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EMac - VALDOSTA, GA, United States

Dazzling Cleaning
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 I purchased a voucher in Aug 2022. This company contacted me again and again about the $19 voucher purchased for 3 hours of cleaning. After the service, I cancelled the service once I realized I would be charged $49 a month for a subscription. When I cancelled, I was charged for the month $49, and then $185 for the cleaning.  The fact that this company can charge me a monthly subscription for one visit and $185 on top of that is robbery!  They charged me a subscription fee and cancellation on the same day!  This is a ripoff!  People need to be warned!  All contracts should have a cancellation period.  This company does not have one.

I would like a full refund for the subscription and the full service charge.  This is wrong and this company should not be allowed to get away with this!  Somebody help please!

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Terms and Conditions

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Wed, July 26, 2023

 What were the Terms and Conditions in rgard to you using this voucher? Did you read them?


Or how about...

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Tue, July 25, 2023

 There is one very easy way to avoid getting scammed. STOP TRYING TO GET SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. Nobody is going to give you a $200 cleaning for almost free with no strings attached. Loss leader promotions do not generally involve giving away hundreds of dollars of free services. You are not going to get a free cleaning, free vacation, free car, or free anything. Companies give stuff away only when they know they will get their money back. In this case, by getting you to sign an odious contract. And I seriously doubt these companies care about their reputation. The whole business model is getting suckers to sign up by giving them a deal too good to be true. They know you are not going to come back, and they don't care.


Los Angeles area,
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Couplw of other sources..

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Tue, July 25, 2023

To complain to

FTC: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ FBI's IC3: https://www.ic3.gov/


Los Angeles area,
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Suggestions to fight them back.

#5Consumer Comment

Mon, July 24, 2023

I thought I posted this  so maybe it had to get approved but in case I forgot to hit submit I will post again as  these are very good suggestions  and should be posted right away.   There is a Facebook page called Dazzling Cleaning Company Scam, go there for helpful suggestions i.e. joining a class action suit etc.  Here are some of mine...   One, contact your local TV news investigative reporters and have them do a story on them, two, contact TV shows that advertise them as well as their sister company Homeaglow and inform them that the company is a scam and that if they don't stop running their commercials they may be party to the class action suit you are joining against DC (I would say you would boycott the show but maybe you really like it and am not sure you could sue a TV show that is sponsored by them, but maybe they will think, hey, we don't need this and stop taking their ad dollars) thirdly though I doubt many will do this, contact your LOCAL cleaning company, with Dazzle in the name, they are probably NOT connected with this company and tell them that the should join a class action suit with other companies that have Dazzle in their name because they are bearing the brunt of the bad reputation of this company. A worker said that this company changes their name a lot, and probably uses Dazzle as it's a common name for cleaning companies (why I wonder). because of lack of customer support , they get the invective calls and emails and have to explain to people who post one star reviews that they are a different company, some people ,may not even read the reviews just see one star and move on. I know that there is one company in Seattle who is fighting them and told him to go here and he might find other companies to join him.   Always, always do a chargeback, there was one company that didn't take a cc from a company that i ordered from and said they got too many chargebacks from the company, thought that was good to know.


Los Angeles,
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Reply to original report and comment afterward....

#6Consumer Suggestion

Mon, July 24, 2023

First, unlike some sites, maybe Pissed Consumer or Consumer Affairs or BBB,  this site does NOT contact company to give a reviewer restitution, although companies can pay to have reports invesitgated, usually people are told to contact company but this company makes it almost impossible to do so.  As for the person who made rude, snarky comments about the $19 bait cleaning fee, companies often have loss leader promtions, maybe this company was well funded and paid it's workers well and ate the cost, it's not the customers concern how the workers are being paid, if they don't like it, they can choose not to work there but rather the company should have been transparent in it's advertising, i.e. $19 first time cleaning fee only with mandatory sign up  of $49 monthly subscription fee of six months!  But if anyone comes on here and wants to file a complaint besides going to your local investegative TV reporter, (great idea!) go to a FB site called Dazzling Cleaning Company Scam , they have info on class action suits against this company as well as how people got their money back.  You can post anonmymously but I think FB requires you to be a member to view the page. 


Wait a sec

#7General Comment

Thu, February 02, 2023

You thought you would get 3 HOURS OF CLEANING for $19?  You do realize that's barely $6 an hour, right?  Did you actually expect someone to do a bunch of work for free?  And usually, you have to pay EXTRA for a one-off cleaning, because the cleaning services aren't stupid and know that it's a lot more work.  You thought you would scam them, but it sounds like you got schooled instead.

Next time, read the contract BEFORE you sign it.  And don't be a sucker.  Nobody is going to give you a service worth $200 for $19.


Highlands Ranch,
United States
Feel free to email a copy of your Ripoff Report to your Attorney General immediately!

#8Consumer Comment

Wed, February 01, 2023

Also send copies to all of your Local TV News Stations and put it to the attention of “Investigative Reporter”. Maybe someone will contact you and do a story on TV in order to alert others of this potential scam.

Thank you for sharing your Ripoff Report with everyone. Good luck to you!

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