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Mr. Jermaine Bullock

5183 Rubicam Street

Philadelphia, Pa

Phone: (215)-848-5647

[email protected]



March 28, 2000


1016 S. 28th Street

Tacoma, Washington 98409

To Whom It May Concern:,

Some of your office managers offended me, and unless there reprimanded and retrained, I will be contacting your stores licensing company. there names are Jamie Baker,Tom Potts,and Melvin Mccoy.

On december 20, 1999@ 4:30pm. I was trying to verify hours that 15 temporary workers stated they worked that day (as if that isn't traumatic enough!), and was unable to because none of the people that I needed to contact for verification would answer there phones or pages (persons contacted Melvin Mccoy,Tom Potts). I asked Jamie Baker to stay in the office and help me with the verifcation process and he declined my request. I contenuied to try to reach the proper verifcation contacts but know one would answer there phones or return my pages. Around 5:45pm I contacted Jamie Baker on his cellular phone informing him that none of the people I had been trying to contact had returned my call, and that sevral of the temp staffers reveild wepons and made life threating statements toward me. during this conversation I requested that he return to the branch to assits me with this problem, and he declined. At 6:30 I called my co-worker Beverly Butler at home to inform her of what was going on at the branch during our conversation I told her about the terrioristic threats that all of temp staffers where making toward me and also informed her that a temp by the name of Larry Parker Who Pulled an ice pick on me and told me that I had better cut him a check for the hours we worked that day. I also told her that I contacted Jamie Baker sevrial times informing him of what was going on at the branch and requesting him to return to the branch and his responsence was "NO". she told me to contact Jeff Buria our operations manager. At 7:30 still no one returned my calls or pages, by this time I was very affriad for my life and safty. I had done everything I was trained to do consering a matter like this. And NO ONE would return my call to verify hours. I began to try to modify the Purdue Farms work tickett and was told by the system "Labpro" that the Purdue account was locked out. I immeditly started to review all the notes on the account, so that I would have a therail understanding of why the account had been locked by the system. During my review/investigation I FOUND that labor ready owed the customer $ 20,000.00 in credit and once Tom Potts or Jamie Baker issuide the credits to the account it would be up to date; and we would be able to send workers on that account. I contacted the lock out dept. and explained my findings and was instructed to have my ADO Tom Potts call them and verify my findings. I immdeatly paged Tom Potts and sent a message which read "Please contact Jermaine Bullock at branch 1745 conserning Purdue Farms lockout". After paging Tom Potts I called Jamie Baker and gave him and updated as to what was going with the Purdue Farms account and the verifcation of hours I'm sure Jamie Baker could tell by the sound of my voice that I was in desstrest and very consrened about my safty in the branch. Jamie Baker told me told me he was aware of the status of the Purdue account and that he and Tom Potts would issue the credits to there account the next business day. He also told me that I was doing a great job and to keep up the good work. During my conversation with Jamie Baker I recived a call from Tom Potts at the very beginning of our conversation I noteced that he had a very rude and nasty tone of voice; I thanked him for returning my call and began telling what I had found during my review of the account,before I really could get started explaining my findings. Tom Potts told me to "shut up" and went on to say that he asked the questions not me" when I heard him say this to me I became very offened; because I would never talk to a business professional in the matter that I was spoken to and never had been abased in such a way that Tom Potts abased me. And would never speak to someone in such a tone of voice. I told Tom Potts what my findings where during my review on the Purdue account. I also told him that I had been trying to contact Melvin Mccoy sevrail times since 4:30pm to verify hours and that he had yet to return my call, I also told him that I was afraid for my life's safty because of what the temp staffers where saying I also told him that Larry Parker pulled an ice pick on me. He asked me to speak to one of the temp staffers after his conversation with the temp. things started to cool down a little. Finnally at around 8:15pm Melvin Mccoy returned my call immdeitly I ask him why it took so long for him to return my call. And he never gave me a good answer to my question. He told me to qoute"PAY THE TEMPS FOR THE HOURS THEY SAY THEY WORKED" end qoute. I was really surprised by what he told me to do. Immeditly after I hung up with him. I started processing the payroll using the hours they said they work as instructed by Melvin Mccoy. At around 8:20pm Jamie Baker called the branch. After such a stressful day I was conserned about how my profromence was. So I ask Jamie Baker how I was doing and how I handled the crisis today. Jamie baker told me that he was very pleased on how I handled the crisis and went on to say that Tom Potts was singing my praises and said that I was a great worker. We also disscuste the time I would report to work the next day. After speaking with Jamie Baker I started my closing prosedures during this time I noticed one of our white boards had some very nasty racial derogotory staments on it that where directed towards my boss Jamie Baker so I began to try to remove the statements with a whiteboard erasing solution and a paper towel. During this process I feel out of the chair and landed flatt on my back. I got back up assumming that I was okay and finished closing the branch. When I got home that night I began refleting on my day at work. And thinking about how safe I would be in the office by my self if something like today happened again. I called the office and left a voicemail requesting that Jamie Baker hire a security gard to ensure my safty and the safty of others. Because this was not the first time something like this happened since I had be working with the firm. The next day december 21 called the branch and told beverly that I would be in to work that day but would be a little late because of back pain she said that she would give Jamie the message. I called again about 1hr later and got the office voicemail I left a message for Jamie informing him that I would not be in because of back pain and other personal reasons but that he could expect me to work the next business day. I recived a call from Jamie Baker at home at around 5:45pm requesting me to come to work by 6:00pm. I told Jamie that I had left a message informing him that I would not be able to come in that day because of strestheadaches, back pain and out of state family visting.and that in the condition that I was in I could not get form Chestnut Hill to the Center City branch in 15(min.) When I returned to work on December 22 I was told by Jamie Baker that he need some depenable for the job and requested the key to the branch. Obviously, Jamie Baker, Melvin Mccoy, and Tom Potts are not properly trained to deal with day to day LABOR READY task. but that's no excuse for there rudeness and insensitivity. Towards me I plan on contacting your licensing company, my local and natinal telivison news stations,OSHA,dept. of labor and wages, and any other sources that will help be obtain a fair and legal resolution to this matter .

