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Complaint Review: Wal Mart - Oklahoma City Oklahoma

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- Tempe, Arizona,
Sun, September 24, 2000

Wal Mart
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
Paint & Wallpaper
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Walmart paint customers beware if you have bought paint from Walmart within the last 3 months. They have discontinued the color charts that they have had for the last 5 or more years and come up with all new shades that do not match what you have.

Several months ago, I went to a store on Northwest Expressway in Oklahoma City that was being shut down and relocated to the new super walmart a few miles away. They did not have enough of the paint base in stock that went with the Chrome Green color that I had selected from their color swatches. I had them mix the last 3 gallons of the base that they had in that store with the intention of having the last gallon or 2 mixed when the new store was opened.

Well, I used the paint I had and went to the new store only to find out that they no longer have the formulas for chrome green anywhere in their system.

They offered to do a computer color match from the old paint can that I had brought in but let me explain something about the color matching. It is not as exact as the paint people, be it Walmart, Sears or Sherwin williams, would like you to believe. To prove my point, I would chalenge Walmart to color match the came color chip 3 times and see if they come up with the same formula even 2 out of 3 times. It will be close but it will

not be an exact match.

When you are half way through a side on a house, the last thing you want is to be off just a tinge.

Wall Mart needs to correct this situation by retrieving the records for the old paint colors so that if a loyal customer like me walks into the store, with the name of the color, the base paint number and a color code number, Walmart will be prepared to serve me.

Todays incident has cost Walmart way more than a $25 sale for 2 gallons of paint. They gave up sales to 3 other departments totaling over $100 and now they get a little bad publicity to boot.

Eric Lamb at [email protected]

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A little info about paint

#2Consumer Suggestion

Sat, May 30, 2009

Paint "type", texture and even brand, can make a difference in color value. For ex: semi-gloss dries slightly lighter than flat. When painting an exterior surface, (even if paint colors don't perfectly match it's ok. Shadows on one side of a house will make the color appear darker. As light moves around the house throughout the day, side after side will have a different color value. No one is going to drive by, stop, knock on your door and say, "Holy cow - your paint is a nano-shade off!" Please don't stop patronizing your favorite stores for something like this. Just my 2 cents

M (FlyingScooter)

I'll give 'em credit for trying.

#3Consumer Suggestion

Tue, May 30, 2006

On two occasions we've purchased paint from Walmart and had good results. However, on four other occasions, they could not mix the paint right and after several attempts, they wrote it off to equipment failure, which is okay as it did not cost us anything. What Struck me about this was how many gallons they trashed trying to do it right. I had a friend that worked for Sherwin Williams and he taught me the value of mistint paints. When there are errors in the mixing, those paints go to a distributor and are sold as mistints at a fraction of the calls, like 5 bucks a gallon. Paint mixing is a science and have seen countless errors with both Home Depots and Lowes. I agree with everyone that stated: make sure you have more paint than you need to finish the job. 9 out of ten times, getting extra will not match.



#4Consumer Suggestion

Mon, May 29, 2006

Walmart paint works great - both price and application wise. Color matching WILL always be a challange @ wally world, even if employees are paid more or stay longer. Don't let Walmart employees cause you money and fustration. Take control of your situation. Buy Walmart paint. SUGGESTION #1: Once you have a formula for a paint color, record it. When I first became a landlord, every house was a different color. Now, all my rentals are the same. I selected an interior flat color called light coffee - everyone loves it. Only problem, Walmart retired the color 8-years age. Wait, no problem. Remember I suggested to take control of your situation. Whenever I want to purchase paint, I go to my file cabinet and retrieve the "paint" file. Inside it is all the info I need to control my situation: Address, date, and most important, Walmart's (retired) color formula! I have one formula for one gal cans, and another for a five gal can(I won't let employees attempt to multiply the one gal formula times five). SUGGESTION #2: When you first select a color that you will be using for a extended period of time, make sure that, on that day, there is a sufficient supply of base. ie- use a light or medium base, not one which comes and goes, such as country base. Stay basic, keep your records, and enjoy the savings!


Lesson in paint

#5Consumer Comment

Fri, May 03, 2002

A Lesson in Paint Shopping: 1. Buy from a paint store, not a big box discount store. 2. Buy more than enough to finish the job. 3. It is not uncommon for paint sellers to discontinue color systems; decorating trends change but reputable dealers keep formulas forever. 4. Wal-mart did the right thing by offering to eye-match the paint. 5. It's difficult to get exact matches because everyone sees color different and many factors effect how we see color such as lighting, texture, shape and the size of the object being painted. 6. Don't run out of paint in the middle of a large area. Stop at agood breaking point such as a corner.

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