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Complaint Review: Eckankar - Chanhassen Minnesota

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Lea - Portsmouth, United States

1200 W. 78th. Street Chanhassen, 55317 Minnesota, United States
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I have a doozy to tell you. This is real. I didn't make it up. I got scammed, really bad. There is an outfit called Eckankar that has lied to me for years. My friend that runs a cult exposure network emailed the following to me. I didn't believe it. I spent months emailing and calling around to verify what they wrote me about. Most of it was dated. It was hard to piece together. I was concerned over defamation. Wow the entire account has been authenticated. I will try to simplify it. This information comes from the United States and is connected to activity happening also abroad. It pertains to donations contributed to Eckankar. With my own donations taken  for years, then used to hurt me with that. I just couldn't believe I had been scammed so badly. Victimized right under my nose. With the RESA smiling to my face and holding my evolution back but profiting himself, financially! There is a whole network of them taking charitable donations and then pocketing them for private use: 

Eckankar’s All Star List of Big League Money Fixers


Tony Gneck, a Kenpo Karate Master, whose mentor was friends with Paul Twitchell; and his student, followed him to Nuremberg Germany to thereby further Eckankar’s aims, of hiding their non chairitable business assets;   going into the pockets of Eckankar higher-ups, not using said,   for any spiritual reasons, but to become well off at the expense of, paying chelas. 


Gneck,  a former Marine veteran and CIA operative in Vietnam, had been a former teacher of the Hell’s Angels motorcycle club. After a massive heart attack Gneck, became a member of Eckankar. He then moved into parts of Germany to help out Real Estate licensed, Eckankar members;  who are in effect, land barons.  Gneck, used in the hiding of Eckankar’s non charity designated money;   capital converted then in the money laundering capital of the world being, Stockdorf, Germering, and Gauting, Germany. 


Oh, by the way, Tony Gneck supposedly died over twenty years ago in Asia from a lethal death blow to his head. Yet, he has been spotted all over Bavaria. Gneck was raised from the dead by one Jerry Fay,  a life member of Eckankar;   as well as one,  Greg Walter Zimmerman, an escaped murder and also, former, life member of Eckankar whom, is a high level Scientologist now.


In case you don’t know it, Eckankar is a made up spiritual path fantasied and then put together, by Paul Twitchell;   a former writer, for Stars and Stripes magazine. Also Twitchell  a former Scientologist and past member of the Radha Soami and Self Realization Fellowship paths. 


Twitchell’s wife threatened to leave him if he didn’t come up with a money maker. Gail Anderson, Twitchell’s wife, paid all of his bills, until said sprouted his creation, as Eckankar. Then, Anderson, left him, to party with Darwin Gross who was later appointed by Anderson to, take over Twitchell’s fantastic, fantasy path.


To this historical fact moving forward in time, is the Hu restaurant, a popular place for Eckists to converge after being fleeced of their funds from Arahata training programs held in Germering, Germany. The Hu, working escaped Chinese nationals from Hong Kong who labor in droves at this restruant, on slave labor programs offered them, to get out of China.


This, Hu restaurant, which launders Jerry Fay and Greg Walter Zimmerman’s real estate cash proceeds on behalf of Eckankar money laundering schemes;   also has provided documents of escape for those workers at the named restaurant;  that holds said, until their debt is paid. Fay has Real Estate holdings in North Korea. Fay, also holds lucrative real estate lots just outside of Portland, Oregon, that Eckankar is a beneficiary to, in terms of workable, liquid assets which can be moved quickly.


Zimmerman, has laundered millions through this Hu restaruant on behalf of his Mother, who has spendy real estate holdings in Laguna Beach, California.  Moroeover, a high Eckankar initiate, osteopath, in Pasing, singled out, as one dubious character there; regularly for a fee, passes on derogatory made up medical records on marked Eckankar dissidents. The osteopath regularly funnels his large sums of paper cash through, the HU. 


The good doctor also works at trying to get rid of noncompliers, to the Eckankar mafia club.   He thus passes fraudulent medical details onto the German authorities in the hopes of getting these misbehaving Eckankar members trashed and done away with. Doc, also passes this intel onto the Eckankar  church in Chanhassen.



Andrea Shnider, has been Germany’s Boss of Eckankar.  Working there for Reise Bank in Frankfurt am Main. Frankfurt is Europe’s Banking Capital where Schider has gathered the names and credit Information of Eckankar members throughout Germany as well as others, whom, have large sums of available cash.  


