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P.O. BOX 182963 ARLINGTON, 76096-2963 TEXAS, U.S.A.
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Please help me fight Back!

This company is ripping me off.

I would like an investigation as to why this company is charging me such a high price for a car which when purchased costed $11,122.63, The company said they sold the car for $2,400.00 how can a car that sold for $11,122.63 one year ago 5/17/99 be sold for such a low price of $2,400.

Can you help me with an investigation of fruad. I feel that the company did not try to sell the car for the book value and are now trying to pass this deficiency to me.

I could not pay $325.00 how can I began to pay $9,848.31.

I am widow, lost my job, and becam ill all in one shot.

I need an organization to help me fightBack!

Please help me in any way possible.


[email protected]

P.S. please provide a mailing address or fax so that I may provide you with more information.

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They are ignorant, uncompasionate, employees.

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Thu, August 22, 2002

I ran into a bind when my husband and I moved to Germany due to military orders. My husbands pay was messed up for a couple of months, and I was unemployed due to the recent move. I am a new graduate, and newly licensed Registered Nurse. And was unable to find employment in Germany due to the fact that I had under one years experience, and the fact that the need for nurses in Germany is not high, like in the states. Therefore, I tried to call Americredit and explain the situation, and to work something out. They were of no help and offered no suggestions of any kind. I fell quite behind for awhile, and still tried to work something out with Americredit. Their employees were rude, and ignorant when I explained certain military details they couldn't comprehend anything. They were very uncaring of the misfortunate situation I had been put in. I was a great customer up untill this situation. However, it didn't make any difference to them. I DID, get employment, and I did catch up three months of payments in two paychecks, and I have been a great customer since. I would never again deal with Americredit, and I will refinance and find a new financial lender in the near future. I will also spread the word of their poor customer service and attitudes to other military members, hospital employees, friends, and family.


Only good things

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Wed, April 24, 2002

I have only had a good experience with this company. Every time I call with a question, they are very polite and helpful. Even when I was having a hard time with finances, they understood and worked with me. I'm sorry if you had a bad relationship with them, but maybe the other person that responded to your complaint is right. They probably did sell the car at an auction. Most people who get their car repossesed still have to pay for it. You could have avoided this by simply calling them to work something out. It worked for me.


fort worth,
u are not smart

#4Consumer Suggestion

Wed, March 13, 2002

the company repo'd your car i take it, they sold it at auction the company never sees your car, they would not waste the time trying to scam u out of any money, infact they are the ones who lost money out of the deal not u, just another bad mark to add to your already suck a*s credit.

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