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Circuit City
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I read other reports about Circuit City here and enjoy them. You that have your complaints are not alone when it comes to this 'ongoing criminal enterprise.' The whole store from those that clean to toilets to sales to managers to CEO were 'born to lie'. NOTHING COMES FROM THIS CORPORATION BUT LIES !!!!!

The Internet is filled with Circuit City rip-off reports. Some even build anti-Circuit City websites. Soon most just give up figuring they have to move onto a 'new life'. Should I bash

Circuit City month after month as I grow old?

I FEEL ITS MY DUTY TO AT LEAST CAUSE THIS COMPANY SOME OF THE PAIN THEY HAVE CAUSED ME. JUST WALK AWAY? In my several months of studying this company they are a legit 'ongoing criminal enterprise'. If you buy an item at this store at a good price and it gives you good service WONDERFUL. If you have any problem

AFTER purchase you simply have lost out. If you are within a

manufacturers warranty there might be some help there.

My experience began with a laptop computer. These things cost money !!! I bought the CSP plan.CSP I call 'go to heaven' policies.They are sold guaranteeing you total worry free coverage. If a smart person reads the fine print of legal contract (which they normally don't give you) they have potential excuses for anything. STILL--IF YOU TREATED YOUR PRODUCT WITH REASONABLE CARE YOU SHOULD BE COVERED..RIGHT? Laptop computers are mobile devices ..take to the beach..take on a camping trip,etc.etc. In my case my purchase was from a company that left computer business. (No help with that manufacturers warranty!!!!) I did not know this but Circuit City

did. They bought out the last stock of laptops from this company. Till this day the model is known by owners as a 'lemon.'

In my case one ram memory chip had one of its flimsy plastic hold down tabs break. (The design is such as it needs a hydraulic press to hold chips down). A few months later the other hold down plastic tab snaps. (yes..all by its self

!!!) Even if I were guilty of something I have done extensive research into ram memory with laptops and ram memory socket breakage IS VERY VERY COMMON. Its not considered abuse or abuse or anything like that.

Well..my unit still works but sure would like the 'socket' fixed. I bring it to Circuit City under my CSP plan. Please try to follow me;; #1-they refuse to accept item for service

unless all protective packaging is omited.I pick it up and they have a laptop banging on a metal conveyor belt amongst big boxes. (no rubber belt). I had to scream was it was ready to take a fall to the floor !!!! --but in short my unit went nowhere. It never left the store to any service facility. I get in back same day and am told 'accidental' damage not covered,' #2-I now have 6 different excuses why my warranty is void.YES!!!!!!! SIX !!!!!!!!!! Maybe its 6 different because nobody ever actually looked at or serviced unit? The service report is a total lie and I can prove it to this day.

#3-My last exchange with Circuit City was an inquest from Kentucky Insurance Department. (I never lived in Kentucky nor have anything to do with place but I won't elaborate on that now) They perused a further investigation of this Circuit City/GE WARRANTY CSP PLAN. It took them to American Zurich Insurance Company in Illinois. Now what I love is this!! ...American Zurich requests a couple months to answer like they are dealing with just another csp policyholder.


UNTIL THEY ANSWER !!!!!!! --o--they answered with some more vague nonsense why my warranty is no good. They gave me excuse

#6. Incidental Damage. They are now stating they cover only mechanical and electrical items in a computer. (i.e.when you laptop keyboard comes apart..well is that mechanical? A keypad falls off?)

#4-I now know that these Circuit City Extended Service Plans (CSP) are total frauds. I have had numerous within Circuit City explain how they operate. They are supposed to FIX NOTHING. THEY ARE TOLD TO GIVE ANY EXCUSE. #5-GE WARRANTY operates a team of telephone reps to call and answer calls relating to warranty



CALLS. They will issue a report of the phone call that will cite things you never said !!! You can't get back at these people because they use 'user names'. I had Bill Cunningham. Nice English name? (he speaks or no english) WELL..TIME GOES ON AND I NEED A NEW LAPTOP JUST BY THE OBSOLETE FACTOR.

I HAVE THE TIME IN MY LIFE TO CONTINUE TO INVESTIGATE THIS COMPANY? I THIS WINTER WHEN CLOTHING PERMITS WILL TAPE THEIR SALESMEN.(i.e.a small tape recorder in a coat) --now if its legal !!!! love to hear some of Circuit City salesmen on Internet??? Sure..they can sue me.

hey..in all honesty stay away from this store !!!! All stores will have their pile of complaints but nothing equals Circuit City. YES--buy if a good price and you feel all you need in manufacturer warranty. The loophole here is Circuit City has been busted for repackaging defective returns and selling as new.

Just sit back and think about the CEO of Circuit City. Imagine the ethics of this guy? His whole corporation staff are trained to be criminals. Almost every year the 50 states join in to bust Circuit City over something.

oooooooooooo..We the consumer can always sue. How many of us are lawyers?

Do we have access to complaint files in Attorney Generals Offices?

Consumer Protection? Whatever good the BBB is for they booted Circuit City out long ago.

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North Carolina,
Unfair Managing

#2UPDATE EX-employee responds

Mon, November 01, 2004

I would like to remain anonymous for privacy reasons. Yes I am an ex-employee of Circuit City. I was discharged back in May of 2004. I was ratted on by a former coworker for burning cds in the pc dept. I had seen other employees doing this very same thing, so I figured you know what the heck I'll make some music. The Assistant manager(Will Hughes) hired me and hadn't liked me from the start. He was always on my case all the time. I did all my work unlike the other slacker co-workers(always complaining). Anyway they call me into the office and fire me the next day. Well let me tell the store manager, Don Gillis doesn't know a darn thing about anything in that store and he's been there for god knows how long. John Adimyer is just a plain stupid ahole, and Will Hughes is just some mean hawk trying to get employees in trouble for nothing. I understand burning those cds was wrong, but I mean come on! Just fire me over it? They called it stealing. I had heard of Will Hughes giving his friends huge discounts on those big screen tvs'He'd make it to where the'd only have to pay like $100 for a really high big screen. You tell me is that stealing or what?

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