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General Motors
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1996 Monte Carlo bought brand new. This car was babied and kept Immaculatly taken care of from the beginning. One owner (ME)

Service has been performed on time if not before.

At 70,000 miles the transmission case (not the internal transmission) busts into pieces. We later find that many of these cases have had problems and the year after mine was made (1997) they changed the case and made them metal. We were furious. We called GM and tried to explain this to them. Pleading with them to at least just replace the case (quite a small amount) Any help at all would be appreciated (since the transmission repairs would be over 1600.00). They refused ANY help. Not even an offer of a free oil change (NOTHING) except snide remarks about us not being LOYAL CUSTOMERS because we had not used their service dealers for the oil changes.

We were not allowed to speak to any managers or take our complaints further. We were told the decision was final and no one else would talk with us. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE.

I felt I WAS a LOYAL CUSTOMER when i forked out 20.000.00 for a car.

I am sick of big manufacturers not even giving you the time of day. I will never buy a GM vehicle again. When you are buying the car all you here is how great they are and how they back up all they sell; until you need something. I assumed when I spent 20,000.00 the car would run at least until it was PAID FOR (most car loans go 5 years now or you cannot afford them)

There has been no stress on the car, no towing, no abuse. It has been babied and taken care of like a charm. I am the only driver. The transmission was serviced twice (they claim in the owners manual it does not need to be done at all). Even at the time it fell apart, the transmission oil was clean with no metal particles. It was not anything I could have done.

Anytime you spend that kind of money, I assumed the car would go over 70,000 miles without being useless. Someone stated, at least it was not the motor (WHAT! would it cost any more than 1700.00 dollars to have the engine rebuilt) I think this is worse. I am outraged.

I had a toyota that went 230,000 miles, no problems. I have many friends that have had Honda and other foreign makes and never had problems. This is the third GM car I have owned that the transmission has gone out on at less than 70,000 miles. THAT SUCKS! I am FURIOUS.

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North Carolina,
The CUSTOMER is always right...

#2Consumer Comment

Fri, November 12, 2004

OK... First, the fact that "Tina", allegedly an employee is reduced to calling her company's customers liars and idiots sort of drives the poor customer service issue home, don't you think? Here is my story... I bought a brand new Pontiac Aztek in February, 2002. That's right... No end of model year incentives... I paid full retail on this with no rebates, etc. Fast forward 31,000 miles... After a history of excellent maintainence on this vehicle (Full synthetic oil, and other services well within specified time periods) the Aztek caught fire on our way from North Carolina to Colorado for our Christmas vacation. The cause? Manufacturers defect. the fuel tank filler tube came apart from the tank and spilled fuel all over the hot exhaust where it ignited. Leaving my wife, seven year old child, and myself standing barefoot in the slushy grass in 28 degree weather on the side of the Interstate in boontown, IL watching in horror and disbelief. Now, here's where things get a bit sticky... I have owned, and maintained a fan club website for the Aztek since shortly after I bought mine. (www.aztekfanclub.com) This is NOT an isolated incident. The forums show that at least 2 other members/owners have had the same defect appear, although mine is the only one that resulted with a fire (that I am aware of). (By the way, you can see pictures of the fire, in progress here: http://www.aztekfanclub.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=9) GM basically told me to take a walk, that my insurance company would take care of it... Let me tell you how THAT worked out... My insurance company paid the blue book value of the vehicle to GMAC, leaving me a balance of more than $2,500.00 to take care of. then my insurance company dropped my policy. (They gave me an option to renew at almost double my rate, even though they were to get their money back from General Motors and "ESIS" (GM's insurance company.)I did have "Gap Insurance" which covered the rest of the loan amount. NEVER EVER buy a new car without this!!! So then... If the motor had blown under the factory warranty, GM would have had to replace it. Had the doors fallen off, they would have had to either put them back on, or replace them. Should they not then have to replace the entire vehicle if it is broken??? Yes, it is true that through insurance coverage, I was able to get the loan paid off... but what about the almost $10,000 in monthly payments I had made? What about the contents and personal items that were destroyed in the fire? Afterall, it was Christmas time. We all had our best clothes packed. We were transporting gifts for the family from all of the relatives who wanted to send something across the country. The amount in personal losses totalled into the THOUSANDS! I had many attorneys tell me that had someone been injured or killed, then GM would be responsible for that. How can they be responsible for a life, but not for the monetary losses? (not to mention the 5 days I had to wait to find a rental that would allow me to go one way back home with, or the subsequent visits to the neurologist and the councelor for the seven-year-old who now dreams that she is burning to death in a fire almost every night... or my wife who had to sleep with the lights on for 6 months...) I purchased this vehicle brand new SPECIFICALLY for the peace of mind that it was covered under warranty, and in good faith that with the correct maintainence, it would last long enough for the seven year old to drive at least once. All of that went "down in flames" (pun intended) on the side of I-64 on December 19, 2003. It didn't take long for us to find out that it was "our problem" to deal with. Thanks, GM. Great customer service! That was my first and last new GM product. My driveway is now filled with Ford products... USED Ford products.



#3UPDATE Employee

Fri, May 09, 2003

I really don't understand people like this. You can tell this claim is as one-sided as it gets. If what is stated in this "story" is true-the owner is a complete moron. After all this crying about the situation and how it was handled-the final comment was about having owned three GM products and how all three lost transmissions before 70k miles. Give me a break. Either this claim does'nt hold water or the customer is a loyal idiot.

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