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Complaint Review: Anti-Fragility Health Clinic - anaheim california

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frank - anaheim, United States

Anti-Fragility Health Clinic
1020 South Anaheim Boulevard anaheim, 92805 california, United States
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It is cautioned that anyone who reads only the phony "5-star" reviews on Yelp, Google, and elsewhere understand that those so-called "positive" reviews are all manufactured and FAKE.

This so-called "clinic" is a DANGEROUS place run by the criminals: Catherine Ting & Charles Sine.

For further reference, do an internet search: Anti-Fragility Health Clinic. And you'll see the news article & WARNINGS.

Anti-Fragility Health Clinic, owned and run by convicted criminals: Catherine Ting & Charles Sine is a filthy, unsafe, harmful clinic.

The so-called clinic, a DUMP in Anaheim, California (With another location in California) is a germ-infested scam place, operated by con artists: Catherine Ting & Charles Sine.

Charles Sine is a very creepy old man who has violated many women (And even men) who have attended these clinics.

Charles Sine is a convicted criminal who has been charged with several offenses, namely inappropriately touching little children (The children of families who have attended and been victimized by this clinic).

Charles Sine is a convicted child offender.

He finds his prey & victims in small, helpless boys & girls who cannot defend themselves.

Moreover, Katherine Ting & Charles Sine commit financial crimes & fraud against customers.

I attended this clinic a few months ago. I, too, was victimized & manipulated by the criminal owners of this poorly run, filthy clinic.

Many naive former customers have trusted them with their health & medical concerns.

However, instead of helping them & gaining their trust, they took terrible advantage of them.

Their doctor, Dr. Daniel Johnson is also a convicted criminal.

Dr. Daniel Johnson additionally runs his own side operation called:

Desert Longevity Institute in Palm Desert, California.

Dr. Daniel Johnson lost his license for inappropriately touching and violating women during exams.

However, he continues to illegaly practice on patients, prescribe medications, and cause harm to them.

Their nurse practitioner, Stella Lee, is also another crimnal.

Stell Lee, a former Nurse Practitioner, lost her own license in year 2022 for writing false prescriprions for narcotics to non-existent people, obtaining the narcotics, and then selling them for cash to the homeless drug addicts who hang around the Anti-Fragility Health Clinic.

There is a sinister pattern with all of the people involved in working at the Anti-Fragility Health Clinic aka Clinical Nutrients aka AFH aka AFC.

They constantly come up with new names to avoid the terrible, but TRUE, publicity about them.

They LIED to them, charged them thousands & thousands of dollars for PLACEBO (EMPTY) "supplements" and pills & other snake oil. They took more money from them for "tests" (FAKE tests for which they drew blood but never sent the bloodwork to any labs other than their own FAKE "lab") & gave them falsified, forged printouts with phony results in order to scare them into spending more money on their potions, lotions, pills, supplements, I.V. "infusions" & other products that actually made me very ill & caused them HARM.

Catherine Ting is one of those greedy women who lures people in with fake promises that they "are always available to communicate with and address concerns" and "treat you like family" & "care about your health."

In reality, however, Catherine Ting is huge phony.

She is the infamous Mandarine greedy backpage scam operator who Love You Long Time--ONLY until she has taken all of your money.

Then she Ignore You Long Time.

She knows how to manipulate & terrify customers with her lies about their health.

She knows exactly how to make customers spend many thousands of dollars on phony vitamins & supplements that do nothing but cause horrible weight gain, hair loss, medical problems & harm to health.

Their I.V. infusions have killed 3 people & caused paralysis & irreparable harm to 19 other people.

The, after you've suffered the damages & harm, she & the other employees completely ignore and disregard you.

They refuse to answer your calls.

They refuse to return messages.

They absolutely disregard & avoid you.

This clinic has been cited for numerous health and safety concerns.

And they STILL have not addressed those safety concerns.

There are still rats & ants & maggots running through their shoddy little clinic.

The R.N.P., Stella Lee, actually lost her license last year, in 2022, for criminal fraud. She was writing Fraudulent prescriptions for cash. She obtains narcotics, with her own prescriptions & then sells those narcotics to homeless drug addicts who hang around this filthy clinic.

Worst of all, they run a "research" facility on the second floor.

They transport homeless people over there & run experiments on them.

They lure them in with promises of cookies, Top Ramen, and soda.

But here's the danger: They take YOUR test results, without your knowledge, & sell those results to other research firms for cash.

This is the only reason they're still in business.

If it wasn't for the illegal sale of people's DNA & medical results, they'd be GONE.

NOBODY attends this clinic for health or medical reasons, after discovering that the other people had died here!

This "clinic" is more & more sinister by the minute.

This clinic is staffed & run by criminals & scammers & a CHILD TRAFFICKER (Charles Sine).

If you look on their current Yelp page, under the Filtered Reviews, you'll see many, many reviews, FAKE "5-star" reviews, that the employees & owners of this shady clinic posted themselves, while falsely posing as customers.

Look at the review by Catherine Ting, herself.

She's posing as a customer.

Hpwever, when she discovered the new ACCURATE 1-Star reviews, she went to her own Yelp review (Which remains Filtered) and added a new claim, begging potential customers to "come and see for yourselves" And "anybody can write anything".

And, yet, the version of her original review, in which she posed as a customer, rremains underneath the new addendum.

So which is it? Is she a "customer" or is she posting as the desperate owner?

There is no doubt that she will yet again add some other lies to that Filtered review, at some point.


They can never tell a consistent story.

There are always many different versions-And NONE of them are the truth.

Did she think nobody would see through her ridiculously stupid attempt to mislead people?

But the point is that this is what this former prostitute does-She SCAMS.

Then look at their Google reviews--There she is, again, having posted a "glowing" review, while posing as a customer.

With such misleading, dishonest behaviour, by these people, HOW can you possibly trust something as precious as your own health & your money to these scammers?


Stay far away from this criminally operated filthy dump.

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