money out of them. I believe this to be lie and that the newspaper was never informed, or the advertisement would have been corrected by the 2nd or 3rd time if they were advised it was wrong.

Mr. Worley said he would sell me the truck as advertised $15,495 (4X4, 5.3L Engine and SLT if on the stock unit) but the offer was only good for today. He was obviously willing to give me more than just what was in the ad, as you had told him he must do. The SLT package was never in any ad. This is worth about $3000 by itself. He told me that Mr. Crawford (the GM of the GMC dealership) would work with me. We left his office.

While walking to Mr. Crawford's office, we met my son, Adam, who had come down to look at trucks with me. Mr. Crawford looked through his inventory and determined that he had three regular cab 4X4s. One had the 4.8L engine, one had the 5.3L engine and an MSRP of around $30K and the other one was a 3/4-ton with the 6L engine. He had the one with the 4.8L engine brought up and I
drove it. Upon returning, I told him that I really had my heart set on the 5.3L engine in case I wanted to tow something up the hill to Flagstaff.

With the limited inventory, we talked about other options. He said that if I wanted to consider an extend cab, I could pay the dealer's cost on the difference. I suggested that I would consider that if the MSRPs were close and I didn't have to pay much more. He said the resale would be better on an extend cab. He had one brought up but it had the 4.8L engine. I asked him if
we could walk around the lot and see if there was something with the 5.3L engine that was close in price. He said we could and had Alex, a salesman, accompany us. We found one and Alex took us on a test drive. We went back and made a deal with Mr. Crawford. We agreed to pay an additional $2000 to make up for the difference in MSRPs.

Mr. Crawford then excused himself and said he had to get Mr. Worley's approval. He came back and started interviewing (?) a lady and Alex started filling out the paperwork, prior to us going into finance. It appeared that everything was OK. I found out later from Mr. Worley that Mr. Crawford had called him and told him that, "he would loose a bundle" and Mr. Worley had
Ok'ed the deal.

We completed the paperwork with Alex, waited about one-half hour then went into finance. We signed all the papers, paid for the truck and got the temporary plates, registration and keys. Alex put the plate on the truck, instructed us in the operation and we were about to leave when Mr. Worley came walking up. He asked Alex to leave so only Mr. Worley, Mr. Crawford, my son, and I were there.

Mr. Worley was very agitated and immediately started yelling and screaming. He asked, "Who authorized this deal"? I told him
that Mr. Crawford had gone to get his approval before we filled out any paperwork with Alex. He said I was taking one of his premium vehicles and that I was to have gotten a regular cab 4X4. He said that if he didn't have the right vehicle, he could get it. I reminded him that he had told me in his office that the deal had to be done today or it was off. He said that he
could change that. He also said, "You're a professional shopper" and "You knew when you came in here that this was exactly what you wanted." Then he made a comment about this being the cost of doing business. At this point, HE PUNCHED THE GLASS IN THE DRIVER'S SIDE DOOR. Fortunately it didn't break. I was sitting in the driver's seat with the door open and he was standing next to me. I think he really wanted to punch me (or you) but took out his aggression on the window instead.

Mr. Worley continued his trade by saying that he wasn't going to let me take the truck off the lot until he checked with his lawyer. He also said that he demanded a cashier's check for the personal check I had given them in finance. In order to give him a chance to cool off, I agreed to go and get him a cashier's check. I told him that I was in no way agreeing that I HAD to do this since I was through with finance and had the registration,
keys and sales documents in hand. Additionally, I was in no way agreeing to alter the deal. I told him that I had a perfect right to drive off at this point, as the vehicle was mine. He again made some reference to his lawyer and also to the Police. Again, to allow him to cool down, I took the check, went to the bank and got him a Cashier's check.

Upon my return, approximately 15 minutes later, I noticed that they had pulled another truck in front of mine so that I couldn't drive off. I found out that Mr. Worley and Mr. Crawford were in a meeting, talking to the lawyer, I presume. I took the cashier's check into the finance office and gave it to the gentleman that had done the paperwork on my deal.
He was very polite and thanked me. I then went back into the showroom to wait for Mr. Worley. About five minutes later the gentleman from finance came out and attempted to hand me back the cashier's check. He said, "I'm not authorized to accept this." I told him that it was his money and that I was not taking it back. At this point he set the check in front of me on the table. My son and I got up and walked away. He left, as well, and the check sat on the table.

At this point, I felt that they were just playing games with me and I just wanted to leave with my truck. I thought it best to call the Police, not knowing how Mr. Worley was going to behave. I was on the phone talking to the Police when Mr. Crawford and Mr. Worley came into the showroom. I asked, "Are we good to go?" He replied, "Yes, and I never want to see you in here again!" At this point I told the Police that I didn't think I would
need them. As we were walking out the door Mr. Worley had a cup of ice in his hand from a drink. He threw it at a planter in the showroom in disgust. The ice bounced all over the glass, walls and floors. My son and I politely drove off in the truck so as to not enrage Mr. Worley further.

This was a fine example for my son to see in one of his first experiences with a car dealership!

Ed, whatever you or badbusinessbureau.com did, I can't thank you enough for your help. Telling them you would sue them or exercise your freedom of speech rights in front of their business certainly did the job. The flyer you made said it all. Apparently they knew of your reputation.

You also got more for me than I expected. I felt that I was entitled to a truck with a sticker of about $24,000 that was originally advertised for $15,495. Thanks to your efforts, I got one worth $28,000! I did have to kick in $2,000 because I got the extend cab but it was worth it because this normally costs about $3,500 just by itself.

Also, you told me that there was no charge for doing what you did, but I will send you a donation under separate cover to help defray some of your costs. Your efforts to help the little guy fight battles against these big companies is working. Keep up the good work!


Nick Cherevk

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