If you expect to stay in business, you'd better pay more attention to your employees' attitudes. And your firm's management training prosedeures Please let me know how you plan to correct this problem.

* Jamie Baker failing to provide safe working conditions "a safe place for people to work", rehiring temporary staff that destroy labor ready property and labor ready leased property,stealing labor ready bonuses,failing to report to branch when requested and in cases of emergency, failing to operate labor ready branch correctly. Tom Potts failing to provide a safe working place for office staff, failing to respond to labor ready pager "Hofmen Bus Tour tried to contact Tom Potts sevrial times via pager, office calls over a period of three weeks"there calls where never retuned ,failed to perform proper customer service over-view of accounts collect payment/issue customer credits. Failing to provide proper employee & customer service support. Melvin Mccoy failing to use labor ready communications equipment correctly failing to provide addquite verifcation of hour for his portfolio of accounts. In the pass was fired for stealing company funds

* expectation of a response a complete Audit be done on all of Tom Potts/Jeff Norris's branches in the philadelphia market, an investagation be done on all branch files. "dig deep Tom Potts is very sneaky and often trys to hide problems in his disteric." A written apploygy form labor ready for the way I have been treated by staff. A letter explaning your findings in Potts disteric. And explanation of why I need to sign a claims release form and give up all legal rights against Labor Ready"that's aganst the law"a offer of re-employment.


Jermaine Bullock

P.S I have spoken with several local state and government agencies concerning this matter and they all have agreed that the I have been treated by labor ready is unfair and in many cases against the law. Let it be know that unless I receive fair treatment regarding this matter I will sue everyone involved in this matter. I am not the only person who has been treated this way by labor ready. And this is not the first time that a violent act like this has taken place at labor ready's center city district please stop covering up or let labor ready management staff what's going on. I also have contacted other CSR's who have had the same experiences with labor ready's center city district that I have. These persons are willing to provide written statements of there experiences.


Labor Ready Corp.

Tom Potts

Melvin McCoy

Jamie Baker

Philadelphia NBC


Dept. of labor and wages

Hoffman Bus Tours Siverman and Mailman Attorneys at LAW

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Re: Labor Ready

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Wed, March 02, 2011

If it is possible at all please find a way to contact me I am also a former employee. I wish I had seen this site a year or two ago.

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