This regional Eck Spiritual Aide and other Eckankar representatives who will approach these designated doners, already looked at on paper, as high rollers;   to become Eckankar substantial paying members. 


With this same mentioned credit information, Boss Schneider and her conniving pals, can press still other more chintzy Eckankar members, for even higher cash donations refused by them, in the past. Donations not readily available to give that said have so far refused to make, to the Eckankar church. Donations such as the ones already mentioned overall as those having built the Eckankar temple, at a village on the far outside stretches of Frankfurt am Main. Donations made by the faithful who reached into deep pockets;  expecting a return on their money, invested in such. Outsiders, discovering the donator’s made up Eckankar story may cause some of them to revert to, murder, perhaps? David Lane PhD could have had a run in by people like this when he published his classic book on Paul Twitchell’s, Eckankar?


In relation to this is Scientology that was exposed for basically supposedly robbing its parishioners to the point of bankruptcy, in places like Germany;  but Eckankar, which is Scientology in an already proven clandestine form, has managed to avoid any detection for decades, while doing terrible damage to its non complying members, not following Chanhassen, cult orders.


 A federal lawsuit was executed against Eckankar in the United States a number of years ago, by damaged members, some of whom were pegged as basically insane;  so they could be imprisoned and then deported to their home countries of origin way outside of American borders; where they could have caused lots of damage to Twitchell’s, made up, esoteric organization. A church now, kept afloat by dubious real estate deals made from abroad by Eckankar members hiding out;  in other international jurisdictions. Jurisdiction authorities,  unaware of said, illegal real estate deals, forwarded, as cash to, the Eckankar church in Chanhassen. Not for its membership, but for the private business interests of investment, profiteers.  


Matilda Tobbler a high initiate in Eckankar recommended to that position by her mentor, a higher up in London’s,  Eckankar hierarchy of compliant parishioners; has been dabbling in legal studies ever since she moved her corporate signature out of Switzerland, into Germany. So, as to, rub shoulders with other Eckankar executives, aiming to control the monetary resources of its miserly, last hold out, members;  as well as to recruit those displaying high figures, in their credit scores.  Thus, making said holdouts, prime targets for Eckankar, recruitment. Sounds like some of the supposed, stories, of Scientology, doesn’t it.


 Furthermore, Tobler, has regularly spied out Eckankar members to ruin them, in her home country, if they had gotten out of line;  meaning her-line of narrow cult thinking. Eventually, though, Tobler has been run out of Switzerland with fire on her tail because the Swiss authorities are less lenient on pseudo churches aiming for their member’s, monetary resources. 


Rajeev Sharma is an adherent of getting pegged (his nick name is peggy) by his female companions. Regardless, of such unreliable heresay, Sharma has had, an ongoing subservient glow about him, situating him to write multiple letters to the Eckankar leader, whom;  finally decided to take a chance on Sharma; thus do his monetary and also information gathering work, throughout Europe and also Northern California where Rajeev’s relatives own very high real estate holdings, merging across state lines into, Oregon. 

Sharma was moved free of charge from London to the Munich area to suss out the local Eckankar members and then report on them to Eckankar headquarters in Chanhassen.


Thus, Sharma has been useful in reporting bad guys to the current Eckankar leader who has attacked said, day and night, with Eckankar techniques in an attempt to quiet them. Maybe, even, off them? 


Something, the current leader did, to those that attempted to follow another former Eckankar master, thrown out of Eckankar after a dispute he had with the current leader over getting a pay issue sorted out. As well as, alcohol and pharmaceutical drug, overuse.


In like kind, Eckankar members who also raised concern over this pay issue of the former Eckankar master, were summarily attacked with what the industry calls, “Black Magic. Many of these persons died coincidently, while others, became gravely ill. 


Check out California Arizona Nevada Oregon and Minnesota medical records, it’s all there. Evidence of wrong doing by the current Eckankar administration now in power was so alarming at its breeching point in the 1980s; that the camp had to move out of state to avoid prosecution of their designated chief executives. 


Prosecution, due to, a very large array of felony chargeable legalalities being lodged against them;  inclusive of copywrite theft and an alteration of local, set, in house, corporate by-laws. 


To, this, potential harm was definitely there to strike down just installed Eckankar officers then, and in the future. Subsequently, internal corporate changes have been made over decades to shift wording; thus any potential prosecution for those past multiple violations of established corporate law mandates;  that were operating presently, when it’s charity incorporation took place, furthered from origin.


Perhaps, it wouldn’t be all so bad or even sneaky, if said church corporation was actually spiritual, but obviously, it is not. Eckankar’s, aim, is more a psychological control of its membership, done, in completely mean ways;  meant to harm and hinder its paying out the Yang-Yang, parishioners. 


