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Complaint Review: Bernard Haldane Associates - New York New York

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Bernard Haldane Associates
192 Lexington Avenue New York, 10016 New York, U.S.A.
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My name is Beth Tyler and I am a Ph.D. with the Mayo Clinic of

Jacksonville. Our horror story began when my husband signed up to make use of Bernard Haldane Associates' services. We payed Haldane $3,420 in advance because they promised to provide "inside job leads and unpublished information" not available to the general public. Of course, such information never materialized. Also, Haldane uses a particular device to discourage you from suing.

They have you sign forms stating you are satisfied with

particular phases of the process. When you sign a "so far, so good declaration", it makes it difficult to get your money back when you still do not receive the promised "Inside job leads and unpublished information."

Battered by a Haldane Employee at the Jacksonville, Florida Office

In fact, when I attempted to obtain a refund, (they refused to see my husband)I was battered by a Haldane employee. The employee eventually pleaded "no contest" to the charges, but we have not,as of yet, received a refund. Haldane has continuously tried to sign us to a confidentiality agreement so that they may keep our story from the light of day, but thus far a settlement has not been reached. It is my understanding, however, that they have signed many individuals to confidentiality agreements to keep the ball rolling.

Also, we have actually talked to well over 100 individuals who have had the same type of problems we experienced with Haldane. And presently, in the State of Florida, I have been told that the Attorney General is going to recommend to the State's Licensing Bureau that Haldane have their business license revoked.

What Others Are Saying About Bernard Haldane Associates:

"I spent ($4,000 charged) because I thought they had contacts no

one else did. I feel mislead and totally DECEIVED."

- Kathi Partridge of Jacksonville, Florida

"Haldane sent me a refund contract for half of the money back

($2025.00).. I refused to sign it because 1) I want a full refund because they are a fraud and 2) there is a blip in the contract that states once I would sign that, I couldn't speak to anyone about Haldane again or they would come after me!"

- Heidi Rauenzahn of Pennsylvania (Currently in the midst of

litigation against Haldane)

"In Small Claims Court, here in Dayton, the Haldane Rep. falsified a document and it still makes me livid."

- Rick Servatius of Ohio

Excerpts of Steve Belken's Report to the State Attorney General and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation

Regarding Jim Caldwell (President and owner of the Dallas Franchise)

"Due to the fact that I would not sign a non-disclosure agreement in their office without first having an attorney look at it, he chased me out of their office. He then made the statement that he was going to bury me and a few other select words not worth repeating, as I was going out the door. I made a formal complaint and report to the Dallas Police Department (incident #716959F)"

*75 Haldane offices exist throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. You may visit their web site by going to:


To contact individuals who can help you if you have problems with Haldane write to [email protected] (Put the word "Haldane" in the Subject Line)

......UPDATE: 8-15-00 ..................Rebuttal

From: [email protected]

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Subject: Rebuttal to Report

Sent: 8/15/00 6:50 AM

I am a Senior Advisor in one of the larger Haldane offices, have been for three years, and I was also a client, prior to working here. I notice that much of the "bad press" on this site stems from people thinking that we provide job leads.

We don't, and don't promise to do so. Sometimes it happens, but it is by chance or coincidence. We promise to teach people how to market themselves and improve their networking abilities, which will lead them to hidden job opportunities and the unpublished market. We do this, and much more. Everything from career focus, self-confidence, interviewing, salary negotiation, professional communications, appearance, etc.

While I have no doubt that there are isolated incidents of people being promised more than we can deliver, in order to entice them to come aboard, our sales consultants are acutely aware that nobody appreciates this type of behaviour. It almost guarantees that the client will be

dissatisfied, and no company is out to generate that kind of reaction.

The main reason we ask clients to fill out forms, right from the very first meeting, that indicate their feelings about the program is to ensure that we are meeting or exceeding the expectations of our clients. It is not to make it difficult for people to sue us.

We have about 500 new clients/year in this office. We probably have about 20000 new clients/year in the entire organization. The number of complaints of all types is extremely low, as it should be. When you have a good product, you don't need to exaggerate it.

Beth Tyler should have attended more spelling classes, on her way to her Ph.D. She could have learned how to spell "paid".

