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Complaint Review: Kathleen Hedrick - Northern Virginia Virginia

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Larry - Herndon , Virginia, United States

Kathleen Hedrick
Northern Virginia, 20164 Virginia, United States
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Kathleen Hedrick aka Katie Hedrick, is a white woman who currently resides in the Nothern Virginia area. I met Kathleen Hedrick in 2016, through a mutual friend that we both had known for years. At the time when me and Katie met, I was living in Ashburn Virginia. Kathleen she was cool and fun to be around when we first met. Me and Kathleen went out a few times as friends, nothing ever came of it at the time because she had a boyfriend. 

Throughout the years me and Katie kept in touch and would sometimes flirt online. In late 2021; I moved back to the east coast, after living a couple of years in California. In late 2022, me and Kathleen connected again. She was living in a Apartment, located in Ashburn Virginia. When we first reunited, Katie seemed a little troubled and worried. I would always ask her, 'What was wrong?', and she would just stare at me confused.

How Katie was acting was confusing me; and I didn't really know how to feel, especially with her being off. One day Kathleen and I were at the house, her phone started ringing. The phone call was from CPS, and they were asking,"Where her son Chase was?". I told Kathleen to tell them, "That her son Chase was with a friend, because Kathleen had contracted Covid". The reason I did all that, I didn't know if CPS was trying to pull a fast one on her. The person on the other line ask Katie, "What is the number to the person who was  watching over Chase".

I had asked Kathleen, "What was the reason that CPS had contacted her?" She confessed to me and said, "She had let her ex Milan Patel beat her son. Milan is a not a good person, and the fact that he had beaten up Chase, say's enough about who he is as a person. Chase was 12 years old at the time and I can say was a good kid. But Chase was having issues in school, due to Kathleen not being a good example and a lazy individual. Chase had even ended up in special ed classes, due to Katie being a bad mom.

The woman from CPS called my phone, I answered and was very cordial with her. Her name was Heather Buller, and I knew Heather from attending college with her. Heather told me the awful things, Katie had allowed her ex boyfriend to do to Chase. I couldn't believe it, because no mother would ever allow her children to be abused.

When I asked Kathleen what had happened, she literally lied to my face and told me a bold face lie. She told me how she,"Kathleen", was the victim of a conspiracy between the Chase's grandma and CPS. Of course me being stupid at the time, could not believe that this woman could be this big of a liar. Little did I know that this woman was the worst individual that I would ever meet.

I had started an I.t business and hired Katie as my assistant. Within the first few months the company had made a lot of money. Kathleen oldest son had gotten removed out the home, due to Kathleen past actions. Kathleen started being real evil and malicious during those times. Katie seemed like she wanted to be a hoochie, even though I was putting in long hours. Katie went and filed a bunch of false charges on me one day and got me locked up. I did about a week in jail, when I got out Katie wasn't in the apartment. But I discoveres a crack pipe in our home.

I was stunned and couldn't believe I had found a crack pipe in the house. Because Katie never seemed like the type of person to do that drug. But it was only me and her living there at the time, it just started getting weird and weirder. I had called Katie to asked her,"Why was there a crack pipe in the house?". She never answered, but the police kicked down the door and beat me up cause Kathleen had called th police and filed another bogus police report. 

I sat down in jail for 10 months because of Kathleen Hedrick. Kathleen during that time had sexual relations with a couple of my friends, and 2 of my cousins. Katie even ended up stealing from me. Kathleen Hedrick had even went and had sex with Milan Patel, the guy who had beaten her son. I went to my preliminary court date and beat all the charges, that Kathleen had brought against me. More then 25 charges were bought against me, and Kathleen testified. Kathleen was partying so hard and doing so much drugs after that, she ended up in a shelter and mental hospital.

Kathleen asked my cousin Lester, who she had slept with to tell me, "Call her". My cousin Lester gets a disability check for being borderline retarded.  Kathleen had lost her kids, she went to trial and the judge awarded both her kids to their fathers. Kathleen life had fallen apart and she needed to talk to me. Kathleen told me what she had did, and decided I should be in her life. 

I got out of jail and started doing the business again with Kathleen, because it was convenient. During this time around, I discovered she was a fraud. Katie is a snake and a backstabber. Katie has burned bridges with all her friends and is a classic definition of  a harlot. She is a real narcissist and will do anything to get what she wants. Kathleen Hedrick even attacked a 70 year old who had considered Kathleen Hedrick a friend. Katie has stolen money from me, and my tools. She has stolen technology Ived developed. One thing about Katie is she knows how to manipulate people. She is the biggest fraud and biggest liar I've met.


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Katie is Trash

#2UPDATE Employee ..inside information

Fri, December 08, 2023

 This so called Woman Kathleen or Katie is the worst human being I’ve met. She’s all for self and doesn’t care about nobody but herself. She has an iq of 12 and what did Terry expect to happen. She’s inside the mental health or behavior health place having sex with at least 2 guys. She left her kids and left her business. Are you surprised that she stabbed you in your back Terry?


Rhode Island,
United States

#3Consumer Comment

Thu, December 07, 2023

You admitted to misleading CPS and to resuming business with her after you got out of jail. You would have to be crazy to do either of those things. But besides that, this site is for consumer experiences. It is not a place to trash on your exes.

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