The whole structure of Eckankar currently is set up to injure, not create spiritual enlightenment, of its paying members and initiates. The founder himself, of Eckankar, was less intense about making money; seems diametrically opposite to the current leadership which is completely lost, from its founder’s starting spiritual principles, lodged deeply at its forefront, despite his copious plazerism.  Twitchell was less apt to injure, currently Eckankar Chanhassen, dosn’t give a s**t.


Eckankar high initiate Lela Arivello is a health nut, and an Real Estate licensed broker, formerly of Palm Springs, California. Her son used to launder money for the Italian mob in Palm Springs, through a parking lot, rental scheme. 


Sonny, has recently joined his Mom in Germany to help her out along with another Real Estate man, wanted for murder in the United States, called, Greg Walter Zimmerman. Whom, just happens to be friends with still yet another Real Estate Tycoon from Portland Oregon named, Jerry Fay; having right of abode within Germany because of his original non-adoptive birth, there. 


These named persons being the three amigos, Lela, Greggy and Jerry, amongst many others, with similar credentials; have worked the laws in Germany to acquire property for Eckankar, there. One such property holding which has been an aquirement, is the Eckankar temple, situated outside of Frankfurt am Main. Oh, gee wiz, did I mention that Zimmerman and Fay are, associated with having, a life membership, in the Eckankar church? Greggy runs funds though through the gypsy league of Munich, and then streams the rest through Scientology in Germany.


Zimmerman, Fay, and Arivello, go way back. The trio themselves having been brokers in a whole series of schemes that they have participated in together; while appearing non chalant in the public eye. Fay, being a general contractor and painter, Zimmerman and his mother Jeanne Klein being silent partners;  fronting cash to illegal businesses up, and down, Europe. With said Ma Arivello working at a low end Aldi store in a village outside of Munich piling up dosh in her company locker along with an apples and sandwichs . 


Sonny, Arivello’s boy, one day, being observed retrieving a large black duffle bag of rifles and manchine-guns from a boating shed during a winter storm; all the while sneering aggressively when he realized a government agent had been watching him;  in his gun running retrieval that was heading towards snowed in, Austria. The alps too covered over by snow to be patrolled that day by German Austrian and Italian customs officers.


Sonny Arivello having scurried away in his waiting running compact Fiat, to speed away without snow chains;  and then eventually crossing over the border into Italy to his employers, requiring their already paid for Martian, hardware. 


Thus, all Eckankar members to whatever extent, are guarded by a brick and mortar shield of pseudo nonprofit sanctuary; yet eating their donated funding nonetheless, by scattered confusing efforts rarely displayed, outright. This clandestine activity train therefore made by movers and shakers bending and breaking legal limits to accomadate dark forces, vamping off, a hypnotized membership.


Constellated Eckankar players feeding the big hungry dinosaur in Chanhassen with a rabid appetite. An unconcerned cult not disturbed over the bodies falling under a heavy weight of servitude. But, consequently, being extremely punishing in its effect on victims, who unknowingly are supplying fuel to the growing all consuming fire. 


Blah blah blah… where is my report headed? Why, has so much structure been applied to the building of an Eckankar church where in the beginning this was not in the least necessary. So, why is such structure necessary now? Why then so many worded structural changes in Eckankar doctrine to affect the use of such in its application to the world as well to Eckankar membership? 


Here-say initially wiped out the reputation of a man and his minion corps associates revealed in an Portland located Federal court, about a decade later after the fact. Destruction carried out over employment contracts drugs alcohol bed hopping and so much cigarette smoking that Virginia made the man in question an honorary citizen. They all lost the plot. All of them. Eckankar parishioners are submerged in it now. They are all drowning. Nothing is left of its spirited original paradigm. 

I can't tell people who might make contact with Eckankar what to do. Eckankar is not what it says it is. 





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United States
I verify and add new information about Sharma who is mentioned in this report regarding cash laundering

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Wed, January 10, 2024

Mr Sharma, I have noted, is in this report. Known as, the black slug, because in the early to mid - 2000s, he worked for a media company in Europe that had him carrying excessive cash into Greece, and then onward to the U.S. . I also know he had a billionaire relative outside Seattle he did chores for, such as doing excessive  laundering, connected to others mentioned in this report, that then made its way back into continental Europe, in a round about way. Eckankar was in the midst of this. Sharma' s consort, as, daughter of his Greek connections. Just saying. I can see why he got such a reputation. 

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