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Complaint Review: Dave Walls - Wilmington Delaware

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Dave Walls
2501 Bryan Drive Wilmington, 19808 Delaware, U.S.A.
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I won an auction at eBay for a Viva Voce CD, and sent my payment promptly. Dave never sent me my CD, even after he said he'd send one of the extra 4 copies of it he had, because he claimed the post office lost it (which is possible, but still I never even got the alleged 2nd CD). Other stories he told me, that supposedly caused the delays, were a road trip, his absent-minded secretary and a death in the family. I was patient and waited 3 months. By the time I decided I was ripped off, I went to leave negative feedback, I found that I was not allowed to, because the auction was no longer in eBay's database. Since then, I did some detective work and found that he has resubscribed to eBay twice; his latest User ID and email address are davewalls & [email protected] and also dwalls & [email protected] Avoid this person at all costs (no pun intended). I hope he gets what's coming to him.

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Dave Walls

Just to clarify...

#2REBUTTAL Individual responds

Sat, September 08, 2007

To Jonathan: You are correct. I mispoke when I stated that the address was a Penn State address. Never fear, I don't believe that comment will hurt recruiting. That said, the logic still applies. I attended Delaware Tech Community College from 1995 to 1997, then transferred to Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA for the remainder of college, from 1997-1999. At no time did I attend Penn State, the University of Pennsylvania, or any other college north of the Delaware state line. Therefore, it didn't really matter to me where the upenn.edu email address came from. It wasn't mine. In regards to the original auction, 7 years later, I'd still pay the $4 she paid for the auction. I lost $7 in shipping costs for 2 CD's that are probably drink coasters in your house, but who cares..I'm not the one who filed a baseless and false report on a then-unmoderated website. (At least registration is now required..). My eBay is still the same 7 years later. You know where to find me.


just correcting the rebuttal-ers

#3Consumer Comment

Wed, December 27, 2006

Concerning the e-mail addresses listed, the rebuttal-ers claimed that one of the addresses listed was a Penn State address. For the record, I was a Penn State Student, and it is NOT a Penn State e-mail account. [email protected] is an e-mail address for the University of Pennsylvania, which is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT SCHOOL. I just wanted to make that distinction because Mr. Walls and his friend who stuck up for him indicated that this e-mail address was never his because he never went to Penn State. Whether it is his address or not, the deductive logic they tried to use in this case does not work because it is based on a false foundation. As a former Penn State Student, I just did not want Penn State's name sullied in any way because some people did not bother to find out which university upenn.edu actually belongs to.


In defense...

#4Consumer Comment

Tue, August 13, 2002

My name is Jennifer Peacock, and I am a longtime friend of Dave Walls, who is wrongfully accused in this post. Dave regularly sells excess radio equipment, and music out of his apartment, and has always treated everyone with the same respect that he has wanted to be treated with. He has the highest morals, and is not the kind of person who would do the things this person has accused him of. In closing, Dave does not deserve to be accused of something he did not do. He attended Liberty University in Virginia, not Penn State, and everything he wrote is true. Whoever this is accusing him is flat out wrong, and if I were Dave, I'd sue her for libel. Dave is too nice of a person to do that. I'm just glad that she is not accusing me.


I'm the one ripped off..

#5REBUTTAL Individual responds

Tue, August 13, 2002

Hello, I realize this response is late, but I never knew it existed until recently, when a friend told me she saw my name on here, so I had to look it up. To be quite frank, this girl has no idea what she is talking about. She won the Viva Voce CD, and paid me properly. I then, still living in Delaware at that time, gave the CD to my secretary at my job to mail off, having pre-paid for the postage myself. (I was working at a radio station, and selling off excess CD's on eBay.) Shortly after, I received an email from her, saying she did not receive the CD. Not wanting to rip her off, I took the hit and mailed off another CD to her. At this time, I was in the process of moving from DE to Virginia, as I had been offered a new job. Upon moving to VA, however, I had a death in the immediate family, forcing me to travel to DE to attend to family business, putting my job and life on hold. Finally, after returning to Virginia 2 weeks later, I found my email box with 2 emails from her, again claiming that she didn't get the CD, and she was upset. I tried emailing her back to confirm address/phone, or if she wanted, to return her money. I wasn't going to send a third CD, because she's either got both, or something is wrong. She never emailed me back, and so I decided she forgot about it. Let's get a few facts straight: 1) I have only one eBay ID. davewalls and dwalls are not me. Had she actually tried to contact those people (I encourage her to do so), she will find that both are not me) 2) I have only one email address (At the time of the auction, it was [email protected], which was cancelled last year). I have never had more than one email address at a time, nor have I ever attended Penn State. That's just a flat out lie. 3) Her statement, "I was patient and waited for three months" is also a flat out lie. This auction ended about the first of August. I moved to Virginia on August 27,2000, and we were still attempting to get the transaction completed. The fact that she would file this report 2 weeks after, **while** we were still talking, and while she was still friendly towards me, proves what a liar she is. In closing, this "girl", more than likely, got 2 CD's for $7. She had my phone number, and never called me. My email address, and stopped emailing me. My eBay record speaks for itself. If she had wanted a refund (even though I got a return receipt from the second CD, saying it arrived), I would have given it, because I am a very honest person. I guess this is what I get for taking someone at their word. My eBay record is flawless (minus one negative, which the seller recanted with positive feedback a few days later.) I encourage her to provide some hard evidence if she is going to accuse me of such an act. My eBay ID is davewalls (always has been). Check it out for yourself, and contact me if you want more details. Thanks.

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