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Complaint Review: Jeff Dominic Price - los angeles california

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darion - los angeles, california, United States

Jeff Dominic Price
JDP PC, 730 Arizona Ave, Ste 200, Santa Monica, CA los angeles, 90401 california, United States
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I have finally found the standing and growth to share my factual, true-life story publicly.

This has been a very long time in coming.

My completely true, factual accurate story is about the abuse and damages that were wreaked upon me and that I have endured, for far too many years, in secret, by attorney Jeff Dominic Price.

In the title of this post, you can see all variations of the name of this criminal offender, sexual assaulter, malignant narcissit, manipulator, hater of women, Jeff Dominic Price.

Jeff Dominic Price also goes by Jeff Price, Jeffmoire @ Twitter,  Jeffrey Dominic Price, Jeffrey Price.

He has approximately three children who he fathered by intentionally manippulating and forcing jail and prison inmates into unwanted sectual relations (Intentionally misspelled).

Jeff Dominic Price aka attorney Jeff Dominic Price has, for too many years, abused his position as a licensed attorney, in the state of California, to raype (Intentionally misspelled) women via manipulation, false promises, lies, taking advantage of their vulnerable positions as inmates and defendants in pending court cases, and blatant threats, abuse, and far worse modalities.

He has been and is a repulsive coward, malignant narcissist, bully, abuser, and plainly evil male (I will not call him a "man," as he has never been a "man". He has always been a b***h, quite literally and figueratively.

And before I go further, I must address, as an aside yet equally important note, that I am almost sure that, at some point after this posting, Jeff Price's former and old, worn out girlfriend, an old drug addict, alcoholic, and indeed criminal herself, Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez, will come here to post some phony, unfactual, ridiculous "rebuttal," in defense of Jeff Dominic Price, as she has always been a low-life, drug addled criminal who has been and is carrying a flame for this male b***h who never really wanted her and has always run after many other women, granted locked-up, unconfident inmates, but of far better physical attributes and quality.

This aforementioned Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez may, in addition, come here and post phony "rebusttals" under various other fake names as well.

This Josephine Gomez aka Josie Gomez ia a female, whom many years ago, murdered her own child and, unfortunately, escaped prosecution.

And these side notes serve, in a huge way, to evidence just how much of a repulsive, cowardly, low-level individual Jeff Dominic Price has been and is, that the only and ONLY person who would ever defend him and his multiple acts of raype against women is some raggedy, old alcoholic who, while a female herself, defends and excuses his actions.


My story (Although I am not the only woman who was violated, impregnanted, taken advantage of, manipulated, rayped by Jeff Dominic Price):

Preface and brief backstory:

I have been a child, adolescent, adult victim of a truly sociopathic family dynamic with horribly narcissistic, self-centered parents, a sibling, a younger brother, and other alike relatives.

I am a victim of childhood molestation, rape, abuse in every form possible.

I grew up being scapegoated, beaten, cussed, abused, on a daily basis, by my parents, younger sibling, and so-called relatives & "family."

Therefore, it is no surprise (And I am not making excuses. rather, I'm simply stating what led to what and how and where and why, et cetera), that I grew up permanently feeling (And in fact being) deprived, always unfulfilled, devoid of security, self-confidence, esteem, always feeling unsafe.

And my behavious reflected these feelings.

I committed theft, fraud, and so on.

I had been arrested and jailed many times.

I had been thrown in prison.

The few, brief times I was out of custody, I managed to only attract dangerous, manipulative, controlling narcissists & sociopaths just like my parents and "family."

I had no boundaries.

I was so scapegoated, gaslighted, abused, beaten down, that I was afraid to speak up for myself, expect better treatment from better people, let alone set the firm boundaried that an otherwise healthy person would have set.

I was indeed beaten and unhealthy.

I was suffocating in my own prison, all the time, always, wheneever, forever.

On or about the year 2001, I was currently under arrest for another charge of theft--A major charge.

I was imprisoned in Los Angeles County Jail, just out of a very difficult, almost fatal pregnancy and birth in the L.C.M.C. County Jail Hospital (A truly miserale, terrifying place and experience), terrified for my baby, all alone, lonely, on my own, and I had absolutely no support or help.

To make matter worse, I was harassed and abused, on a daily basis, by Sheriffs (County Jail employees-A particularly sadistic breed of humans).

My then attorney, Alalhe Kamran, had decided that she no longer wished to be an honest counsel and she began neglecting my case and my needs in jail.

