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Complaint Review: Wal-Mart - Nationwide

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- Veazie, ME,
Thu, July 20, 2000

Nationwide, U.S.A.
Department & Outlet Stores
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I bought a pair of work boots from the Wal-Mart store in the town of Presque Isle, Maine. I got them in my normal size so I didnt try them on, that was my first mistake. I wore the boots a few days before I started to notice one of them was bothering my foot. After closer inspection I found there was a NAIL starting to work its way through the insole. High Wal-Mart quality standards as usual. I really liked the boots so I took them back to Wal-Mart to try to get them exchanged for another pair. Well as most people who deal with Wal-Mart know that was my second mistake. Just finding a clerk in the shoe dept was like searching for the Holy Grail! When I finally got a clerk, she told me they didnt have anymore of these boots in my size. So I then made my thrid mistake, I asked when another shipment would come in. You would have thought I had asked for encypted nuclear missle launch codes! These people NEVER know when their shipments are coming. They NEVER know whats on them either! After a lite torcher session I finally got it out of the woman that the shipment MIGHT be in ABOUT two weeks from that day. So I then made my fourth mistake of asking her to order another pair in my size,(13 is a hard size to get apparently). NO PROBLEM she said, YEA RIGHT! As you can guess the two weeks went by and I returned to see about exchanging the boots. Well thats when I made mistake number five, I actually thought they would have the boots. The woman proceeded to tell me that the boots never came, so I made mistake number six of asking if they would come on the next shipment. Once again I must have been breeching a National Security Protecol for the answer was so conveluted I still have no idea what was going on. I waited two more weeks, and again, no boots. At this point I'm starting to get angry. The woman then tells me I should check the Wal-Mart in another town 40 miles away. I then asked her if she could save me a trip and call the store and ask them if they had the boots there, mistake number seven. For whatever reason she couldnt possibly do that! I then made the trip and sure enough, no boots. I then have had ENOUGH of this crap, so I return the boots and get my money. Now, you probably think the story ends there, well....guess again. I happened to be in the shoe dept again, dont ask me why, about a month later. I happened to notice they FINALLY had the boots I wanted in my size. I then decided I'm going to try these ones on before buying them to avoid the problems I had before. I took the boots out of the box and got ready to try them on when I decided to feel the inside to make sure there weren't any problems like before. Well lo and behold, in the same boot as before, out stuck a NAIL!IT WAS THE SAME PAIR OF BOOTS I HAD RETURNED IN THE FIRST PLACE! They put them back on the shelves! Is that the lowest form of CHEAP or what? This my friends is just ONE of my Wal-Mart stories. Someday I'll tell the tale of the shirt with the mishaped collar, the CD ROM with nothing on it, the batteries that were already dead, the entertainment center with no screws included, ETC,ETC,ETC! And thats not even starting on the idiots they hire, WHOA!

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