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- BOISE, Idaho,

200 W.FRONT STREET BOISE, 83704 Idaho, U.S.A.
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JUDGE HANSON,PROSECUTOR TODD JOYNER,STATE CPS WORKERS KIM HAMOND, CHERYL FOST-BESSAW,PAMELA COLE, They stole my kids based on the fact I was too poor to pay my power bill and wont return them because I fought them. Now they say I cant have them back . here is my sotry..

The individuals Im speaking of starting from the judge who is and I was told was by my attorney the rubber stamp for the state.He bullies you ,makes fun of you. But most of all violates any/all rights you might have had. He says things like too bad that everything was withheld from you the discovery isnt important to the case anyways.

Most of the time your not even allowed inside the court room as the case your case is sealed even from you. Your made to sit there while no one represents you or if they do its not in your best interest, while they read reports of activities that never happened by ruthless heartless c--nts.I reserve that word for only three groups and or individuals.

I truely believe thats what you are if you work forcps in any state.They took my kids ,my life an creted and inflatd charges on me holding on crimes that werent crimes on $50,000 bonds and up with no hope even after 4 and a half months and 47 bond reductions later of geting out until I pled guilty to a letter I could legally write.

Then and only then i was let out to now looseing my kids whom they have keept from me all but 8 visits in 2 years because i fought them and now they dont like my attitude.

I like nothing about them but being poor sucks because we the people arent around and its nobodies job to over see the judge.

I guess he rans right up there with god .who knows.but if I loose it willbe a sad day in america.


BOISE, Idaho

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Judge Thomas

Los Angeles,
This judge is a criminal and you must report him to the right people

#2Consumer Suggestion

Sun, July 25, 2004

ALWAYS REMEMBER!!!!! ALL RIGHTS derive from PROPERTY. Your kids belong to the creator of them, first GOD and then YOU. If this LAWYER/JUDGE take them away from you, he just stated on his action the their bodies belong to him/state. When your body belongs to anyone else but yourself you are a SLAVE. Remind the courts that SLAVERY is prohibited in The United States of America. Go to the sheriff office, and state your citizenship. Tell them you are an "american Citizen" and one of "the people of Idaho State" Demand that they convene a grand jury, report this "criminal" on the charges of "treason" to the laws of the land and to the sovereign citizens of your state. The sheriff has 10 days to come up with a grand jury. Treason is a serious charge and the penalty is death on a hemp rope. Don't get an attorney because all attorneys are "officers of the court" yes, they are on their side and you''ll never get justice. If they force an attorney on you have him sign a contract that he will enforce the laws of the united states of America on the judge and defend your constitutional and natural rights, if he refuses then don't accept him. You will soon find out that Attorneys cannot help you so all they do ever is take your money. Study Law because if you dont know your rights you dont have any. Do reseach online key words are "FREEDOM" "TREASON" "Court corruption" etc etc good luck You will get your kids back in no time