She pawned me off on Jeff Dominic Price.

On Easter weekend, he came to see me in the jail.

Immediatly, he rolled his eyes at me and demeaned me with rude comments about inmates.

This was his way of grooming me.

For narcissists, one of their many trademark moves are to initially bring down an individual and then build up said individual in order to mold and shape them to their own control.

The journey was long and painful.

The more abuse was heaped on me in jail, the more often he misused his privileges as an attorney to come to jail, for "legal visits" to keep me "company" then flatter me, make "promises" to help me with a harassment suit against. then promise to "soon" post my bail, then sectually hit on me, then even pressure & demand me to show him my breasts from under my worn, soiled jail/prison uniform (Which jail employees had denied me clean, laundered changes of, as part of the harassment & abuse) the Sheriffs employees and the jail, and on and on and on.

I had no self-esteem, no confidence, I was absolutely afraid, literally hungry and thirsty (I was also illegaly often denied food and even clean water to drink), terrified, overwhelmed with sleepless nights, anxieties, depression, and so much more that weighed on me.

And he used all of this to shamlessly take mean, cruel advantage of me, pressure me, and abuse me in his own ways for his own means.

And his multiple daily visits soon alerted jail employees to the beginning of an inapporipriate relationship.

The jsil staff not only punished me for his indiscretions, unthical behaviour & actions, absuses of the system, but they increased the harassment & abuse.

I was soon on permanent lock-down for things that were clearly out of my control and within the control of an immral attorney who was violating every BAR conduct rule and law by making me, his signed client, his "girlfriend," "romantic" target, victim of sectual harassment, and far worse.

Other than my absolute reserve of courage and steel resolve, I still don't know how I survived it all.

There is also much, much more to this entire story. Yet it would take up too much space here.

So I'll move forward and state that I was eventually sentenced to a period of "evaluation" at Patton State Hospital, then again shackled and sent back to the jail, given a bail, and then in utter chagrine (But not surprised) when this coward, Jeff Dominic Price, reneged on his "promise" to post my bail.

He's always been cheap, stingy, tight, and a deadbeat.

It took my telling him that I'd not go on with these games, for him to eventually, though grudgingly, post my bail.

And, although he had clearly  stated that he'd done so as a "gift" to me, he spent the next five years. every time that I tired to leave him due to his disgusting, cheating, promiscuous (With femaled NAD males) nature, repeatedly attacking me & demanding the money back with his lies that I "owed" him.

Another  attorney once told me that I owed that FAILURE NOTHING.

(Many attorneys, judges, and oh so many other people abhorred him and spke ill of him. NO one respected him--And I was coming to see why).

Soon after, he got me pregnant. Intentionally.

He wanted to have a baby for several reasons. And none of those reasons were positive reasons.

However, back then, I was a beaten down woman who was not willing to see the bad in people or to see them for who and what they really were.

When he got me pregnant, he abandoned me.

There I was, again, pregnant, pennyless, with not a single friend or supposrt or help of any kind.

Once again, for my baby (Ohara Bree Dallys Price--Today I very willingly allow her to keep that last name, as I no longer want to, desire to, am willing to be associated with this child who grew up to be a replica malignant narcissist just like her old father), I turned to fraud and theft.

Back then, it was all for my baby. My concerns, energy, love, devotion, were for my children.

Today I see that, my being an empath and having a huge heart NEVER meant that others, inclusindg my so-called children, would be the same.

Back then, I'd have done almost anything and did do anything for my children, including putting myself at risk, over and over again.

(So sorry for the person I used to be.

Yet so glad for the better, more knowing, wiser woman I have become today).

Sooner than later, i was caught & arrested & imprisoned again.

Jeff Dominic Price was there for the jail "legal visits," and there to freeload--Allow me to be clear:

He never once was willing to obtain health insurance or so much as try to make life (Existence) in any manner easier for me by provivding for me, even while I was pregnant and jail with his child.

He was a DEADBEAT, is a DEABEAT.

Anything provided, was provided by me, on my own insurance, even while in jail.

At about the eight month mark, with another high-risk pregnancy that endangered my health and well-being, I gave birth.

He took our child.

He demanded we get married or else.

But by that time, I was learned as to what an absolute a*****e he was.

I declined to get married.

In brief:

His ah, physical abilities (Much like his skills as an attorney) were non-existent, anyways, so I had not lost anything in that way.

