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Complaint Review: Blankenbaker Electric - Tucson Arizona

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- Tucson, Az,

Blankenbaker Electric
6021 E. 18th St. Tucson, 85711 Arizona, U.S.A.
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I hired an electrician to do some wiring for me. They were hired to run electricity to a small greeenhouse, which sites 3 feet from our main electricial box. They were asked to put the evaporative cooler on it's own circuit, and the other outlets on one circuit.

They did the shabby work. They left the conduit at an angle, so one of my children could trip on it and fall. I thought it looked funny, but the electrician in the middle of the job when questioned about it said it was norm, and if I didn't like it, why didn't I tell him before he was finished. Excuse me, but aren't these people the one's we hire and trust to do a job right? So eventually the man finished the job. I wrote him a check and he was on his way. Bear in mind, I dug the trench, and I buried the trench. He didn't do any of it.

So, I hooked up my evaporative cooler, and didn't get any power, so I went to the box, and discovered only one breaker. I flipped it on, and I had power. That was Friday afternoon, and Blankenbaker was already closed, so I left a message for Dave, the owner. On Monday I didn't receive a phone call, so I left another message. Finally that week, Mr. Blankenbaker called me and asked how he could help me. I told him that I wanted my evaporative cooler on it's own circuit. I said that was what was required from the county. He said that is was not required, and that it would be ok, since it was a small cooler.

I then got into an argument with him over the evaporative cooler not being on it's own circuit, and I told him about the conduit sticking out of the ground at an angle. He said, "I am not coming out to your house to do every little piddley thing you ask me to". At that point I asked him, "are you going to come out and fix this?" He replied, "no". I then told him I would stop payment on my check, which I did.

I went straight to the bank. Then at the end of that week, I had to go to a wedding out of town, and we were gone a week. When I got home, I found a notice from the county that they had come to do an inspection, and they couldn't get in, because the gate was looked. I called the county up and set up the inspection. The person doing the inspection said it barely passes, and that "I am going to keep my eye on Blankenbaker Electric". Ater that Dave Blankenbaker called wanting his money. He said, " the work passed" are you going to pay me. I told him no.

Some time passes, and his office starting calling me about once per month to ask for their money. They even made the bill go up with interest and tried to charge me for a city permit. They should have obtained a city permit before they did the work, and it should have been included in the price. Finally they reported it to a collection agency. The collection agency called about once per month wanting the money, and I told them my story, and that I would not pay the bill.

After two months of that, they called back and threatened to put a lein on my husbands house. I haven't heard from them since. I don't know what to do. I am the victim. These people will continue to rip people off, and the courts just let them keep doing it.

Can you help me? I don't want money. I want this all to stop!


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United States of America
We trust Blankenbaker

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Thu, January 21, 2010

We have had Blankenbaker do many electrical jobs for us over the years. They have always been professional and have always tried to go the extra mile on every job. Dave and his staff have always been very helpful and always done what was agreed upon.

It has been our experience that they always try to cover ALL possible scenarios to make sure we are totally happy with the final outcome of the job. Sometimes that meant recommending more than we wanted, but they were always easy to work with and we have always been happy with all their work.

Sadly, there are those out there who, like Dave mentioned, want something for nothing. It seems in this case, the work was done, the job passed the inspection, the lady should pay. If she is unhappy with the final outcome, she should pay and then not use them again. They did do the work, it did pass the inspection. If she was a pain to work with throughout the job, I'm not suprised they don't want to do more for her. If I were Blankenbaker, I wouldn't want to go out there again to be abused anymore either.

Just pay the bill, it will all go away - and don't use them anymore. Leaves them available for those of us who appreciate their good work and are willing to pay for peoples time, expertise and hard work.

We will continue to recommend Blankenbaker Electric and use them ourselves.

signed: Very Satisfied and Happy Return Customer!

He has been extremely professional and courteous.


Tue, April 24, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #2306.
It was sent by Laurie Haines at [email protected].

Blankenbaker Electric ripping off Women!!! *REBUTTRAL *Consumer Vigilante Pissed (#2306)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Laurie Haines
Their phone number: 5205477777
Their relationship to the company: Supporter

I have personally used Blankenbaker Electric on several occasions. He has been extremely professional and courteous. I know Dave and his company have been around for over 20 years and if he was at all trying to be deceitful...he would have been out of business long ago.

I can personally recommend Blankenbaker Electric. They have always done what they have contracted to do.

Laurie Haines
A Satisfied Woman Customer

yah right, I bet the above statement is real.


Tue, April 24, 2001

What a Joke you are Dave Blankenbaker.



Sun, April 22, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #2306.
It was sent by Tammie Espinosa at [email protected].

Blankenbaker Electric ripping off Women!!! *REBUTTRAL *Consumer Vigilante Pissed (#2306)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Tammie E.
Their phone number: 520-XXX-XXXX
Their relationship to the company: THE victim!

