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Complaint Review: Cp Direct - Scottsdale Arizona

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- biddeford, Maine,

Cp Direct
Scottsdale, Arizona Scottsdale, Arizona, U.S.A.
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First I would like to say to all of Cp Directs "alleged" employees - your all a big fat joke!

Do you really believe that my cousin mike and vinnie are innocent???? Do you really think that those p***s enlargement, height increasing, hairloss regrowing, and breast enlargement "herbal" pills work????

If you do, then you need to take your heads out of your arses!!

Hello: My name is Tino Cansoli. I'm better known as Michael Cansoli's "little" cousin and brains behind the advertisng of Michaels and Vinnies piece of crap marketing empire.

I'm the one that contaced "John Carleton" - the genuis copywriter whos ads and sales letters are responsible for bringing in millions for Michaels greedy fraudulent company.

I'm the one who devoloped the p***s enlargement scam. You see... It wasen't very hard. The pill itself is a "natural" viagra thats been on the market for about 2 years. We simply called it a "p***s enlargement pill" and threw in a crappy sheet of paper with exercing instructions.

Presto!!! Thats the scam. Did you get it? Let me explain: Its the exercising instructions that really increase the size of the p***s - not the pill!!!

The pill was just a way for us to extort $39.95 a month out of people. Plus, the excercising really does work BUT only after a full year of constant use. This means a yearly profit of $480 in our pocket per customer.

Its really an ingenius scam. Sure, we knew we were going to get hit by charges from the FBI and State of Arizina, since our testimonials were fake, our bogus story of "former viagra pharmacist discovers pill" story was made up, and Illegal monthly billing.... but....

mike, vin and I stash a lot of loot in offshore banks. We still got it and after the BULL dies down... we're going to enjoy the fruits of our easy labor.

Seriously now... If there was a pill that made a mans p***s larger... It would be all over the news and most likely developed by a chemical company - with side effects and sold over the counter... not "herbal" in nature and not sold by a small time company.


oh by the way...My cosin mike and vinnie are back in business. Ever hear of SIZEmax operating out of las vegas? You got it... its them and they were just nailed again!!!

hey mike and vincent, are you reading this? I guess you shouldn't of ripped me off , huh? I bet your regretting now, right??? sincerly, your cousin....


biddeford, Maine

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#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Mon, February 24, 2003

THIS IS THE REAL TRUTH! READERS OF THE RIP-OFF REPORT ASK HIM (TINO) TO BACK UP HIS STATEMENTS! I would like to say the person calling themself TINO is NO Cousin of the Consoli Family. So Dead Beat who wrote these lies about this company TELL the real truth instad of some made up lies to make the company and the family look bad. The real truth will prevail in this matter and not some made up insane lies by you. SizeMax is owned and operated by a man named Cris Marinacos who lives in the state of Arizona. The Consolis have nothing to do with the company you are claiming they are associated with. The Judge made that very clear in one of the hearing that SizeMax is not associated or operated by the family. So the statement of the association with that Las Vegas Company is all lies and no truth to you statement. The claims of the pill being a way to gain funds is a lie to. The phone calls we recieved all day was satisfied customers that have achieved there goal and want to stop there shipments.The letters were of all phrase on the sucess they had with the product. So I don't have to defend what is the truth her by some dead beat that has to hide behind a fake name. Give us a way to contact you to see you tell your Rip-Off True Hollywood Story. So we can all get a good laugh.

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