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Complaint Review: US Gov- Agents - Washington D.C.

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- Fairfield, Ca,
Thu, September 14, 2000

US Gov- Agents
Homebased - Washington DC Washington, 20500 D.C., U.S.A.
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This has nothing to do with national security. I am not comiting crimes on the internet. What I have been attempting to do is expose the worst case of government corruption I' ve ever heard of. Travelers Express Inc. (aka:Viad Corp-) pays soft-$ to "Dem" & "Rep" parties. They are buying the right to rip-off the poor, their customers, in amounts often just exceeding $500. The big suprise: You can't get any government official or agency in the U.S. to say or do anything about this (The honest politicians are those who, when bought, stays bought. -' HL Minken' - but all of them? Not the FTC - not the AG - Not your congressman or senator - not the BBB or FBI - not your state, county or city officials. A most extrodinary collusion. As this became clear to me I set out to expose it. I wanted clear record that officials and agencies were undeniably made aware of this most alarming outrage. Trav- Exp. boasts of being the largest issuer of noney orders in the world and does business in most of the world, so I had not limited my efforts to expose this most dispicable of corporations wherever they were doing business. A most interisting and enlightening development followed. While virtualy all officials and agencies in the USA were, somehow, very much a part of the problem - not so in other countries. I had spelled out the fraud quite clearly and responces outside this country were promptly forthcoming. High officials in Canada, Europe, Australia, etc., were responding. I had no capability for mass mailing and probably had only sent my expose to a few dozen officials outside the US. Most all of them chose to send my report to some agency or another for an investigation or for some action. These responces included Prime Ministers, Ministries of Consumer Affairs etc. It was encouraging to learn that virtually none of the officials that I had reached in Canada were at all bought off. They appeared much concirned to be learning of this massive Rip-Off and would most certainly look into it.

That's when it happined, as I recall. Almost immediatly, any internet compuuter that I would

sit down to use was experiencing a number of strange malaties. It would become very defficult

for me to get messages out to almost anyone and none to my new found honorable friends in Switzerland, Australia, Denmark Etc. These hacker agents were not always compitent and sometimes I would find ways around them. They, the hackers, then became most abusive. They truly belief that they have the right to steel and that citizens who chalenge them have no rights. I found myself dealing with psychopathic government agents, somehow authorized to do whatever they choose to block my efforts and perhaps amuse themselves. I could no longer do any research or comunicate with family or friends. I could not play any internet games or place an ad to sell an Item. The hacker goons wanted all to know of their unlimited powers. The only government sight which I could still generaly reach was the Whitehouse and I have continued to keep that team appraised of these developments. I don't believe it would be in this presidents nature to accept graft from corporations which target the poor but that team as well has not been able to respond or take any corrective action. The hacker goons have become ioncreecingly more abusive. This has remained the case now for, I believe, about 18 or 20 months and these tax supported agents, I have no idea how many, are there 24 hours a day 7 days a week to make sure that this whistleblower does not get any opportunity to expose the criminal outrage that they are so much a part of.

The big question I now ask - Where is our free press as our government officials subject us to this.

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It is our FBI fone bad


Sun, December 10, 2000

There had been a Rip off Report filed earlier on their Carnivore Apparatous but I can no longer find it. This is the biggest concealed outrage that I have ever heard of. Apparently there is no one to realy investigate the FBI. They have a director and their is an Attorney General - and there is a white House. None of these have been able or perhaps motivated to do anything about this. So, agents feel at liberty to invade any sight and change whatever they choose. The BBB here has been one rare exception to all of this for which we can be most grateful, but the fraud continues. I am convinced now that these same high tech agents have just rigged an election. I'm sure they have the technolodgy, and they tend to be highly psychopathic, having no internal restraints governing their conduct. Does this meen our last free election in which the votes of the people can at will be removed or rigged by these agents. What about those intrusting credit card and banking numbers? I get the idea that the present White House is not comfortable with all of this but they are loyal to a political party which has sold the people out. Ralph Nader may have only helped to screw up this election but his expressed insights on the Democratic and Republican parties were right on the money.

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