CPS Workers Should Be Accountable for LIES

#3UPDATE EX-employee responds

Thu, July 22, 2004

To Tracey from Boise, Idaho I hope that by now, you and your children have been re-united and that your children are being counseled properly by a loving counselor who desires to help little children overcome the emotional injuries that were forced upon them by CPS workers reporting lies about you and your parenting efforts. Tracy, I hope that you have found that the judges are USUALLY fair but that they rely too heavily upon CPS liars and fabricators. Judges are usually good people! The problem is that they are guided by liars but once they see the lies, most judges want to make good decisions that will help people become law abiding citizens. Most judges will be aware of parenting classes, anger management classes, financial management classes and other helps that will enable a parent to be a better parent. Most judges want children to remain in their home with people who love them and want the best for them. Judges need to listen closely for truths and search diligently for what what is REALLY best for the child and family. Parents NEED help in learning to be better parents. They need to be made aware of helps out there for them. DHS and CPS should focus their attention on helping children and parents and STOP focusing on emotionally destroying the children for their own personal monetary benefit. Always remember, Tracey, that there are good CPS workers and there are degrees of bad CPS workers. It appears that you wound up with a bad worker whose sole desire was to keep her job and follow the 'CPS STAFF' laws. Legislation needs to be effected to force CPS employees to report truths. Until they are forced to tell the truth and TRY to help families, children will continue to be emotionally disabled by the horrors DHS forces upon them. It brings more tears to my eyes when I read reports such as yours where MORE little children are being emotionally destroyed for the benefit of DHS and their employees and contractors. These actions need to STOP immediately. As DHS says, "these actions are UNACCEPTABLE!" DHS and CPS child destruction IS UNACCEPTABLE and should stop immediately! We need to take action to STOP the funneling of money into the DHS budget to further emotionally destroy little children. Emotionally destroying even one of God's little children is a crime! The Bible says that "It is better for a person to hang a millstone around his/her neck and drown in the depths of the ocean than to injure even one of God's children." Tracey, tell your state legislator about your case. Help other parents who have seen their children so badly damaged to come forth with information to help the legislators develop laws to help SAVE THE CHILDREN from CPS. Emotionally injuring little children is UNACCEPTABLE should be UNACCEPTABLE to all Americans. Emotionally injuring little children should be STOPPED immediately! Tracey, you should not be held against your will for trying to protect your little children from CPS. Any GOOD mother, including every one of God's creations will fight to defend and protect her babies. Mothers do their best to provide the emotional needs for their children. You should have been given the privilege to receive food stamps and other helps that DHS is SUPPOSED to help you with. The DHS System has FAILED you! There is absolutely no reason to remove little children from their home, causing emotional injury, just to please a CPS worker. Judges need to realize, and I believe most do finally come to realize, that CPS employees have as their primary goal to "emotionally destroy little children for THEIR benefit." It's evident by their lies and inappropriate actions! By emotionally destroying little children, CPS workers know that more monies will be fed into their cofers so they can hire and unlimited number of employees and contractors. Those contractors include doctors, lawyers, foster parents and an unending number of personal counselors. Checking the records, you'll find that DHS contracts with people who have NO experience to work with little children that THEY'VE emotionally destroyed. Those unexperienced 'counselors' have absolutely no idea as to what has happened to cause the emotional injury. Inexperienced counselors don't realize that CPS has as their goal, to take more and more little children into custody so they can rake in more and more money from the government on the pretext that the children were being abused and/or neglected. Inexperienced counselors don't know that all that many of the parents need is help in applying for food stamps or help with a place to live or help with paying utilities. The problem lies in the fact that churches are overwhelmed by people asking for help. Some of those people asking for help are frauds. Some are REAL needs. It's hard to tell the difference sometimes. Sometimes they use money that a church gives them to go out and buy more beer. Churches WANT to help people that they KNOW need help. DHS WANTS to destroy the family and children needing help. Therein lies the paradox. Christians love children and families. DHS loves money so they can hire more people, take in more children and hire more contractors to follow their recommendations. Contractors are well aware that if they DON'T follow DHS recommendations, they will lose contracts. That means they lose a LOT of money. Contractors shouldn't be forced to follow the recommendations of DHS. I KNOW that when a contractor OR employee tries to 'buck' the system by making alternative recommendations, they are removed from the case and a new contractor or employee who WILL follow DHS recommendations is placed on the case. To prove that fact, look at the reports. They take a child to one of their medical contractors, the doctor recommends a particular treatment plan and KABOOM he's off the case and another medical contractor is hired so the children will receive the treatment that DHS wants them to have. Any CPS worker who wants to HELP a child is immediately taken off the case and replaced by one who WANTS to emotionally destroy the children. Be award that children in DHS custody are placed on mind-altering drugs by DHS contractors to help them overcome the emotional injuries that DHS has forced upon the child. If the DHS medical contractor doesn't go along with the mind-altering drug scheme promoted by DHS, and in contrast, recommends counseling and returning the child to the family, that contractor is OUT of a job as DHS contractor. DHS will do ANYTHING to continue the emotional injury they have caused. They continue the emotional injury and even bring in counseling contractors who will provide the emotionally destroyed child with EXTENSIVE GRIEF THERAPY to further the cause of DHS and their "Child Protection Services" activities. READ the Adoptions and Safe Families Act of 1997 and you'll understand why DHS and CPS wants to emotionally injure little children. They want the money that the ASFA provides to DHS for injuring little children. They want the thousands of dollars the ASFA provides to reward and give bonuses to DHS for the emotional injuries they force upon children. If you read the ASFA, you'll find that the Act has an unlimited resource through Medicare and Social Security. EVERY child that DHS takes into custody is immediately deemed to be 'Emotionally Handicapped' so they can receive rewards and bonuses fed to them through the ASFA. There is NO limit. Read the ASFA. Read the ASFA compliance evaluation report from your state. You'll likely find where an enormous amount of money has been given to your state to help them emotionally destroy more and more little children. That's NOT "Child Protective Services"! That's robbery of Medicare and SS to fill the cofers of DHS to further THEIR cause. Again, Tracey, hopefully by this time, you have your children back with you and they have been given a loving treatment plan from their mother that excludes the Child Destruction Plans of DHS. Hopefully the judge has found that DHS is brim full of liars. THEY'RE THERE! DHS employees KNOW that if they DON'T lie, they will have fewer children in custody and that means fewer jobs, fewer case files, less money, less reports to make, fewer contractors and all that goes along with taking a little child into custody. THE EMOTIONAL INJURIES CAUSED BY TAKING A LITTLE CHILD INTO CUSTODY NEEDS TO STOP! BUT EMOTIONAL INJURIES WILL NOT STOP UNTIL THE DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES NO LONGER RECEIVES REWARDS AND BONUSES FOR THEIR ABUSIVE SERVICES! THEY KNOW THEIR BUDGET WOULD BE DRASTICALLY REDUCED IF THEY HELP CHILDREN AND PARENTS! HEAVEN FORBID, THEY'LL NEVER GO ALONG WITH HELPING A FAMILY IF IT MEANS THEIR BUDGET WILL BE REDUCED. The ASFA needs to be rescinded so the horrible actions of DHS will stop. If it's rescinded, DHS will NOT receive the bonuses and awards that it provides to help them destroy little children. Taxes would be reduced! Social Security would be saved. Medicare would be saved. Fraudulent reports to Medicare would be reduced. Until the ASFA is rescinded and children saved from the emotional injuries forced upon them by CPS, robberies will continue to occur. Legislators should take the time to READ the ASFA so they can see the white collar crime DHS is in to so heavily. They'll be able to SEE the reasons for the emotional injuries DHS induces upon so many little children! They'll be able to see the rewards are a leading force in taking children into custody, fostering them out and then adopting them to strangers. They'll be able to see that families need help to protect them from liars within the System. Hopefully, once our legislators take a careful look at the ASFA and its supplimental state evaluations, they'll be able to see what is really going on behind the closed doors of DHS. Hopefully our legislators will enact laws to stop these horrors. LEGISLATORS! PLEASE rescind the ASFA to protect little children from horrors forced upon them by DHS, CPS and liars within the system bent upon destroying little children for their own monetary benefit. Children NEED state legislators to help them! Children NEED state legislators who care about their future!

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