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This website has all sort of speakers for car audio. Let me decribe in reality what they offer. Many of the models are almost exactly the same.

One speakers may have a small bullet cap on the cone  another may have a regular dust cap cone but they are exact same in every other way.  Look at the claimed frequency response and wattage. Same thing on most. The price will range from 110$ for one of these where as the other is 230$ or more.

They use very exagerated wording to describe the speakers. If you read the description you would think they are selling the best speaker on the planet. However, what I said earlier is they have all togther a hand ful of speakers they rebadge as a different model.

Its like Taco bell taking their taco meat and putting in a taco then taking the same meat and putting it in a burrito and charging more becuase they says its new and awesome when its the same thing except its a soft burrito not a taco.

Second thing these people do is they sale passive crossovers. To sale as many as possible they claim the 4 ohm crossover will also work with theor 2 ohm speakers. WRONG. Any one in the speaker scene knows that a passive crossove is designed to work for only a specific ohm rating. If you put a 2ohm speaker on a passive crossover designed for 4ohms it will not sound good at all.

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When you send these people an email asking them any question the main goal is to tell you whatever they have to tell you to get an item sold. Its actually just one person he calls himsel John. So imagine an entire company like tacobell that has one employee named John who tells you that yes indeed their 2ohm speakers will sound amazing with the 4 ohm passive corssovers. Hes a liar.

Also imagine one person in the whole company which apparently knows every aspect of each speaker but they cant seem to properly label the pricing , if its a pair of a single speaker. I do not think they woul spend money on a machine to do proper frequency analysys on these speakers. Surely one person would not do all this.

They were busted a while back for buying super cheap speakers from another company, placing the speakers in a different style frame and rebadging them as CDT. The glue they use is a cheap black rubber / clay type glue that has caused many of there speakers to literally fall apart.

So now, If you do not belive me, go take a look at the website. They have the ES also known as Eurosport, The Chrome models and fiberglass models which arenr fiberglass and some other models. Compare these speakers and you will see that several of them are exactly the same in every way except the cone dust cap. Some have a different speaker terminal or magney boot but most will claim the same frequency respinse and wattage. They claim some models are carbon. No they arent. Its plastic.

Often if you oder you wont get the item, you will just get a refund with no reason.

If you contact the person they will get upset and put you on a black list to never beable to purchase anything even if you want to just do a review of the product to seee if they have upgraded any speakers that were falling apart.

Also let me point out that most of the time when you purchase the a pair or one of there tweeters you will not get what you paid for, instead you will get something that looks like it but the tweeter you got was either a return or a look alike with none of the mechanical attributes that they claimed in the website such as ferrofluid voice coil etc.

Ive included pics of several speakers which are in my opinion all the same speaker ecxept maybe the dust cap, maybe the speaker terminal and the magnet boot was changed. Even though they change these atrributes most of these speakers have the same wattage and frequency response.

One of the speakers does an impossibly 10hz bass frequency from just one 6.5" speaker that they claim. The prices are all different but they are all the same. You might purchase a 2 ohm speaker and get it to measure it at 3 ohms.

You might purchase a speaker that claims it has a carbon cone and when you get it it has pastic look alike carbon cone.  You call them, ( one person named john ) ask questions but he puts people on black list..

Passive crossovers they sale arent even labeled at all for 2 or 4ohm but if you contact john at the website he will say it works with any speakers Just to get it sold.

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