Ripoff Report Investigates Beware, Every Homeowner is at risk!

Ripoff Report Investigates: Real Estate Identity Fraud, The Rogues Gallery. A collection of Thieves.

It could happen to anyone at any time, but just exactly who are these scammers who try to steal people’s homes?

In this episode, we show viewers a smorgasbord of these criminals, from fraudsters who ripped off million dollar homes only to get probation, to perpetrators who commit their crimes from behind bars.

We also hear from a man whose elderly mother nearly lost all her properties to a criminal who wormed his way into her life at a time when she was most vulnerable. Divine intervention prevented her family from losing everything they owned.

The Rogues Gallery offers a taste of episodes to come by showcasing some of these nefarious characters and how there’s no shortage of fraud angles.

Real Estate Fraud is a huge problem in this country. In our 6 part series, Ripoff Report Investigates, will show you how you can protect yourself from these scammers. Our friends at Property Fraud Alert let you monitor any possible unscrupulous activity for free. Limited for now to the Midwest.

Ripoff Report Investigates is a web series that boldly takes on consumer fraud with a fresh gonzo style. Watch the Promo.
An Emmy-Award winning crew of Investigative journalist sound the alarm about current scams trending on Ripoff Report as well as uncovering new ripoffs. Don't become a victim!


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Tips to Help Protect You From Real Estate Identity Fraud.

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