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Complaint Review: East McDowell Transmissions - Phoenix Arizona

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East McDowell Transmissions
3939 N. 10th Street Phoenix, 85014 Arizona, U.S.A.
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East McDowell Transmission Is A Rip-Off!!

My nightmare began 9 weeks ago.

My wife was expecting and experiencing complications with her

pregnancy requiring frequent visits to the doctors office. It was at this time that our 1986 Chevrolet Suburban began having

transmission trouble.

My wife needed the car desperately and I was concerned about her

being without transportation for the week to ten days the local

transmission shops quoted me for the work.

I remembered seeing an add in some of the national car magazines

for a transmission shop in the Phoenix area who advertised the

700R4 transmission as their specialty. I got out an issue of Super Chevy and looked up their add. I phoned East McDowell

Transmissions but there was no answer. Five minutes later I

received a call back (indicating they have caller ID) I explained my situation, that I needed the car repaired quickly, he said no problem, I can send a tow truck to pick it up today and you will have your car back by Friday. I said, Let's do it. Within two hours my Suburban was picked up and on its way to Phoenix from my home in Mesa.

Two days later when the car was to be completed, I placed several phone calls and left messages, none were returned. I rescheduled a business client and drove to Phoenix to East McDowell Transmissions to see what was going on with my car. When I arrived I could not believe the dump that I had sent my car to.

I arrived at 2:00 P.M. to find the place locked up and the mechanic / employee still waiting outside for the shop to open. I asked him if it was typical for the owner to not show up until the afternoon, he said yes. The landlord was also present, waiting for the owner (Fred). He explained to me that he wanted his rent check and had to come in person to get it.

When I told him what was going on with my car he laughed and told me about a car that spend four months in this shop. He wished me lots of luck! Fred (owner) arrived around 2:15 P.M. and gave me excuses and promised that the car would be done on Saturday.

Saturday arrived and I called the shop several times and no one

answered. I left several messages, none were returned. It was not until one week later, the following Friday, after calling daily and leaving messages that I finally made contact with Fred.

The car was still not done. I was given the excuse that his mechanic was on drugs and that he fired him and was doing all of the work himself. During this period my car was the only one in his shop.

Over the course of the next 2 weeks, I called East McDowell

Transmissions every day and got the same reply (when he would

answer the phone), Call me at 5:00 P.M. and it will be done. I would call at 5:00 P.M. and no one would answer the phone.

One month after sending my car to East McDowell Transmissions for a two day repair, I called and was told that I could pick the car up at 6:00 P.M. My family had company over that evening for dinner, so I asked Dennis (part of my evenings company) if he would drive me over to Phoenix and our families would eat when we got home. When we got to East McDowell Transmissions we were told the car was not done. I replied, We will wait. Shortly before 7:00 P.M. Fred (owner) informed me that he would accept cash only, no checks, no credit cards. I believe that his intent was to stall since it was to late to get $1,500 cash. He was so rude and verbally abusive to me that I called the police to help.

The police arrived and got nowhere with the man. I dashed off to a local branch of my bank that was just closing and begged them for I got it, and took delivery of the car and left for

home. Half way home the transmission went out and I had to limp

the car home the next 20 miles at about 15 miles an hour. My

families plans with our guests were ruined!

I called Fred as soon as I got home that night, he was still in his shop and actually answered the phone. He did not apologize for what happened, but did agree to fix the car under warranty. It took and entire week for him to finally send a tow truck to pick up my car. I was continually calling him and getting the same response, I will send a truck today, I promise. He once again promised a two day repair, which actually took another two weeks.

Now seven weeks into the two day transmission rebuild, I was told the car was done. I once again had to find a friend to drive me over to Phoenix to pick up the car. When I arrived, Fred told me he was not very happy because I was making him work on his day off to get my car done!!!!! I took delivery of the car.half way home the transmission went out again. Once again I limped the car home.

This transmission was a rebuilt one purchased from him. I

immediately called Fred, he wanted me to crawl under the car and

disassemble the governor myself (now I am doing the work I paid him to do). I was now desperate to get the car going. Life at home with a pregnant wife and 3 children and one pickup truck for all of us was getting tough. Simple daily duties like going to the grocery store became a major undertaking, requiring the assistance of neighbors, friends and relatives. To make matters worse, my wife went into pre-term labor six weeks early while I was away working. She had no way to get to the hospital without the aide once again of friends.

One week later Fred sent a tow truck to pick up the car. Once

again promising a two day repair. I still call everyday. Today it has been two months and four days since he took my car for a two day repair.

In the last two months:

1) Fred (owner) never returned one single phone call of mine. 2)He would not answer the phone call from me unless I called from a blocked number.

3) He yelled and swore at me repeatedly.

4) He would hang up the phone on me.

5) He claimed his employees was a druggie, claimed that he (Fred)

god deathly sick, claimed his father died, claimed his wife was sick, and after he this excuse he said he couldn't work on my car because he was getting married.

6) He told me I needed to change my attitude if I wanted my car


7) The transmission that keeps breaking is one that I bought from him rebuilt, not the original one from my car.

8) He does all of his business transactions on the sidewalk

outside his shop because the office is so messy you can hardly walk through it.

9) He created great hardship for my family by not honoring his

word two day repair.

10) I have lost income from having to canceled work so that I

could deal with this situation.

11) He lies, lies, lies, lies, lies!!!!!!!

12) Fred Suominen, owner of East McDowell Transmission Inc. is the worlds worst transmission mechanic and a very dishonest human being!!!

Gary Telleen

[email protected]






Three days after filing my report I got results thanks to the BAD Business Bureaucom www.ripoffreport.com. The Bad Business Bureau called the people from Consumers Against Consumer Rip-Offs East McDowell Transmissions and accomplished what I was

beginning to think was impossible, going on 3 months now! ..They

got my car delivered to my home the NEXT DAY!..in working order (so far).

I was driving home from work Monday afternoon when a tow truck

towing a Suburban pulled out from a gas station directly in front of me.......it was my Suburban!! I cannot express how surprised I was to see my car. Unfortunately the tow truck driver was lost and drove past my neighborhood, so I ended up chasing down my Suburban, flashing my lights and honking my horn. I directed him to my home.

The car was a dirty mess with greasy hand prints all over it, but it now seems to run properly. I am going to take it to a more reputable transmission shop however and have it completely


Thank you www.badbusinessbureau.com

Thankyou "Consumers Against consumer Rip-Offs"

Gary Telleen

[email protected]




Monday 6-28-99

The vehicle is not working at all now.

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