I am astounding at the language Mr. Blankenbaker used in his 11 month old rebuttal. He clearly dislikes both Women, and is a homophobic, poor speller.

I consider Blankenbaker electric to be a VERY UNPROFESSIONAL company! I do think that threats are a crime. I do believe harassment is a crime as well. Imagine paying for this type of treatment.

Ones behavior reflects ones ability to do a good job. I give Dave Blankenbaker a F- in all aspects of life!

I will be reporting Blankenbaker electric to additional internet and local agencies, as well as I will make a follow up call to the County Instpector to see if he has any infractions against his company in the past 11 months.

I will hope that ALL Tucson business, Woman and Gay Individuals will Boycott Blankenbaker electric in order to protect their savings and sanity!!!

..come to my job site and invoke your 1st and 14th amendment rights


Fri, April 20, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #2306.
It was sent by @Rebuttal_Name@ at [email protected].

Blankenbaker Electric ripping off Women!!! *REBUTTRAL *Consumer Vigilante Pissed (#2306)

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their relationship to the company: Owner

congradulations dirtbag you just got this lady sued. I hope you come to my job site and invoke your 1st and 14th amendment rights, bring your fliers also. I'll see you there. I'll bet your as big a coward as she, why don't you sign your name and address like i did. do you have something to hide. I'll bet your a 90# weakling or a 400# faggit with a big mouth.
Let the chips fall where they may, big mouth!!!!!!!

She is lying through her teeth


Thu, April 19, 2001

This email is a rebuttal to RipOff #2306.
It was sent by Dave Blankenbaker at [email protected].

They filed the following rebuttal to the above Rip-Off Report:

Their email: [email protected]
Their name: Dave Blankenbaker
Their phone number: 520-747-2714
Their relationship to the company: Owner

This disilutioned lady had no intentions of paying the bill from the get go. First, this was a bid job and she was told that 2 of the outlets would be on one circuit and 2 would be on the other. She had a small cooler to cool an 8x8 or there abouts green house.

She is lying through her teeth when she says there is only one breaker, there is two, just what was bid and explained to her. When she called, it was explained to her that the conduit was ridgid steel and hard to bend in close quarters and that is why it stuck out from the house a little bit.

Then she ask why the breakers were 1/2 sized, lady a breaker is a breaker what difference does the size make. She only had room in the panel for 1/2 size breakers.

Then she ask did you get a permit, I said I can if you want one she said she did, so I got one and the work passed. This lady has a get something for nothing attitude and she is ripping me off.

We have 2 agencies that deal with these problems,
1)The Better Business Bureau,
2)Registrar of Contractors, I have heard nothing from either one about this senerio. I have been in business in Tucson since 1991 and have had not one complaint from either agency. We pride ourselves in customer service and problem solving, however when someone is trying to get something for nothing we get upset.

This was a bid job and she was to dig the trench, we are
electricians no ditch diggers and the entire job was explanined to her. She was talking to her brother (who is not an electrician) and he was giving her the wrong advise (about the cooler being on it's own circuit).

So lady, pay your bill. The only reason she is mad is because of our agressive collection process from people that want something for nothing. We turned this acount over to collections and she's mad about it. If she would have paid, nothing would have been said about it. Just to show you about her character she didn't even sign her name.

If you read this, I'll see you in court for slander and defamation of character.
I will sign my name:

Dave Blankenbaker
Owner Blankenbaker Electric

Dave, I will personally help this woman spread the work around Tucson.


Thu, April 19, 2001

To: [email protected]
From: Consumer Vigilante

Dave Blankenbaker

It is obvious to us that Blankenbaker Electric did a shabby job that should not have passed inspection and needs to be done all over again. Why would this woman lie?
Just because you have a satisfactory rating with the BBB, you think that means something. You are just as full of it as they are.
For your information, there were complaints in the file at the BBB that never went anywhere. They were never pursued. I have connections at the Tucson BBB Dave.

You must be joking.
The Better Business Bureau, and the Registrar of Contractors.
I'm not sure which of those organizations are worse. The Registrar of Contractors normally favors the Contractors in Arizona. Neither organizations word means nothing in court and they do not help you get money damages which is what is necessary in this case.

Did you read the Rip-off Report on the Better Business Bureau?
After reading this, I would not give the BBB out as a reference!
Click on the BBB title below.

Better Business Bureau or Buyer Better Beware? BBB...Nationwide Alert!. THE FOX GUARDING THE HEN HOUSE ..BBBfraud

ps.. Dave, if I find out you are hassling this woman for money she does not owe you, I will personally help this woman spread the work around Tucson.

I was told this evening by several contractors that YOU are a dirt bag! ... go ahead, make my day Dave. I will be at your jobs with flyers and a few other actions, exercising my 1st and 14th amendment rights. ... Click on that link above on the BBB.

Consumer Vigilante
Tucson Arizona

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