But more importantly, he was pure evil-And that was a LOT to want to lose.

So I told him to get lost.

And so, upon my sentence to state prison and tranfer to prison, he went, behind my back, and retaliated by filing paperwork for full custody, lying about having me "served," (I was NOT in fact served and not even made aware, until it was too late) and he won custody (Upon illegal manuevers of a coward, more manipulations of other judges, and his bullshit).

And to further nail the coffin, he then went and, close to my parole date, filed for a restraining order (Upon more lies) against me.


He thought these cowardly, bitchy schemes of his would stop me from attempting to file my own paperwork to be a mother to our child.

Subsequently, immediatly upon parole, I did file paperwork.

However, this bitchy coward often contacted my parole agent with lies to have me thron back in jail, so that I could not adequately move forth with the custody process.

I'll move on with stating that, regardless of the facts that I continually battled for our child throughout the years against this unethical, dishonest, disgusting attorney, I used to think that some day our child would grow up and have enough common ense to see the truth, all in  front of her face, and allow me to be a mother to her.

However, I was really just not facing facts:

This child, now grown woman, was brought up with a malignantly narcissistic father who fed her lies and only lies.

And, regardless of her eventually being very capable of seeing through his lies, she has become nothing better that him--She is a narcissistic, willingly ignorant, and yes, unworthy product of the TRASH who raised & reared her.

I never ever thought that, today, I would say about her and my other narcissistic children: GOOD RIDDANCE.


I have no regrets in doing so.

Today, IF I even think of them (Which I never really do), I laugh at them, as I would laugh at strangers who make fools of themselves.

I actually look down on them, as I have no respect for such weak individuals.

And, when I cannot respect someone, I certainly cannot love someone.

The reason is that I finally love myself.

But than, today I have finally become to better, more learned, far wiser woman, the person who has gained a difficult, hard-won education and become the good person who I should have been all along.

Late, but much better than never.

As for having made an official complaint to the BAR Association:

I did file a Report back then.However, I most likely filed it, incorrectly, with the local BAR Association or an ofshoot of it, because back then, I did not know better.

Soon after, I received a Letter that I needed to file with the actual BAR.

But then, this COWARD had me thron back in jail, under the loose parole rules, based upon his crying to y parole officer's supervisor that he was in fear of life. He was in fear of exposure...

And, thereafter, I was dealing with so many more overwhelming issues, that the Complaint was let go.

To this day, i so wish for him to face his legal punishments, as he so richly deserves.

As for the other side of this: Today, I realize and so clearly see that, at the very least, I escaped the many years of additional punishment that would have besieged me, had these ungreatful, truly bad children been in my life.

Back then I did not and was not willing to see it as such, and I suffered so much sadness and grief. However, today I see that I oh so truly dodged huge bullets-HUGE bulletes.

And I am so glad that they never got my addtional energy, resources, and so much more that I now have and enjoy every day of my life.

I seriosuly feel no love and certainly no loss for these children.

They are bad people. They are liabilities. They are trash. 

No one, absolutely NO one who can so easily stand by and abandon a good mother or even just a good person (With absolutely no reason of their own, no wrongdoing against them, on my part and simply because they are ignorant enough to want to fall in with the crowd & side on the easier majority), deserves to have me or anyone like me in their sad, sorry lives.

Another thing that I am so glad for, today, is the age of internet. The internet can be a curse, but it can also be a blessing.

And the blessing is twoold:

1). I now get to expose bad people

2). As for narcissists and the trauma & harm that they cause to so many good people: The education on these truly sadisitc people is COMMON KNOWLEDGE, Easily accessible, and Free.

There are millions, if not more, sites, resources, testimonies by people and even lessons by millions more on these types of people and how to spot them a hundred miles away, how to be easily aware of them, and how not to fall victim to them. And, while this bodes terribly for those trash children and the trash fathers and other such borderline personality types, because they can no longer run their cruel games as they once could, it bodes better for their intended victims.

Blessings really do appear in disguise sometimes.

Such is the case here.


In (Not really conclusion but in temporary conclusion, I guess), I repeat what I stated earlier in this post: There is a lot, LOT more.

And if anyoone wishes to know more, contact me through this site.

I also wish to state this:

Although even today, so any years later, I understandably still am indignant and upset and I lack closure, I am a far better person for what has happened.


There is a better tomorrow than yesterday.

Eventhough, when in one is in the moment, it does not feel that way...




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