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Complaint Review: Teddy Fatta & Associates - Long Beach NY

Reported By:
Mario - Astoria, United States

Teddy Fatta & Associates
262 West Penn Strt, Long Beach, 11561-3933 NY, United States
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My wife and I recently bought a home and would need contracting. I mentioned this to a contractor friend (now frenemie) Teddy Fatta who said he wanted to do it for me. He is the husband of a dear friend of mine, so I trusted him. The day of the closing for the house when he was supposed to do the ‘walk-through’ with the realtor and I to check for asbestos, etc., I called asking “where are you?” “I’m at the gym!” he replied should have given me a picture of who I’m dealing with, mind you I had worked with him during the pandemic and had seen his work and he brought his tools over before we had the contract signed as greed would have it so I gave him the benefit of a doubt, which was a big mistake and not letting my wife compare contractors, so in essence I lost face with my wife (of 26 years) who is Japanese, the purchaser of our home and in her culture losing face is a big deal and no, I’m not going to commit “seppuku,” the honorable version of “hara kiri.”

Teddy, saying to my wife (the actual purchaser) “You have a dream home, it’s like a blank canvas you can do whatever you want, I’ll bring you samples of paint schemes, etc.” Not one sample of anything was brought. If you could sew up Teddy’s mouth, you’d put him out of business—a real BS artist par excellence.  The kitchen cabinets arrived with hairline cracks in them and right away Teddy said “it’s the humidity in the house” and he’d exchange them and NEVER did. And now we’d have to purchase new ones as the warranty expired thanks to man-child Teddy for his infantile antics as you will gradually realize.

The kitchen backsplash were the wrong ones and Teddy had already started installing them. My wife “Xed” 13 of the “shell” tiles (backsplash) to at least remove them and choose the 13 lighter-colored ones of that batch. Man-child Teddy irresponsibly erased the “X” marks and grouted over the area thinking my wife wouldn’t notice, but she being an artist immediately saw what he had done, totally ignoring my wife, the client’s wishes.  AND we got stuck with the original order for the kitchen backsplash as she couldn’t return it (the company wouldn’t take it back). Mind you she paid $2,000 for it (what are we going to do with an extra backsplash?) and paid man-child Teddy $200,000 in 3 installments. At the second installment, man-child Teddy threatened “If you don’t pay me, I’ll put a lien on your house!” Totally out of left field, totally uncalled for (what gave him the idea we weren’t going to pay him?), yet we paid him the second installment and he didn’t complete the work. Failure to deliver! Read on, people!

Mind you the kitchen oven was installed in Oct. 2021 I paid $2,500 to man-child Teddy’s gas man-child’s ‘contractor.’ Teddy didn’t know the gas was not turned on? “I’ve been in this business thirty years.” Then another time “I’ve been in this business forty years!” The biggest BS artist I ever met! We went the winter of 2021 without heat as the gas was not turned on man-child Teddy didn’t say beans about the gas not being on (total disregard for his client, Us!) and I had to file a complaint with Consolidated Edison to get the gas turned on after the Department of Buildings gave the ok. They had to upgrade it saying it had been off for a year. Man-child Teddy literally and figuratively left Us in the cold, the Winter of 2021. Who does this? (We finally got the gas/heat turned on in March 2022). I texted him one freezing January day saying we are wearing gloves it’s so cold and got no reply. In fact, whenever I texted, (mind you can’t call him as he would NEVER answer my calls (I’m just the client, right?!), so I had to text him. Then he unilaterally blocked my texts. He accused me of being arrogant. Then one day when man-child Teddy wanted to text me something, he couldn’t (he saying “my niece was playing with my phone!”) Man-child Teddy is incapable of telling the truth and acting like a mature adult, hence the reference “man-child Teddy,” not customer-focused, obvious hot-head to threaten me, the customer about payment which was totally uncalled for and exposed his true nature, a childish a*****e. Get the job done as quick as possible (way too many corners were cut and other issues to explain here) and get his greedy hands on our money and then failed to deliver in the end even after Full Payment. 

It seems Teddy did the electric work himself (and he’s not a certified electrician). The result was after installing electrical outlets throughout our home, two didn’t function, the one on the patio, and the only existing one in the second-floor bathroom and His excuse was they’re made in China, but he Never exchanged them and left them like that. As for the basement electrical outlet in the basement bathroom he totally ignored my wife’s request to install a plug outlet for a Japanese-made toilet with all the washlet functions. We are only the customers, right?  The heaters in the basement, they were Not installed to the correct voltage, therefore no heat in the furnished basement. Man-child Teddy did us an injustice. I can’t believe a word he says! The basement electrical fuse panels were incorrectly labeled. We had to hire an electrician and paid an extra $550.00 to get the basement heaters turned on and $500.00 extra to a plumber as during the rinse cycle our washing machine rinse one day water came out of the bottom of the basement toilet where the toilets meet the floor. The plumber we hired quoted “the flange was not flush with the floor! Who installed your toilet?” You can’t make this stuff up people!

I had been very patient, but he pushed us too far and strung us, his clients along for a year and a half.  Man-child Teddy is devoid of empathy and fluent in sarcasm and is a toxic irresponsible individual. My wife and I were so stressed out and we both lost weight and couldn’t sleep. He beguiled us and did us an injustice. I was tolerant and could have filed a 311 complaint with the Board of Buildings and BBB. I’ll spare you the intricacies of Ted’s workmanship, which honestly I found lacking and blamed all the problems on the pandemic regarding material and the individual he hired from Home Depot to help him, in other words, Teddy couldn’t “man up” to any issues mentioned here and had no idea what happened to our back door key, a security issue, so I had to change the back door lock as he had given the key to his helper. Way too many other issues to mention, people.

I write this and challenge man-child Teddy to refute everything here and can prove everything I have written here. And it doesn’t matter as man-child Teddy said “I am retiring!” Probably another bold-faced BS lie! He claims he “worked at our house way longer than it should have taken.”  Well, wait a second, while “working,” he took two trips to Italy, he had to go fix a leak in his mother’s basement, had to go to the dentist, take the dog to the vet, take his wife to the ear doctor and work on other projects all on our time, so yes, it took a year and half—his fault (Sept. 2021~Mar.23) as man-child Teddy was calling all the shots.  He did it to himself people, so if you plan to use Teddy Fatta & Associates, people don’t say you weren’t warned. If man-child Teddy were the last contractor on the planet I wouldn’t hire him knowing what I know now.





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