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I will make this as simple as possible. A few years ago my husband and i ran into finantial diff. and got behind on our mortgage. We contacted the mortgage company and explained that we would be behind and needed some time to catch up. They sent us a letter saying that we could have our initial loan (restructured)...Just fill out the financial papers and send them back and we will start the process, we need the form and x no. of dollars first. Mean while when we got ahold of additional cash, we sent it to them, keep in mind tht we were only 2-3 months in the hole. they sent the payment back and said they had to have all or nothing. However they were still restructuring the loan 6 months later. This was the only attempt the company made contacting us. Needless to say we started to get worried. So we started calling them. They mentioned that these things sometimes take months and to please be patient. I contacted them over and over again, finally they said to me that they had misplaced the paper work and had to have us fill out the forms again. We did it and sent it as soon as we got the package. They again did not contact us so we called them back after a month. They told me that the people in the office, particularly the one handling my case would be in touch with me as soon as she got done with the file. They were sorry about the lenth of time but Ms G.'s desk was over loaded and she was working as hard as she could. After 2 or 3 months we got really scared because we got a letter stating our home would go up for forclosure in like a weeks time. I called the mortgage company and asked what was going on and told them about the letter. She said to me who did you talk to because this is a mistake. I gave her the name and number of the attorneys office that sent the note and she called them stopping the process of the forclosure. Again they asked for the paperwork and sent me a note to the fact that they had to have the info again. Said in the letter they were sorry for the lenth of time it was taking but the restructure could not happen unless the paperwork was sent back in. This time I faxed it and got a confirmation that it was recieved from their fax. I then called to let Ms. G know that it was sent, Guess what, she could not find it, said she never got it. . I had also mailed a copy of the faxed copy.In between all this time we get a second forclosure process going. I called and gave her the name of the company and the person I had spoken to and she called them stopping it again. Said she was sorry. Then they could not find the file again, Said Ms. G. was over worked and we have all your phone calls down and she would contact me again when she was done. Please do not try to get through to anyone else in the office. Ms G is handling your case. I tried to contact a supervisor or something because this process had gone on for over 2 years...Not to mention the fact that when we filed taxes we had to pay for all three years because we did not have enough interest to write off. The process took over 2 years, We went to foclosure twice or 3 times when the process was to be a restructure in the first place. they told me the reason it went to foclosure the 2nd time was because they got verification that we no longer lived here. No one bothered to contact us by phone, job or anything else which they had all this information. They lost our file so many times that we submitted the paperwork 3 times. The forclosures showed up on our credit record not allowing us to refinance.We got so fed up with them we were going to refinance with another bank. Two credit reports had the forclosure and the other was near perfect. All of this came to them finally restructuring the loan in Sep of 1999. This process started in 1996. reguardless of our numerous phone calls and resumitted paperwork over and over we got nowhere. And no calls from them during this almost 3 year period. When we got the restructure papers they were asking for 3500.00 plus late fees and they wanted it in 3 days. We got this letter on a Friday and they wanted the money on Monday. Yes we should have been in the position to do that but we were not. We had just put our daughter in school and becuse of the forclosures showing up on our credit we could not get a loan for her education. All of this resulted in a bankruptsy chapter 13,a credit report with forclsoures on them that started as a restructure of a mortgage we had had with them for 6 years. Now our credit is shot with forclosures, and a big fat bankruptsy. What do you think of this? Currently we are up to date on the mortgage with payments coming from a trustee for the lost payments. However, we ran 2 weeks late on one payment and in that window (2) weeks, the comapny that took years to process a simple restructure took only days to send a note to our trustee and attorney to tell them they wanted to proceed with the foclosure process because we were late and owed them one house payment. I forgot, During this process of course all the equity and escrow was eaten up to pay taxes and insurance.We have considered leagal action but they are a very large company and they usually have a lot to fight with.

Thank you for you time, Teressa

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North Carolina,
I know it has been two years

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Tue, April 09, 2002

since you wrote this-I wish I would have found your story sooner. You should read my experience with Fleet. I faxed information to them over and over. They would claim they never got it-sound familiar? What about getting in touch with all the people who have been ripped off by Fleet and filing a class action lawsuit????

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