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Complaint Review: Les Schwab Tire Center - Spanaway WA.

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- tacoma, wa,
Fri, December 29, 2000

Les Schwab Tire Center
16819 pacific ave Spanaway, 98387 WA., U.S.A.
Auto Tire shops
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On Tuesday Dec 26th 2000 I brought my Toyota 4x4 to have them check why my front end was pulling to the left driving down the freeway.

they told me I needed new calibars and a front brake job.

They went ahead and did the work and when I picked up my truck that afternoon, they told that the last time they replaced the bearings on one side that they had installed them wrong so they replaced both sides and told me that they only would charge me for one set......I paid for the worked performed on my account with them and drove home......noticing that something still didn't feel right.

The next day I drove to work and the truck still handled strangely and noticed a clunking noise. I made it to work (a 30 mile drive) and when I left that afternoon and drove down the freeway, I noticed that it was still making noise and that my front end shimmed and shook. About halfway home, I heard this loud clunk as if something something fell off the truck and hit the underside.

As I got off on my exit and applied the brakes, the truck made a horrible scrapping noise and my brake pedal went completely down to the floor board! I managed to stop the truck to with my emergency brake and immeadiately called my boyfriend on my cell phone to tell him what happened. I then called Les Schwab and told them what happened and explained that I had been in there the day before for the brake job.....I was furious and very upset!....They said that at first they would send out someone to look at it and then said that they would send a tow truck.

In the meantime my boyfriend arrived and we sat there a hour and a half waiting for the tow truck.

When it arrived, they took my truck back to Les Schwab and we followed.

At les Schwab, they said that the bolts holding the calibar on the drivers side had not been tightened correctly an dthat is what was the noise......The two bolts falling out as I went down the freeway.....not only that, one bolt had gouged my rim and the other one had dented and damaged my backing plate on the brake assembly.

I told them that I wanted it all replaced and............wanted compensated for the inconvience and scare I had......plus the safety concern.....I also had my daughter in the truck and she was so scared when this happened that she started crying.

Les Schwab has told me that they will only replace the parts BUT, will not either compensate me for the bad workmanship or for the safety of this issue.....I Have now contacted the Attorneys Office and the BBB......I feel that they owe me for this and for there incompetence......I asked them point blank......"What would have happpened if I would have had a serious accident?......They seemed like they didn'y care AND DON'T

I have contacted their Main Office and they said they will not take off any money off my bill......I feel they should to compensate me.

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Dangerous Brake Practices

#2Consumer Comment

Fri, July 21, 2006

I am someone who has had the horrifing brake experience like the one above. If you value your life, saftey and car, never have LS do your brakes. To the commenter stating that the faulty brakes were partially the buyer's fault: You have apparently never been in this situation. Her brakes failed with 24 hours of being done. All she had done was drive to work and was trying to make it home - thinking that something was off. Would you have expected for the bolts to come flying off as you drive down the freeway? Brakes, especially new ones, when guarenteed by the company (especially such a 'repected' one) are always the that company's fault when they were put in improperly in the first place! And not everyone can drop everything and run back to the company just hours later complaining that something 'feels wrong'. This mother and her child could have been killed. Think before you write! I would file reports with the state/government. Even if it doesn't directly help you at the time, it will create a starting point for someone else and eventually s****..


Breau Of automotive repair

#3Consumer Suggestion

Thu, March 30, 2006

Contact your stare Breau of Automotive repair All automotive repair business are regulated by them they can be fined


Priest River,
My History with Les Schwab........

#4Consumer Comment

Sun, January 29, 2006

.....and I do have a history!!! After having tires put on at Les Schwab I drove home and I did not make it. My front wheel flew off 20 miles from their store, I never made it home. The assistant manager came to the scene and promised that they would take care of my vehicle and me. I was taken to the emergency room and subsequently found out that I have a back injury and am facing surgery in the near future. They repaired my vehicle the company they sent it to for repair did a great job (LS did not do the work). As for me when they found out I was seriously injured they wanted nothing to do with us.


Trying to beat Les Schwab...

#5Consumer Comment

Thu, October 10, 2002

I grew up in Central Oregon. My father was friends with the man himself (they went to school together). My entire life, as far back as I can remember, whenever I thought of tires I thought of LS. I have been a life long customer and have never been dis-satisfied with any service the have provided me. I have recently fallen on some difficult financial times and sorely needed some repairs to my vehicle. LS inspected my vehicle for FREE and gave me an honest quote (in writing) on the amount of the repairs. Being that I didn't have enough money to meet (or beat) their price, I did the frugal thing and shopped around. I found another company (just down the street) that would do the job for more then $80 less then LS. I decided to take the better price. After the "Competitor" started work on my vehicle he stated that there were some things he was going to have to charge me in addition to his original price quote. Not having enough money I was only able to get half the job done (front brakes). After leaving I noticed my vehicle pulling to the left. I went back to the shop (the same day) and asked them what the problem was. As it turns out, they did not replace all of the parts that LS would have and I still needed calipers (at a cost of $120+$90 labor). Now I'm in a position where it is going to cost me almost $200 more to get the proper parts replaced (if I stay with the competitor), the very parts LS INCLUDED with their original quote of only $80 more. My original quote from LS was for $356 to do the brakes ALL THE WAY AROUND. The competitor's price was $130 per axle. I paid him $170 to do just the front and now he wants $210 more to make them work right. This would put my cost on FRONT BRAKES ONLY at $380. Hmmm... I'm going to eat a little out of the pocket on this one, but it's a lesson well learned. I can't "beat" the honesty at LS. I have an appointment to get the brakes fixed (the right way) at LS in about a half-hour. Which is exactly what I should have done in the first place. As for the person above; Anybody can forget to do something. ie; "To ere is Human". The fact that LS is willing to stand behind their work and fix your vehicle should be enough. Feel luck that you hadn't gone to the competition instead.



#6Consumer Comment

Wed, September 18, 2002

I understand that the person whose brakes did not work properly is upset, however she needs to take some responsibility for what happened. The reason I say this is she admits throughout the whole letter that there was something wrong. She should have taken the car straight back and gotten it taken care of before it got worse. However I also understand that we now live in a society where it is accepted to point the blame at another instead of taking at least some responsibility. which is the whole reason that this website exists, to comfort those in need of blaming another. How nice of you all.

...we keep going back - still havent had any luck on getting this problem solved.


Sat, December 01, 2001

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From: Ken&Veronika
To: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 9:06 PM

we too are having bad luck with the les schwab..we live in edmonds wa. and took our truck in for a breakjob and now it pulls really bad to the left and it never did that before the work was done..we still havent had any luck on getting this problem solved...we keep going back and even went to a different les schwab..this is really a pain for us...now what are we supposed to do??


Sat, December 01, 2001

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