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Complaint Review: CHASE BANK /CREDIT CARD - PHOENIX Arizona

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- Pine Lake, GA,

PO BOX 52050 PHOENIX, 85072-2050 Arizona, U.S.A.
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I was the owner of a Chase Credit card.

I had over a thousand dollar balance on the card

and was paying somewhere in the neighborhood

of 12% on the outstanding balance.I received a notice

from Chase bank that said my last payment was late

arriving to their processing center, and because the check

was late my intrest payment has gone up to 24%..I went and got a $1000.00 money order and paid them all in full. I closed the account and wrote them a letter telling them never send me mail again, asking me to get one of their cards.All Big companies see the public as idiots and someone that they do not respect, and can treat as they please..

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San Antonio,
the reason for inept service...chase employees are miserable

#2UPDATE Employee

Fri, August 27, 2004

james, i am glad to see that u are happy with and defend chase so vehemently. that would put u in the 1% equation of satisfied workers of the company. that is assuming u are a real employee, by which i mean an actual csr who fields calls from the consumer. of course if u are in mangement the percentage point of happy employees would be higher. as management at chase in the SAN ANTONIO call center not only do absolutely nothing; but also know ABSOLUTELY nothing. first let me say this: james is right in saying that it is the consumers responsibility to know the terms of the UNSECURED debt contract they are signing. i.e. late payments etc will throw u into what chase terms "unpreferred pricing". which simply means chase prefers NOT to have your business, hence either eat the 24.99% apr and live with it, or close ur account. read the cardholder agreement closely because if not u are sure to be screwed. also for a little fyi chase has a system which determines if the cardholder is a "highly valued customer" which basically means they have lots of money and chase will brownose them till it bleeds no matter what they do wrong to keep them as customers. so for the regular joe sometimes just ONE mistake will result in hell. now let me point out i will soon be terminating my employ at chase. and here's why. hopefully this will shed some light for consumers: i have been at chase for over a year now. upon being employed after undergoing EXTENSIVE background checks, urinalysis, fingerprints etc (u would think i was applying for the secret service). i was ecstatic to get the job! this was the job i would retire from. training was 4 weeks on the first floor (the visitors floor). everything was nice and shiny, spotless restrooms, etc. etc. all the information learned in training... was wrong. in the 3rd or 4th week of training we began fielding calls. unbeknownst to us they were specially "gated" or filtered calls. man this job is easy we thought- rock on. all the information we learned in this phase of training... was wrong. in the fifth week we hit the upper floors we were sent to meet our supervisors, so nice they were. then we take the "non-gated" or mass market calls, all bets are now off. all previous things learned in training are now realized to be... totally wrong. here on the upper floors things are not quite so shiny and new. urine stains in the bathroom, boogers flicked on the the bathroom walls. imagine standing at the urinal face to face with a booger, what motivation. 50% of the pc's are broken / do not work correctly. ur supervisor is not there when u begin ur first shift as a new employee. there is noone to help a new employee (which i would estimate due to massive employee turnover to make up 50% of the csr force) w/ questions especially since all information taught in training is as mentioned; wrong. a total feeling of helplesness sets in. NOBODY at chase has a clue to what policies are and what correct proceedures are, asking an immediate supervisor for help results in either them scurrying for the information (which they don't find or "forget" to come back and tell u about). or prompts the reply " i already gave u that desk drop, u should already know this". gee thanks- why not admit that u have no friggin idea? trying to transfer calls to the appropriate dept, results many times in an argument w/ fellow employees because they simply refuse to take the call. before deciding to leave this company i polled my fellow workers. 99.9% of them hate their jobs. upon asking why they stay. they just state they don't know what else to do. everyone here is frustrated. todays policies will be extinct tomorrow, and tomorrows policies will not be communicated clearly to us, resulting in performance evaluations, warnings of job termination etc. etc. we are forced to sell INFERIOR, SCAM ARTIST products like credit insurance, MWI memeberships and on and on at the end of our calls w/ cardholders when we are already being graded on time of calls. we are distributed SLAM scripts by sales managers to TRICK cardholders into purchasing these things. when a cardholder calls to cancel the service we transfer them into an endless loop of transfers, many times resulting in them just giving up and eating the charges. every call is a complaint and an argument, and most times rightfully so. but imagine the stress... it is UNBELIEVABLE. i know i rambled and maybe strayed here. let me sum it up: 1) if u are not a highly valued customer and make a single mistake u are screwed buddy. 2) if u are scammed into taking a upsell product good luck in canceling it. 3) customer service is so bad because: a) we are taught wrong from the BEGINNING. b) NOBODY including csr's, managers and supervisors has a clue to what is going on TODAY vs YESTERDAY. c) supervisors are not there to help new employees w/ questions. and shifts the lack of knowledge blame to the employee. d) after the inital urinalysis employess go back to using dope.(the ones that used previously) e) equipment used is sub-par, and working conditions are akin to a truck stop restroom. f) everybody is frustrated. g) everybody hates their job. h) interdepartment employees (i.e csr vs. collections) hate each others guts. i) all calls are timed so it is our JOB to rush u off the phone, after of course we fool u into buying an inferior garbage product or service. leading to even more employee frsutration. j) every single call we field is a complaint and/or an argument. because the customer is upset somtimes due to their own fault. but mainly due to the fact that the customer does not know better. and how can they know better? when we don't?


San Antonio,
A different point of view...Had your payment not been late then there would had been reason to increase your interest rate

#3UPDATE Employee

Sat, June 26, 2004

Big companies have the public's best interest in mind. This is why they offer goods and services which will benefit the public. In doing so, companies must be profitable in order to continue providing goods and services. Therefore big companies create terms and conditions regarding the issuance of those goods and services. When a payment is late then it may impact how the bank percieves your ability to pay them back for money you borrow. Therefore your interest rate is increased so that bank's risk is offset by your ability to pay the bank. Had your payment not been late then there would had been reason to increase your interest rate. In your defense however, I can understand closing an account for a high interest because the rate may not be competitve or suitable anymore to borrow money. It is a give-take relationship. A bank will provide you favorable interest as long as you demonstrate in return a consistent payment each billing cycle before each due date.

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