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Complaint Review: National auto sales - Spokane Washington

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David - Spokane, United States

National auto sales
2405 N division st Spokane, 99207 Washington, United States
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in my opinion They sell LEMON’S!!!!

Came by to help my brother, college student get his first car

He had some trouble deciding and ended up going with one vehicle then changing his mind and wanting an equinox, Josh and david helped him find one which was great. they were easy to work with up until we left with the car. Not even half an hour after he drives off the lot, he’s barely past the Spokane airport when the check Engine light comes on. Naturally he was cautious and called me. I told him don’t worry it’s probably just in need of a tune up get to get home and get it scanned to see if any codes pull up. Mean time while he’s driving home I sent Dave and Josh a text saying that we just got his car and the engine light is on.. a little disappointed and concerning. He gets it to pullman his college town where he lives and has it scanned at 2 places 6+ codes show up at both.

Long story short …

Ended up getting ahold of Josh he basically said it’s just sensors and he knows what he’s talking about and that he's got years of top tier experience and not to worry. was nice enough to have him bring it up and look at it which he did, had to drive all the way back to Spokane the following week. Josh didn’t have the parts and had him sit there for 5 hours for nothing just to go back home and asked him to come later. Mind you this poor kid has been driving an hour each way multiple times to make this happen.

so he Comes back later on for another trip when parts arrived. Josh replaced the sensors like he claimed per his expertise that was the problem.. he was wrong. Check engine light was still on!

Josh said to drive it a while and it will go off, he’s an “expert” and worked on cars his entire life and basically ensured it’s fine and it can’t be anything else, bashed on the other shops that had it scanned and said they were wrong.

I absolutely was not ok with this but when you have a college student who is already exhausted at the back and forth driving who had to make this trip almost 4 times total just to get it looked at

He wanted to go home.

The light never went off like Josh and Dave said. So I had him take it to a Chevy dealer and pay to get a diagnostic done by a Chevy professional who knows everything on every Chevy car out there. They said the timing chain is broken and crank shaft it would be a good 3,000 + fix along with multiple other issues. 

I have tried multiple times to resolve this with Josh and Dave with no reply and no care!! Suddenly nobody wants to take responsibility when this is clearly a BIG issue that was apparent at the time of sale. Josh was wrong! It was not a sensor it’s a major component that can cause engine failure!! Taking advantage of a college student and taking $6,000 from him is wrong! Take responsibility for this lemon you sold and repair it or replace it! Dave gloats on being a Christian man! When your in his office he uses a scam by showing you his family photos and talking religious to you just to make you feel comfortable so you'll buy his lemon cars.  Yea right!!!

absolutely not at all how Jesus would handle a situation! I sell for a living as well.. not cars but if I sell someone something Broken or bad I take responsibly for it, it’s the right thing to do! He knows this is wrong and chooses to ignore the situation for greed and money!!! I am not done with this battle and making my last prevails to attempt to get them to make it right! You sell cars all day for tons and can’t even help this kid with a broken car YOU sold him!

I believe this was a cover up and they knew the car was not 100% and covered up the issue long enough to get through a test drive to make a sale!

Paperwork they make you sign waive all your rights!!!! But some things still hold up in court!

Don’t waste your money!! Buy elsewhere

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United States

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Thu, February 08, 2024

This place looks like the typical low end used car dealership that sells 10+ year old junk from the local auction.  For the most part, these are cars that the real car dealers rejected because they are in very poor condition.  The Chevy Equinox in particular is known for being a major piece of crap with serious engine problems. 

I would never buy anything from one of these places without looking it over with a microscope. A $20 code scanner will show you if the codes were recently cleared, which is a massive red flag.  You should have had it inspected at an independent mechanic prior to agreeing to buy it.

I also wouldn't trust the Chevy dealership to diagnose the car.  Any dealer will find $3000 worth of work on any used car.  If your timing chain was broken, the car would be stuck on the side of the road.  But I definitely believe that it's a piece of crap with lots of issues.  The vast majority of American cars are ready for the junkyard when they are 10 or so years old.

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