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Denise Pavletic

North Carolina,
Investigation of Bernard Haldane ..asked me to sign a release to keep my mouth shut

#2Consumer Comment

Wed, January 22, 2003

This is an update from a previous posting. I heard from my attorney today and she indicate that one of the regional vice presidents contacted her to discuss my case. Essentially they offered me $2000.00 and asked me to sign a release to keep my mouth shut (I have not signed anything as of yet).

This is half of what I spent, however my attorney advised me to take the money and get on with my life. Part of me wants to fight this until the end even if I end up spending more money.

I was told that you would be in touch with me to discuss my experience. If I settle (thus signing the release), I will not be able to speak with him. As I indicated above, I have not signed anything as of yet.

Warmest Regards,

EDitor's Comment


Sat, December 21, 2002

Thank you for your kind word, however, I would point out that we have been working on this story, including some undercover work, since Fall 1999. Since that time to the present we have been trying to interest the press in the story. Only in the past year have we had any success, and although we provide a great deal of the research to various media, they are slow to collaborate. (This is a very territorial, protective venue)

It is a thankless job, but we realize that WE must take the lead in doing it.

Frank Torelli
Senior Investigative Reporter
EDitorial Staff


Past client of Atlanta - this is a National problem, not just one or two bad apples

#4Consumer Comment

Fri, December 20, 2002

This is in response to Jeff's comments as a past client of the Atlanta office, I have to respectively disagree with you Atlanta, Vegas, New York, Settle, Kansas City the problem with Haldane is not just one or two bad apples, but how it conducts business on a national level.

It is just not the ROR that is bring this behave to the forefront though it certainly has helped greatly, but such articles as below:

The Seattle Times / Job Seekers Should Watch Out for Pricey Career Advice / September, 2002

The Kansas City Star / Career counselor Bernard Haldane agrees to refund Kansans' money / September, 2002

The New York Times / Career Management Company Fights Complaints / January, 2002


Financial Post Canada Ontario / Haldane not up to the job, say critics: Career-management firm: 'Hook, line and sinker, I fell for the beautiful picture' / January , 2002

To view the first four copies of these articles go to ROR titled Bernard Haldane Associates False Promise - tried to ruin my credit Atlanta Georgia

To view the Financial Post article go to ROR titled Financial Post Article - "Haldane not up to the job" ..exposing this company for what it really is - a huge scam

These complaints are not saying all Haldane s employees are dishonest, deceptive or mean spirited like gordon67 just like not everyone at Enron or Worldcom was cooking the books or everyone at Anderson was a liar. What does seem pretty clear however, is that Haldane as a company has, and in some cases continues, to - at the very least - pushed the envelope of deceptive business practices.


I almost called BHA to do business, but decided to research them first

#5Consumer Comment

Thu, August 01, 2002

I was contacted by BHA after emailing my resume to them. I was so happy that I decided to research BHA before contacting them back. Just want to thank you for saving me the time, money and energy. Great website!

Why doesn't the BBB have any complaints against them?

It is true that the establishment does not promise to find you a job


Sat, September 23, 2000

From: Jeff Downs [SMTP:[email protected]]

To: [email protected]

Subject: Regarding Bernard Haldane Associates Rebuttal

Sent: 9/23/00 8:59 AM
As a consumer, I would like to respond to [email protected] reply regarding Beth Tyler's experience. I recently considered Bernard Haldane in my search for a new career. It is true that the establishment does not promise to find you a job. The service Haldane offers is simply how to market yourself and polish your skills. Although this service is not for everyone, there are people out there who require it. It is the consumers responsibility to understand exactly what they are purchasing.
I do not agree with gordon67's reply. This "Senior Advisor's" response is extremely unprofessional and should not represent Bernard Haldane. In lieu of Ms. Tyler's claim, there is no justification for pointing out that Tyler spelled "paid" as "payed." Quite frankly, if gordon67 would have done some research they would find that it is an acceptable inflected form of the word "pay", according to according to Merriam Webster online.

I think gordon67 would benefit from a few of Bernard Haldane's courses. Remember, you are representing the company when you post comments on the web so start acting and writing like a professional yourself and stop criticizing others. Your behavior destroyed your credibility.

Jeff Downs
Columbus, Ohio
EDitor's Comment:::::::::
Well then..
Why are there so many compaints on this web site reguarding Benard Haldan's business?

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