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marris - orange county, california, United States

Tori Anne Rouse
witchita, kansas, United States
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Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis (Her married name) aka Tori Davis.

Remember this name.

This woman, Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis is bad news.

This woman, Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis has been my stalker for several years.

Additionally, she has stalked, threatened, followed, terrorized several other females, all across the internet, for many years.

Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis has seriosuly stalked, followed, slandered, committed libel against me for approximately 8 years and she continues to obsessively keep up with me, hunt me across all of my social media platforms, hate watch my videos, harass me, slander my name, create havok.

And all of those actions are bad enough. However, she has done FAR worse, as well. Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis aka all of the other names that she has been using to manipulate her way through ife, as the truly malignant narcissist and sociopath that she is, never stops.

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These personality disordered types never do stop their malicious actions against others. Their view of life is that they are allegedly "above repraoch," while everyone else is supposed to bow down to them, defer to them, and give them a free ride inlife. And when they find that this is not the case, they run everyone over and go after what they want, regardless, by committing crimes, pretending to be a "victim," manipulating everyone in society, and taking everything they want, in the most negative, vicious, evil manner.

Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis is one of the worst examples of a sociopath.

She has spent her life manipulating people, playing the poor "vicitm," getting sympathy and pity through her role=playing a victim, and causing extreme danages to so many people.

She is a murderer (She murdered her brother just a few short years ago, as of the date of this post), she literally pushed her father to suicide before her broher lost his life to her, she has actively and more than willingly had a hug role in child trafficking and slavery, has stolen from other via fraud, and continues her malicious, damaging, harmful actions to this day.

Keep in mind that she acts as if she's "innocent" and is "simply a victim" of others.

Yet this is FAR from the truth and in fact the opposite of the reality of who and what she really is.

She is a vicious, unconscienable, cold-hearted individual who, just as she has done to myslef and others, will unleash her narcissistic rage and wrath on anyone who she deems a threat (Meaning, specifically, anyone who she knows will expose her for the sociopathis criminal that she was and is and always will be).

Borderline personality disordered individuals are not people to feel sorry for, they are not disoredered in the way that they  are unaware of their actions--Actually, they are 100% self-aware and know every single thing that they do.

The part that is beyond their control is only and only the fact that they lack a conscience--And even that part is known to them. BUT THEY DO NOT CARE.

while a normal person can and will stop at an act that is egrigeous because said normal person has a conscience, these types such as Tori Anne Rouse do NOT stop.

And, although they fully know how harmful their actions are, they do NOT care.

This weird, strange woman has spent years perfecting her craft. NOT because she's supposedly smart, intelligent, clever, charming, as she is absolutely none of those things. It is only because she has been this way since birth--And, by virtue of practice, she has perfected her game.

In this woman's case, the game is harming and provoking others, but then falling down and playing the "poor victim", the instant that others understandably react to the damage and trauma she has caused them. Then she runs to others and tells them how this paerson and that person has supposedly attacked her and that she is the victim and now everyone should have pity on her pathetic self. The ONLY truth here is that she is pathetic. Other than that, this woman has always been the instigator, malevolent trickster, aggressor, attacker, and solely to blame for all problems, trouble, issues.

She is a criminal who has escaped arrest and prosecution due to her expertise of manipulation and victim-play and, of course, her lies and tall tales and stories.

She has always put the blame on others, therefore escaping punishment for her criminal actions and harmful behaviour.

She is also deeply delusional. One of many examples is that, years ago, she strated a Youtube "channel." And she made a fool of herself. However, all of those years, she believed herself to be a "youtuber." She has made several videos, notable the videos that I have downloaded and retained. in which she and her walking vagina of a husband aka her flying monkey and co-conspirator (Trey Davis) became stinking drunk on video and made fools of themselves. This is the same woman who took pride in working for Children's Services for a couple years in Kansas, after she obtained her fake diploma from college on or about 2018 or 2019.

At that time, she was continuing to actively stalk me on the internet, making completely falsified, slanderous videos on me and wreak havok in my life and the lives of several other females.

When I justifiably reported said videos to Youtube and Youtube then removed those illegal videos, she then had a fit of rage, cried to Youtube that she was a "victim" of harassment and that her illegal visoes should be restored. NAd Youtube restored her videos. Then she actually sent me an E.Mail  which she threatened to have me sent to prison.

The brief backstory of the prison situation is that, in my life, I have been a child of abuse by sociopathis parents (See a pattern?). Thus, I have led a very difficult life. And, in turn, I have comiitted theft in order to try to deal with my feelings of pain and tragedy. And, for y actions, I had been in jail and prison.

This woman, who has done far worse and far more egrigeous things, not because she's had any trauma in her own life, but because she has felt entitled to committ crimes against others, felt she could judge me, of all people. Thus, after i had been released from prison, for having served more than my share of time for my actions, and I discovered all of the cruel vidoes this coward had made on me, while I had been literally locked away and unable to defend myself, I understandably reported her vidoes to Youtube.

And that was when she instantly went into one of many narcissistic rages, cried to Youtube, manipulated the system, and then sent me a wrathful E,Mail in which she threatened to have me sent back to prison.

Firstly, it is not a crim to report someone else's acts of slander and malice against one's self. Secondly, the probation employees, whose supervision that I was under at that time, laughed at the feeble threats and stupidity of this pathetic woman. And, as it happened, I was released early from supervision, for good behaviour. This all goes to show the stupidity of these disordered, disgusting types of individuals.

My point in making this public post is to:

1). Warn the public of this harmful individual

2). To inspire others and really help them, by making them aware of narcissists and sociopaths intoday's society and making it known that we can all overcome these weak, repulsive people. We do not have to give in to their gaslighting, play-acting, victim shaming, victim role-play, lies, manipulations, and other acts of malice.


Please be aware that this woman may, in the future, come here and post some phony so-called "rebuttal" in order to attempt to justify, falsely deny, shift blame of her actions and of the contents of this post.

However, you can be assured that absolutely nothing that she has to alim is the truth.

She is, afet all, a manipulator and a phony.

These types always are--And they never change.

They are incapable of change, other than to become worse.

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