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Complaint Review: Damon DeCrescenzo with Credit Pros - West Palm Beach Florida

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Russell Wallace - Laguna Beach, Ca, United States

Damon DeCrescenzo with Credit Pros
7754 Okeechobee Blvd, #765 West Palm Beach, 33411 Florida, United States
1(800) 411-3050
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I feel compelled to share my experience with Credit Pros, a credit repair company, in hopes that it might prevent others from falling into the same trap my girlfriend and I did.

About a year ago, both of us were looking for ways to improve our credit scores. We came across Credit Pros, who promised to help remove negative items from our credit reports. The idea of having a better credit score, which could lead to better loan rates, more opportunities for housing, and overall financial freedom, was incredibly appealing. Unfortunately, the reality was far from what was promised.

In under a year, we collectively paid Credit Pros a total of $2150. This substantial investment led us to expect significant improvements in our credit reports. However, after nearly 11 months, we found that only one negative item had been removed from each of our credit reports. This result was shockingly underwhelming and certainly not worth the amount of money we invested.

Paying $2150 for the removal of just one negative item feels exorbitant and deeply unfair. When we signed up for their services, we were full of hope and trust in their expertise. But as months passed, our optimism turned into frustration. The lack of substantial results, coupled with the high cost, has left us feeling scammed.

Our experience with Credit Pros serves as a stark reminder that not all credit repair services deliver on their promises. It's a lesson learned the hard way about the importance of thoroughly researching such companies and managing expectations about what they can realistically achieve.

I'm sharing this story in the hope that it might help others make more informed decisions. Please, if you're considering Credit Pros or any similar service, think carefully and perhaps look for more reliable and cost-effective ways to manage and repair your credit.

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Due Process

#2Consumer Comment

Tue, February 27, 2024

 For LEGITIMATE mistakes there is DUE PROCESS to correct or remove them. Every credit bureau has a procedure to accomplish this. This is a FREE service. Just in case you didn't see that, THIS IS A FREE SERVICE to correct LEGITIMATE mistakes. Nobody in their right mind would be paying $2000+ to accomplish an action which is absolutely FREE. We're not all stupid here. You have garbage credit and you thought paying somebody would create a new but FRAUDULENT identity. These "credit repair" schemes are a dime a dozen and their ONLY goal is to STEAL somebody's money...somebody who thinks they can get away DEFRAUDING future creditors with a COVER UP of their deadbeat reputation=FACT!


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Setting the Record Straight: A Response to Misconceptions and Unfair Accusations by Credit Pros

#3Author of original report

Tue, February 27, 2024

In response to the statement issued by Credit Pros, I feel it is necessary to address the misconceptions and accusations presented, and to clarify the situation from our perspective. The response from Credit Pros not only misrepresents our intentions and actions but also raises serious concerns about their understanding of credit repair and customer service.

First and foremost, the characterization of our actions as an attempt to "create a new identity" or "defraud and deceive future creditors" is not only inaccurate but also a gross misrepresentation of the purpose and process of credit repair. Credit repair is a legitimate and legal service recognized under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). It involves challenging inaccurate, unfair, or unverified information on credit reports. It is not about deceiving creditors or erasing legitimate credit history, but ensuring that credit reports accurately reflect one's financial history.

Our decision to engage Credit Pros was based on the belief that they would act in accordance with these legal and ethical standards. We sought their services to address specific items on our credit reports that we believed were inaccurate or could be legitimately challenged under the FCRA. At no point did we request, nor did we expect, Credit Pros to engage in any form of deceit or illegal activity on our behalf.

The response from Credit Pros also unfairly labels customers seeking their services as "deadbeats." This is not only offensive but also a gross generalization. Many individuals seek credit repair services for a variety of reasons, including errors on their credit reports, identity theft, or financial mistakes made in the past. It is unfair and unprofessional to categorically judge individuals seeking to improve their financial standing.

Furthermore, the assertion that there is "nothing to repair" on a credit report is misleading. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) itself has noted that one in five consumers has an error on at least one of their credit reports. These errors can have significant impacts on a person's ability to obtain loans, secure housing, and even gain employment. The credit repair process is designed to identify and correct these errors.

Regarding our specific case, the issue at hand is not whether we had a poor credit history, but whether the services promised by Credit Pros were delivered as agreed. We entered into a contractual agreement with Credit Pros with the understanding that they would attempt to remove inaccuracies and unverifiable items from our credit reports. The service we received, which resulted in minimal changes to our credit reports, did not align with the promises made or the fees charged.

In conclusion, the response from Credit Pros is not only a misrepresentation of our intentions but also a concerning indication of their approach to customer service and understanding of credit repair. It is important for consumers to be aware of their rights under the FCRA and to approach credit repair with realistic expectations. However, it is equally important for credit repair companies to provide services in an ethical, legal, and transparent manner, and to treat their clients with respect and professionalism.


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#4Consumer Comment

Tue, February 27, 2024

 There was a product or service which was desired. Two parties...YOU and THEM made a deal. YOU did what they wanted (provided payment) and THEY didn't do what you expected them to do. Is that right? Looks like a very clear case of FRAUD and DECEPTION, don't YOU think??? There's a similar case which fits right into this...YOU found them and made a deal to COVER UP the obvious garbage CREDIT REPUTATION which YOU gave YOURSELF. YOU wanted to pay these people money to create a NEW IDENTITY for YOU so that future creditors would NOT see the real you or so you thought. As such YOU schemed YOU could DEFRAUD and DECEIVE these future creditors into thinking you were somebody you weren't! The FACT that YOU admit to having this garbage credit reputation AND it is a verified and documented matter of record with the credit reporting agencies is POSITIVE PROOF the reporting process is working perfectly and there is NOTHING TO "REPAIR"! YOU made deals with previous creditors in which they were to fund loans . They did what they were supposed to do and just like in this case, another party, YOU, failed to do what YOU were supposed to do...PAY THEM BACK. There is NO SUCH THING as "credit repair". If information a DEADBEAT will not do what they agreed to do, PAY THEIR BILLS ON TIME is correct. it has a right to be on a credit report and will be on a factual credit report so future creditors will not be screwed over by the DEADBEAT. This sure is a very clear and convincing case of FRAUD and DECEPTION. Boo h*o!!!!!


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The Law YOU Broke

#5Consumer Comment

Mon, February 26, 2024

This is just another living example of Lack of Financial COMMON SENSE. Only an absolute idiot would send off that kind of money to somebody they don't know to buy a USED CAR sight unseen where YOU could have checked this out in advance. Absolutely, positively incredible!

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