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Complaint Review: Kelly Patrick Gallagher False Prophet - Fort Worth Texas

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J.M. - Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Kelly Patrick Gallagher False Prophet
Fort Worth, Texas, United States
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Kelly Patrick Gallagher is a false teacher and an arrogant man who care about Kelly and no one else. We picked this up when sitting and talking with him. Very ugly disposition though he claims to be knowledgeable of the Bible.

Kelly is not much more than a slandering idiot as we discovered and in speaking to people who had to get away from him years ago. One guy was his very close friend actually, talked to him daily and said he had gotten too close to Kelly and had to break away. Kelly is like always in strife. He comes across as a confused person with serious mental issues. We had heard that he was in psych wards for many years. He still takes mental instability drugs, has been married several times, has a serious lack of self-esteem, and is therefore always trying to promote himself as something he's not. Kelly likes to jocky himself above others. Have you ever heard the saying "He's a legend in his own mind"? Well, that's Kelly Gallagher for you. And part of that is to put others down. Kelly is a real story teller. He can make stuff up about people with the best of them and yet has committed many sins he himself refuses to repent of.

Kelly’s “ministry” is all about Kelly and no one else.

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Kelly Patrick Gallagher claims to be a pastor because he used to teach a small Bible study with like one or two people. We have met with him a few times and also from those I talked to, people who know kelly know that he was heavily involved in so called deliverance ministries and kicked out by several of them as well as the last church he went to in FTW. One guy east of ftw told me Kelly’s been kicked out of every church he was ever a part of. I see why people are saying that Kelly needs deliverance from demons himself. This is what usually happens with those who are too overboard with deliverance ministries. they actually get devils in their own lives. one guy told me that kelly still takes drugs for his mind which only goes along with the thought that he is demonically possessed. 

As I mentioned earlier, I have been told some things about Kelly Gallagher that make me shake my head and wonder how this guy could say anything bad about other people when he has some serious issues and sins in his own life.

This is a very sin sick man. Stay clear of him as he refuses to truly repent.

There’s much more we found out about Kelly but for now we will leave it at that.


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Highlands Ranch,
United States

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Sat, December 03, 2022

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Happy Holidays!


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Looking out

United States
Cult leader Kelly Gallagher, the head "general" of his own cult

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Sat, November 26, 2022

This dude has his own cult he’s trying to start. His own life is completely out of order. I was told that the way he treats his wife is sickening. A while back he asked me to sign up to be one of his “generals.” No, this is not a joke.

A guy named Ed told me that Kelly  Gallagher is a sick and sadistic demon possessed p-orn freak.

Looking out for others. Beware.

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