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Complaint Review: 0 Dollar Startup - Vineyard Utah

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Sean - Utah, United States

0 Dollar Startup
406 N 250 W Vineyard, 84059 Utah, United States
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In March of 2022, I came across a Facebook ad showing a video of Roger Comstock talking about the 0 Dollar Startup program.  I clicked on the ad and entered my contact information and received a call from a recruiter named Jayden Whitehead to recruit me into the program.  Jayden explained the program vaguely to me by saying that 0 Dollar Startup is a company that helps people create a "digital asset" by helping other companies generate business.  I was very hesitant based on the cost of the program, which ranged from $12,000 to $30,000 depending on what level program I wanted to join.  I told Jayden I would think about it and speak with my spouse and get back to him. 

Jayden proceeded to call me a couple of days later to continue his recruiting efforts.  I told him I had spoken with my spouse and was not sure I wanted to risk paying $12,000+ for the program because I wasn't sure if I would be able to convince companies to work with me.  Jayden asked if he could conference in Roger Comstock, the owner of the company, onto our phone call and I agreed.  Roger Comstock came onto the call with his hyped-up way of speaking, calling me "brother" and "my friend," and proceeded to recruit me agressively with lofty promises about how much I can make with the 0 Dollar Startup program.  I told Roger I wasn't sure I would be able to convince companies to work with me and that the price of the program was very high and felt like I was taking a big risk.  Roger's response to my concerns was to say "that is actually the easiest part of the program, is finding companies to work you."   He said further that if I followed the program and worked hard I could make a lot of money.  

Roger was able to convince me to sign up on the program by gaining my trust and buttering me up with his sweet talk.  I trusted his statement that I would have an easy time convincing companies to work with me.  I financed the program for $14,500 through a loan company called Denefits.  I agreed to pay over $500 per month based on the promises and sweet talk of Roger Comstock.  I went through the training program and watched all the videos in the back office, many of them multiple times.  I scheduled two one on one phone calls with a coach named Austin which was basically a waste of time because all the coach did was repeat the same things that I already learned on the training videos.  I then spent the next two and a half months working the program very hard and contacting hundreds of companies to try and convince them to work with me.  I work on it for 5-6 hours per day, calling, texting, and emailing with prospects.  I found after many phone calls and hard work that I was lied to by Roger Comstock:  there is nothing "easy" about convincing these companies to work with me.  Roger lied to me to get me to join the program.  

After another few months of working the program on a part-time basis, since I had to get a job and work long hours and overtime to afford to pay my bills and to pay Denefits the $500+ per month for the program, I decided that the program was just not going to work for me despite my honest efforts.  I then sent an email to Roger Cromstock asking if he could refund me the remaining balance owed to Denefits based on my inability to make the program work for me, and the fact that he told me that convicing companies to work with me is the easiest part of the program when it is actually the hardest, and the only hard part, of the 0 Dollar Program.  I felt like I had been lied to and defrauded, and that the contract I signed was misrepresented to me based on Roger false statements and promises. 

I also expressed my concerns in my email to Roger Comstock about several other parts of the program, including my bad experience working with a company that Roger recommends we partner with called Agency Platform.  This company is supposed to be able to generate leads on Facebook to help with generating business for the companies we work with.  Not only was Agency Platform difficult to get a hold of and not satifactorily responsive, but I also hired them to generate leads for me.  After spending over $100 over a two-week period to Agency Platform to generate leads and prospects for me, they failed generate even a single lead for me.  So I had no trust in Agency Platform to use them as a partner to generate leads for the companies I work with.  My confidence and trust in them, and, frankly, Roger Comstock, had become irrepairable based on dishonesty and lack of results.  There was no way for me to succeed with the 0 Dollar Program after more than 6 months of not finding a single ounce of success despite my many hours of work and money spent.

Roger Comstock took many days to respond to my email, but when he finally did respond he competely ignored all of my concerns, did not address a single question I asked, and wrote just one paragraph to me to tell me that they do not offer refunds for the 0 Dollar Program.  He also said he can get on a phone call with me to help me figure out how I can succeed with the program.  So, basically, Roger was telling me to ignore the lies told to me by him to get me to join the program, to trust him and Agency Platform who is a terrible company that doesn't provide the service that they claim they provide, and to go back and keep working the program that I tried for over 6 months to make work, and to get on a phone call with me so he could help me try and succeed with the program that he said would be "easy" but is anything but "easy."  

I also contacted the Better Business Bureau and filed a complaint with them to try and resolve my issue with Roger Comstock's fraudulent recruiting methods and refusal to refund the program cost despite his lies.  Roger Comstock never responded to the complaint and offer to negotiate or resolve the dispute.  It is very apparent to me that Roger Comstock is a liar and a phony, and has no integrity in his business dealings.  He will say whatever is necessary to get people to join the 0 Dollar Startup program, and will ignore any concerns that people have with the program.  

Anyone thinking of joining the 0 Dollar Startup program should be extremely cautious.  While there may be some people who have made some money with the program, and a much smaller number who have made a lot of money with the program, there are many people who don't make any money whatsoever, such as myself and many other people who I have seen make comments on the 0 Dollar Startup member Facebook page.  I have seen several people state that they are really struggling with the program and have yet to find a single company to work with them.  The response to these concerns from Roger and others of the small number of people who have actually been able to make the program work for them is always the same:  just keep working the program and someday you will be successful. 

Well, I tried for over 6 months and I cannot afford to keep working the program anymore.  I have bills to pay.  How long do people have to work their tails off before Roger Comstock stops lying to his prospects by telling them that finding companies to work with so they can make money is the "easiest part of the program?"  When will he ever really address people's concerns about his program instead of ignoring their concerns and sweet talking them with his flattering, yet disingenios banter?

My strong recommendation for anyone reading this is to avoid 0 Dollar Startup and Roger Comstock at all costs.  Roger Comstock is a dishonest person who will say and do whatever it takes to get people to pay many thousands of dollars for his program that is extremely difficult to be successful with.  The program is a flat-out scam and will not work for a large percentage of people who pay the exhorbitant cost of the program, and they will be left with nothing but a huge debt and financial ruin.   



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